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As a pet owner, do you struggle with pet hair everywhere? Our article, “Best Robot Vacuum for Pet Owners: Top 9 Picks,” is here to help. We found nine robot vacuums perfect for homes with pets. They pick up hair and make cleaning easy. Say hello to a cleaner home without the hard work. Read on to find your best match!

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For pet owners, maintaining a clean home can be a bit more of a challenge due to the constant shedding and the little messes pets often leave behind. This is where robot vacuums come in, offering a convenient and hands-free way to keep floors clean and dust-free. Robot vacuums have evolved from a novel convenience into an essential cleaning tool for pet owners. Their ability to navigate through rooms, around furniture, and even return to their charging docks automatically has revolutionized home cleaning routines.

Specifically, robot vacuums designed for pet owners are tailored to tackle pet hair, dander, and the occasional small spills that come with pet ownership. They often come equipped with powerful suction, specialized brushes, and filters that handle pet-related debris effectively. This ensures that homes appear clean and maintain a higher level of hygiene, which is especially crucial for those with allergies.

When considering the purchase of a robot vacuum for pet owners, it’s essential to look at factors like the vacuum’s suction power, its ability to handle different types of flooring, the capacity of its dirt bin, and how well it filters allergens. Equally important is the machine’s durability and time to run before recharging. Some models also come with features like programmable schedules and compatibility with smartphones and smart homes. So you’ll want to consider what conveniences are important to you.

Selecting the right robot vacuum can significantly ease the burden of keeping up with pet messes. We have dedicated hours researching and testing various robot vacuums to ensure we recommend the best options for keeping your home clean and comfortable for you and your furry friends.

Top Robot Vacuums for Pet Owners

As pet owners, we know the unique challenges that come with keeping our homes clean. Pet hair and dander can be relentless, but the right robot vacuum can make a significant difference. We’ve researched and compiled a list of the most efficient robot vacuums that specialize in tackling pet messes. These options offer powerful suction, improved filtration systems, and features tailored to manage shed fur and daily dirt, ensuring a cleaner home with less effort on our part.

Roomba 694

We find the Roomba 694 to be a dependable ally in the battle against pet hair and daily mess, simplifying cleaning routines effectively.

Best Robot Vacuum for Pet Owners
  • Adapts seamlessly to different surfaces for thorough cleaning
  • Scheduling and controlling via app or voice is incredibly convenient
  • The 90 minutes of battery life is quite sufficient for smaller homes.
  • Misses a spot occasionally due to its random navigation pattern
  • There is no built-in handle, making it a bit cumbersome to move around.
  • It can get stuck on “cliffs” or drop-offs like vents and stairs.

After spending some time with the Roomba 694, we must say its adaptability across various floor types impressed us tremendously. Transitioning from tile to carpet is a breeze for this little machine, and it doesn’t shy away from pet hair or daily debris. A special shoutout is deserved for the edge-sweeping brush, which seems almost eager to hunt down dirt in the corners.

Convenience is another strong suit here. Scheduling the Roomba 694 for a clean while we’re out has never been easier, and shouting out a cleaning command to a voice assistant when unexpected guests call in is just plain futuristic. It’s always ready for duty, returning to its dock to recharge like a faithful pet.

We must note that the Roomba 694 can sometimes resemble a confused bee, buzzing from place to place without apparent rhyme or reason. While the end result is usually a cleaner floor, we’ve seen it overlook areas that could use an extra pass. Also, the lack of a handle does mean that when you need to pick it up, you’ll need both hands to do so securely.

Overall, the benefits of integrating the Roomba 694 into our cleaning routine have greatly overshadowed the minor inconveniences. We’ve found more time on our hands, and our floors have never looked better.

Shark AI Ultra Robot Vacuum, Voice Controlled with Mapping

We found that the Shark AI Ultra Robot Vacuum is a reliable ally for pet owners seeking a spotless home without the hands-on hassle.

Shark AI Ultra Robot
  • The self-emptying feature handles 60 days of dirt and hair.
  • Methodical navigation and mapping offer thorough cleaning.
  • Brushroll effectively counters pet hair tangles.
  • On the pricier side for budget-conscious buyers.
  • May struggle with cluttered spaces or certain obstacles.
  • Some maintenance is required to keep it running optimally.

From the moment we set this device on its cleaning journey, we could see it was designed with pet owners in mind. The powerful suction and wide-ranging brushroll worked tirelessly, leaving no corner unattended. The Shark AI Ultra navigates our living spaces like a skilled pilot, deftly avoiding toys and furniture with the help of precise home mapping.

Emptying the vacuum after a round of cleaning can be a trying affair, especially with pets. But we were able to side-step that inconvenience thanks to the self-emptying base. It was liberating not to worry about the dustbin for nearly two months. As for control, we’ve set schedules and initiated cleanings with simple voice commands. Talk about living in the future.

