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How To Stop Bad Dog Behavior Problems Is Very Important


Having a fur baby around isn’t always going to be sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes, bad dog behavior problems happen. There are times when our adorable and loyal companions aren’t going to behave and obey us. Thus it’s up to us, the pet owners, to know how to train and handle them.



Understand These Before Knowing How To Stop Bad Dog Behavior Issues 


Dogs often do undesirable things not because they mean to cause trouble to people. They only do these because they don’t understand that there is a problem with their actions. So we need to educate them, for them to see why doing certain things is a problem. It’s that or we help our furry companions focus on behaving well or following our commands.

Bad Dog Behavior Problems


In most cases, our canine friends misbehave or do what we don’t want them to do for several reasons. They are also creatures of habit. They will keep acting the way they do unless taught and trained to do otherwise or focus on something else. Dog owners must address these issues to make their pets well-mannered or controllable.


Common Problems and Bad Dog Behavior Solutions


We often like our furry friends before they start misbehaving. But their actions are likely what most dogs do because of their nature. Know what these are and address them to get your pet to act right. These are the common issues and the typical countermeasures to them.


Jumping Up


It is typical for dogs to jump up to their owners and even strangers sometimes. They have the energy to do it and it’s their means to greet people, get attention, or ask something. This may be cute sometimes but turns out to be annoying and dangerous. A playful and jumping dog may leave paw prints, dirt, and other things on someone because of this. This may even result in damaged or destroyed belongings. So it is a behavior that needs correction.

This is one of the bad dog behavior problems that may take time to handle. With patience and dedication, correcting this is possible.


Keys To This

  • One of what often works is commanding a dog to do something before it even attempts to jump up. This will reduce a pooch’s chances of bouncing due to excitement.
  • Putting a leash on and stepping on about half of the strap can help. This will prevent a dog from being able to jump up when it turns excited. When it doesn’t spring, give it a reward to show that it has done something good.


Making Loud Noises


Yapping, barking, whining, and howling are inborn to canines. They do it to get the attention and even warn people and fellow dogs. It may also be because of their playfulness and boredom. So, before doing anything, it may be smart to see why a dog is barking.

It may not be easy to know how to correct dog behavior problems such as this one. But some measures helped dog keepers manage this behavior.


Fix This

  • Teaching a dog how to keep quiet may help. Say the word “quiet” after it’s done barking, reward it, and repeat the process. Keep a firm tone every time you do this to show it that you mean what you’re saying.
  • If it keeps making sounds despite your instruction, you can ignore it. Yet if you need it to hush it right away, keeping it away from the area where it’s creating noise may help. You can also try getting rid of possible or known triggers too.




Dogs love to chew on a lot of things when they have plenty of energy. They often do it to deal with boredom, give in to their curiosity, or vent their emotions. Pups nibble on items because they are teething too. Regardless of why our canine companions do this, we need to train them to stop. Leaving pooches to bite and chew on things as they please can prove to be a serious issue. Chewing can turn out to be destructive.

Figure out how to stop bad dog behavior that causes property damage. Besides, it won’t take too long to educate a fur kid to avoid chewing what you don’t want it to munch on.


Practical Tips

  • Provide chew toys. Make sure that they are the kind that appeals to your buddy. They will help your canine friend manage lonely days and boredom.
  • Keep it away from those that it loves to nibble on. You can break their habit of biting specific things when they don’t have access to them. When you’re away, you should put your dog in a cage or have it confined somewhere to prevent the problem.




They dig to nest for comfort, bury food and other items in the ground, and hunt. These are instinctive activities yet need attention. It’s because they are bad dog behavior problems that cause inconveniences.

Dogs end up dirty from digging up dirt. They may also affect portions of a yard or garden because of the dug-up ground. Thus we should do things to address this issue.


Simple Yet Helpful Answers

  • Providing a pooch with a sandbox or a specific place to dig would be great. At least it would have a space where it could keep itself busy. It would be able to cool off and even vent out its frustrations and other negative emotions there.
  • Putting it on a leash or isolating it from the place where you don’t want it to dig can also help.
  • Give praise and even treats to a dog when it would only dig where you approve it to break up the soil.


Peeing and Pooping


Canines need to excrete their waste every day. They also do it as part of their territorial nature and emotional reactions. But this doesn’t mean that doing so anywhere is fine. It can be a problem when they take a leak or leave droppings at random places. So it is best to train dogs in housebreaking strategies.


Makes Things Right

  • Pups and adult dogs need a specific place where they could urinate or defecate. Having two or three spots is fine. What’s important is that they can relieve themselves there without fail. Yet it would be ideal to establish these locations outdoors.
  • Keep it away from the locations where you don’t want your dog to take a bathroom break.
  • Feed your fur kid regular meals so that it would also have a regular bowel movement.
  • When a dog pees or poops in its designated spot, reward it. That is only after finishing. Avoid distracting it while it is taking its bathroom break.




Canines chase fellow dogs, other animals, humans, and moving objects for many reasons. They likely do it to display their nature to be defensive or territorial. It’s also possible that they come after things because they are hunting them. This can be dangerous not only for others but also for your dog.

Even if the dogs that chase act based on their instinct, this behavior needs modification. This is one of the most serious bad dog behavior problems that have to have a solution. A fur kid must know to stop trying to run after something. It may not be possible for a pet owner to control their canine once it is already after something.


Workable Solutions

  • Put a dog on a leash and keep it confined if necessary. These will give you guarantees that your buddy will remain somewhere at all times.
  • Train it to come to you. It may stop itself from pursuing something when it would hear a command for it to go to you.
  • Get it away from triggers. When it can’t see what it wants to chase, it would stay put.
  • Since some things could set it off at any time, use a tool distraction. Train it to focus on an object that you’re holding so that it would concentrate more on it than any other thing. Using a clicker or whistle can help since they do make audible sounds that get dogs’ attention.


In Conclusion


Having a canine companion means having to deal with bad dog behavior problems. You are likely to encounter a few of them at some point. Even if it is a part of being a pet keeper to deal with these things, it’s an issue that has plenty of solutions. You only need to have the commitment and patience to train and educate your dog.



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