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Understand The Basset Hounds Good Family Dogs

Basset hounds good family dogs are short-legged canines that many are so very fond of. It’s easy to see why that is so because of their adorable and attractive look. Aside from that, despite their size, they are quite loyal, friendly, and energetic. So, because of their pleasing characteristics, many don’t hesitate to take care of one.
In this post, we’ll discuss a few specific pieces of information about the basset hound. Included are details or pros and cons to point out why they are worth buying or adopting. Thus, if you’re thinking about getting one, keep reading. Below are some facts that relate to these delightful creatures.

What Are Basset Hounds Good Family Dogs?

Originating from France, these pooches are short with angled legs but heavy canines. Usually, males are 30 to 38 cm or 12 to 15 inches tall. Plus, their weight ranges from 25 to 34 kg or 55 to 75 lbs. Females are often 28 to 36 cm or 11 to 14 inches high too. They are lighter at 20 to 29 kg or 44 to 64 lbs. It’s easy to spot them because of their wrinkled forehead, long and dangling ears, and falling lips too. They have raised inner eyebrows and big eyes that show a sad expression. But, despite their rectangular shape and the look on their faces, they are great hounds to have around. After all, they were hunting dogs once before turning into family pets. So many pet owners have them in their homes.
basset hounds good family dogs
Because their heads are close to the ground, they smell scents better. With their stubby legs and long plus heavy bodies, they likewise move with agility and power. But what makes them great is that they are usually relaxed canines that get playful from time to time. Are bassets good with kids? Yes, they are. Not only can are they free-spirited but also patient and can tolerate noise. Thus it’s not surprising why many dog experts recommend them as household pets.

Are Basset Hounds Good Family Dogs?

It takes a while and a good upbringing before they become well-mannered pooches. After all, it requires a year and a half before they turn mature. Plus, they also need quality training to become disciplined and reliable dogs. Yet are our bassets good with kids and are they easy to handle? They get along with children very well due to their friendly nature. Handling them involves other things, though. That is to say, to manage them, these four-legged friends of ours need instruction. That is for them to know how to socialize well and obey every or at least most commands. Plus, they need to be familiar with what to do and how to behave when indoors.
Do bassets have health problems that can affect people? Like all animals, they too get old. Thus they are also prone to normal wear and tear. But, as young pups or healthy adult canines, they make excellent family members that last for 8 to 12 years. But family members with allergies may want to keep their distance. Take note that they are not hypoallergenic dogs. On them is a short-haired coat that, due to various factors, makes them shed a lot of furs. So these furry friends of ours are trainable and make good companions. But, due to their shedding hair, bassets need constant grooming.

Basset Hounds Good Family Dogs Health Concerns

Because of the way their bodies are, they are susceptible to a couple of conditions. There’s the Osteochondritis Dissecans that can be quite painful to our four-legged friends. The disease involves the inflammation of the joints that often cause lameness. Yet various treatment strategies for this are available. For it, the use of anti-inflammatory drugs and weight management may work. Gastric torsion where the stomach gets gassy and twists may also occur in bassets. To prevent this, they only need to avoid being active after eating and have several smaller meals too. Still, there’s elbow dysplasia that results in joint problems and may happen at some point too. Once more, this is manageable through pain medications, weight reduction, and physical therapy. So do bassets have health problems? Yes, but at least they are not impossible to deal with.
bassets are healthy
Because their bodies get heavy and they have stumpy legs, they need to move to prevent joint problems. But are bassets easy to train so they can exercise? Like most canines, these furry pals of ours are trainable. Yet they do have tendencies to be stubborn. This can be a problem but is something that already has a solution. After all, when dealing with headstrong canines, all you have to do is find what appeals to them first. With such things, you have rewards you could use to show your appreciation for their being active. So you can hand them treats or things like that whenever they would perform exercises.