Our home became a testbed for this little machine, and it highlighted an essential truth. Not all floors are created equal. It glided and cleaned with ease on hardwood and tile. But on certain rugs, it sometimes needed a helping hand. Consider your home’s layout and your readiness to intervene on occasion before taking the plunge.

In our view, the Shark AI Ultra Robot Vacuum is a game-changer for pet owners. It lets us enjoy the company of our furry friends without being overburdened by the ensuing mess. However, remember to factor in your living space and budget when considering this tech wonder.

Roomba Combo i5+

If you’re after a robot vacuum that caters to pet messes and simplifies cleaning routines, the Roomba Combo i5+ is one to consider.

Roomba Combo i5+
  • Effectively handles pet hair with specialized rubber brushes
  • The self-emptying feature significantly cuts down on maintenance.
  • Smart mapping tech allows for precise cleanings of designated areas on demand.
  • The noise level during self-emptying might be disruptive.
  • Suction power may not satisfy the most demanding cleaning tasks.
  • The device requires a consistent Wi-Fi connection for full functionality.

Owning pets can make for a joyful yet messy home, so our experience with the Roomba Combo i5+ has been a welcome relief. It scoops up pet hair like a pro, adapting to all floor types and sidestepping those infamous hair tangles. The self-emptying feature felt like a step into the future, reducing hands-on dirt disposal to a minimum.

We found the smart mapping to be quite impressive. Setting it to clean specific rooms whenever we wanted became a regular part of our routine. Those days of coming home to pet fur on the floor are long gone, and we barely lifted a finger. Setting it up with voice assistants was smooth, adding an extra layer of convenience.

Of course, like with any tech, there are caveats. We noticed that the noise generated during the self-emptying process can be jarring if you’re not expecting it, especially in a quiet household. While it handled standard cleaning tasks well, for larger debris or heavy soilage, the suction might seem lacking. Plus, keeping the vacuum on track requires a solid and consistent Wi-Fi connection, which could be an issue in connectivity dead zones. Overall, the upsides make the Roomba Combo i5+ a standout for pet owners seeking a cleaner living space with minimal effort.

Eufy 11S Max

If you’re after a hassle-free way to keep pet hair under control, this Eufy 11S Max vacuum is a smart choice.

Eufy 11S Max
  • The impressively quiet operation doesn’t startle pets.
  • Its slim design allows it to clean under most furniture.
  • Automated suction increases deals effectively with tough spots.
  • Limited instructions might challenge non-tech savvy users.
  • It lacks extra accessories like additional side brushes.
  • Single brush design may miss some debris on the initial pass.

We’ve recently had our hands on the Eufy 11S Max, and it’s clear why pet owners might lean towards this model. It navigates our space with surprising agility, courtesy of its slender build. Slinking under sofas and around table legs, it rarely misses a spot. When it encounters pet fur or a dirtier patch on the floor, the BoostIQ tech ramps up the suction without missing a beat.

Cleaning sessions with this vacuum are remarkably serene. It hums along at a low volume, so our furry companions carry on undisturbed. It’s a sharp contrast to the usual uproar caused by conventional vacuums. After a thorough sweep, our floors, from the hardwood to medium-pile carpets, look immaculate.

The Eufy 11S Max simplifies cleaning routines for us. Returning to its charging dock autonomously, it always stands at the ready for the next session. Although, we’ve noted the single brush setup means sometimes a second pass is necessary to capture everything. The absence of extra brushes in the package was also a small letdown. Overall, it does the job well for those who want to keep pet hair at bay with minimal fuss.

Shark AI Ultra Robot, 2-in-1 Vacuum and Mop

We believe this robot vacuum is a strong contender for pet owners who require diligent cleaning assistance.

Shark AI Ultra Robot, 2-in-1 Vacuum and Mop
  • Consistently captures pet hair with its self-cleaning brushroll
  • Offers both vacuuming and sonic mopping, optimizing floor cleanliness
  • Boasts precise navigation and mapping for efficient space coverage
  • May struggle with larger debris based on our use
  • A bit louder during operation compared to some other models
  • “No-go” zones in the app can sometimes be less accurate.

After putting the Shark AI Ultra Robot through its paces, we can vouch for its strong suction and mopping capabilities, especially on hardwood floors scattered with pet fur and everyday messes. The transition between vacuum and mop functions seamlessly without missing a spot. Utilizing the device around the house, we noticed its keen ability to negotiate tight corners and edges, leaving no debris behind.

In our weeks interacting with this robot, it’s impressive how effectively it maps out the living space and navigates around obstacles. The feature that eliminates any concern about bin capacity is the self-emptying base, which collects up to 60 days’ worth of dirt. It’s a game-changer for us with busy schedules.

Our experience with the Shark AI Ultra involves frequent maneuvering over scatter rugs and around pet bowls. While it excels in many aspects, we encountered moments when it hesitated before larger scraps. However, routine maintenance and strategically placed virtual no-go lines. It’s a feature that we found to require a little patience to set up properly. This significantly helped its performance. Despite the occasional need for manual intervention, the benefits it brings to our pet-inhabited home remain undeniable.

Roomba 692

We think the Roomba 692 is a solid choice for pet owners who value a clean home with minimal hassle.

Roomba 692, Best Robot Vacuum for Pet Owners
  • Learns and suggests cleaning schedules based on your habits
  • The edge-sweeping brush reaches corners and edges effectively
  • Compatible with voice commands via Google Assistant and Alexa
  • Requires frequent emptying after each use
  • Might struggle with thick carpets or heavy shedding
  • It can be noisy, which may disturb some pets or households.

The Roomba 692 has been our trusty companion in tackling daily pet hair and dirt accumulation. Its programming capabilities have allowed us to set it and forget it, which means we can focus on other tasks while it keeps our floors spotless. Thanks to its thoughtful design, we’ve noticed it easily sneaks into corners and along edges.

Having the added convenience of voice commands makes us feel like we’re living in the future. We simply tell it to start cleaning, and it obeys, leaving us hands-free and eliminating the need to fiddle with buttons or apps, although those options are still there if we need them.

Despite its strengths, the Roomba 692 isn’t perfect. Those with pets that shed heavily may find themselves emptying the bin more than they’d like, which is a small price to pay for cleanliness but can be a bit of a chore. Homes with thicker carpets may want to consider a model designed for deeper cleaning. Lastly, while not excessive, the noise level is something to consider if a quiet environment is a top priority.

Roomba Combo j5+

After putting the Roomba Combo j5+ through its paces, we believe it’s a top contender for pet owners seeking a hassle-free clean.

Roomba Combo j5+, Best Robot Vacuum for Pet Owners
  • Transitions seamlessly from vacuuming to mopping
  • Learns our home layout and avoids known obstacles
  • The self-emptying feature limits frequent maintenance.
  • Mopping may not replace a traditional mop on stubborn stains.
  • May struggle with dense pet hair conglomerations
  • The price point might be steep for some budgets.

Our experience with the Roomba Combo j5+ has been quite the revelation in household cleaning. This little marvel didn’t disappoint as it deftly swapped between dry and wet cleaning without so much as a hiccup. Its ingenuity shone as it whisked around pet bowls and scattered toys, intuitively avoiding the everyday clutter of a vibrant home.

We found it refreshing not to fret about emptying the vacuum after every session. The self-emptying feature is a boon and quite the time-saver. Coming back to a spotlessly vacuumed and mopped floor without lifting a finger is what we call smart cleaning. It managed to navigate our home efficiently, rarely missing a spot and without the dreaded ‘bump and go’ method that’s all too common in less advanced models.

While the Roomba Combo j5+ impressed us with its primary functions, it’s only fair to mention the few times it did struggle. On occasion, certain patches of heavy shedding seemed to challenge it, and while it did an admirable job in mopping, there are limits. Ground-in dirt may require a more hands-on approach. Additionally, the cost might have you weighing your options, but for the convenience and peace of mind it offers, it could very well be a worthy investment for keeping a pet-friendly home pristine. If you long for a smart, dual-function cleaning companion, the Roomba Combo j5+ might fit the bill.

Roborock Q5+

We’ve found the Roborock Q5+ to be a stellar companion for pet owners looking for a tidy environment with minimal effort.

Roborock Q5+, Best Robot Vacuum for Pet Owners
  • Automated dirt disposal system simplifies maintenance.
  • Accurate LiDAR navigation maps your home efficiently.
  • Strong 2700 Pa suction tackles pet hair with ease.
  • The initial setup takes some time to perfect.
  • Its bulkier design might struggle under low furniture.
  • Not the quietest option available

Our experience with the Roborock Q5+ has been largely positive, particularly when contending with our furry friends’ shedding. Its self-emptying feature is a game-changer, liberating us from frequent bin-emptying duties. Thus, it’s perfect for our busy lifestyle. With a spacious 2.5L dust bag, the interval between disposals is refreshingly long.

Navigating our home’s landscape, the Q5+ impressed us with its precision. The LiDAR technology crafts detailed maps and allows the vacuum to dodge obstacles with finesse, leaving floors immaculate. We’ve found it’s especially adept at seeking pet hair lurking in nooks and crannies.

We must admit that the suction power of the Q5+ genuinely stands out. Whether it’s hardwood or carpet, the 2700 Pa strength pulls up debris and pet hair that seemed stubbornly rooted. And don’t fret about charging. The battery life is sufficient to sweep through several rooms on a single charge.