Basset Hounds May Get Too Heavy

The basset hounds good family dogs can get very heavy. They are quite fond of eating a lot and are great when it comes to begging for food. Thus, as their pet parent, it is important to practice self-control. After all, when they get overweight or obese, they may suffer from different health issues. So, for their sake, it’s important to control their diet.
To make sure that they’re getting everything they need, feeding them with the right meals may help. That is to say, giving them formulated pet food would be wise. Also, having several meals daily can help since such can ensure that they don’t eat more than enough per meal. Do bassets have health problems that relate to eating? Yes, they do. As mentioned, they too can weigh more than they should. Thus they must have weight management through dieting and exercising.

How Can You Train Bassets?

Are bassets easy to train to follow your rules? Yes, these animals are receptive to instruction. But it’s only when you have the right things to motivate them. They can be quite obstinate sometimes. But, with patience and perseverance, they may turn obedient in the end. After all, some of the smartest creatures are the basset hounds good family dogs. They know when they get appreciated for their deeds. Hence, showing them what you like by rewarding their favorable deeds will work.
laid-back bassets
More often than not, they do not do well when it comes to enforcing punishment. Thus it may a while before you can train them to do specific things. As follows, you may also have to spend on treats and even toys to give them whichever appeals to them as your reward. Are bassets good with kids even when they are young? Yes, indeed. Even though they are self-willed animals, they are also full of fun. In that way, when they see children laughing and playing, they are likely to join them too. So this is to say that playing with them helps to train them to be active and follow orders too.

Things Needed Basset Hound Training?

To have basset hounds good family dogs, instructions are necessary. But speaking words aren’t enough. After all, canines don’t communicate like humans. To get messages to them, certain measures are necessary. In a nutshell, there must be positive reinforcement techniques. Of course, using a few tools makes training bassets easier. Hence, as a basset hound owner, you must have the knowledge and patience to instruct plus a few things to aid.
Use words to show your approval and disapproval. For instance, say “good” if bassets follow your command or do something that you want. Reinforce this by giving a reward too. When canines associate that word with pleasure or the like, they would be more obedient. Use the word “no” if you don’t want it to behave in a certain way. You can also ignore them when they seek attention and you don’t approve of their actions.

Easy Training Basset Hounds Good Family Dogs

Smart and stocky are the basset hounds of modern times. Thus they have the will to think for themselves and have the power to do as they please. Still, despite these attributes, there are effective methods to teach them. For instance, it’s in their genes to hunt and they may not follow commands when they lock onto a scent. For this one, learn to control them by using a leash. Teach them to walk by your side instead of doing so in front of you. It would be ideal to teach them these things as puppies but they are still receptive to teachings as grown dogs. It’s only that there may be challenges to educating them that owners need to overcome.

Are They Ideal For First-Time Owners?

The answer is that they can be suitable. But it’s only because some pet parents are very responsible owners. That is despite the challenges of basset hounds good family dogs. Even if they demand a lot of attention and physical activity, there are ways to manage these things. After all, one can always schedule daily activities to make time to take care of a basset hound. Also, walking these pooches can be quite relaxing and healthy too. So it isn’t that difficult to find reasons to get out and then walk with these hounds. Besides, about an hour of moderate to intense physical activities daily is healthy. That is for canines and their fur parents.
basset hound trainable
Also, it takes a while before they gain a lot of weight. Taking them for short walks every day can already help a lot. They are not aggressive pooches and are even quite gentle. With their laid-back nature, they make exceptional companions for first-time owners. So it makes sense to take home at least one of them.

On A Final Note

Are basset hounds good family dogs? If you want a pooch that is easygoing, low-maintenance, and fun to have around then go for one of these canines. They are not only for experienced owners but even first-timers. Although it’s part of their nature to have some stubbornness and eat a lot, they make nice companions. They only need time and patience to learn things and also someone to control their food intake. So it’s clear why many folks fancy having them as their four-legged friends.
Looking at them, it’s easy to see why they make adorable companions. We hope that our post justified the positive value of these delightful creatures. If you have basset hounds at home, please share with us your experiences with them.

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