As for the downsides, patience is necessary when it’s first unleashed. It takes a few runs to optimize its path around the house. And if you’ve got low-profile couches, its height could be a snag. Lastly, while it’s not overly noisy, there are quieter models out there, should the sound be a crucial factor for you.

Roborock Q Revo

We found the Roborock Q Revo to be a stalwart companion in tackling the chaotic mix of pet hair and everyday spills, streamlining the cleaning routine remarkably.

Roborock Q Revo, Best Robot Vacuum for Pet Owners
  • Automated mop washing and drying simplifies maintenance.
  • High suction power effectively lifts pet hair and debris.
  • Smart navigation and app control add convenience to cleaning.
  • Mopping might fall short on very stubborn stains.
  • Bulkier dock requires more storage space.
  • Initial setup might be challenging for some users.

Our experience with the Roborock Q Revo consistently showed us how a robotic cleaner can transform daily chores. The first thing we noticed was the convenience of its multifunctional dock. Not having to manually clean the mopping pads or worry about odors due to the auto mop washing and hot air drying features was a breath of fresh air. The 5L water tank was impressively capacious, allowing for extended cleaning sessions without needing a refill. Its ability to self-empty made our cleaning schedule about as hands-free as one could hope for.

Dealing with pet hair can be taxing, but the 5500Pa suction of the Q Revo lifted hair from our hard floors and carpets without breaking a sweat. The dual spinning mops kept our floors sparkling. It was clear that they operated with substantial downward pressure, tackling most common spills with ease. Meanwhile, the auto mop lifting ensured a seamless transition from hard floors to carpets, sparing us the usual worry of dirty streaks or wet carpets.

Navigating around obstacles, which can be tricky with some robots, was worry-free thanks to Q Revo’s reactive technology. Its precision in detecting and avoiding potential hazards meant no crashes or hang-ups, even around our more cluttered spaces. When it came to controlling the gadget, the Roborock app afforded us a high level of customization for cleaning schedules and zones within our home, while voice control with Alexa made initiating a cleanup as simple as issuing a command.

In our collective experience, the Roborock Q Revo excels for pet owners who need a heavy-lifting, self-sufficient robotic vacuum that can keep up with the demanding task of maintaining fur-free floors.

Buying Guide


Robot Vacuum for Pet Owners

Key Features to Consider

When we’re looking for the best robot vacuum for pet owners, we focus on several essential features that facilitate effective cleaning and ease of use. These are crucial points that we consider in our selection process:


  • Suction Power – A higher suction power is vital for picking up pet hair and dander.
  • Brush Types – Tangle-free brushes or silicone brush rolls are preferable to prevent pet hair from clogging.
  • Filter Quality – HEPA filters capture allergens and fine particles, benefiting those with sensitivities.

Must-Have Specifications

We recommend you compare the following specifications:


Feature Specification
Battery Life At least 90 minutes to ensure complete coverage of an average-sized home.
Dustbin Capacity A large bin, say 0.6 liters, to hold more pet hair and reduce the frequency of emptying.
Noise Level Around 60-70 dB to avoid startling pets.

Maintenance and Usability

Ease of maintenance and usability are equally important. We look for:


  • Ease of Cleaning – Easily removable brushes and washable dustbins.
  • Automated Features – Scheduled cleaning and auto docking for charging.
  • Smart Home Integration – Compatibility with smartphones or smart assistants for remote control.


By prioritizing these features and specifications, we can navigate through the overwhelming options and focus on robot vacuums that are best suited for homes with pets.


What features are most important in a robot vacuum for managing pet hair and hardwood floors?

For pet hair and hardwood floors, a robot vacuum should have strong suction power, a brushroll capable of handling pet hair without tangling, and efficiently navigating and cleaning multiple surface types. Filtration systems to minimize allergens are also crucial.

How do robot vacuums and mops for pet hair compare in performance?

Robot vacuums designed for pet hair typically have specialized brushes and higher suction power to handle fur. Meanwhile, robot mops can assist in picking up fine pet hair and paw prints but may not be as effective on carpets or in managing larger debris.

Which robot vacuum models are top-rated in Consumer Reports specifically for pet owners?

Models like the iRobot Roomba S9+ and the Neato Botvac D7 are often top-rated in Consumer Reports for pet owners due to their powerful suction, advanced navigation, intelligent features, and thorough cleaning abilities.

What is the best method to keep pet hair under control with a robot vacuum?

Regular maintenance of the robot vacuum is essential to keep pet hair under control. This includes routinely emptying the dustbin, cleaning the filters, and removing hair from the brushes. Additionally, scheduling frequent cleanings will help manage pet hair accumulation.

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