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Are you tired of constantly dealing with pet hair on your furniture, clothes, and carpets? We recently tried the Chom Chom Roller Pet Hair Remover, a reusable pet hair remover designed to easily tackle fur from both cats and dogs.

ChomChom Roller Pet Hair Remover Review: Best Fur Cleanup Tool?


ChomChom Roller Pet Hair Remover


We found that this innovative device works far better than traditional lint rollers or sticky rollers in making our home hair-free. The Chom Chom Roller doesn’t require any adhesives or sticky tape, making it sustainable and user-friendly.


All you have to do is roll it back and forth across any surface, and its nylon bristles gather the hair into a built-in receptacle. When you’re finished, press the release button to empty the container, and it’s ready to be used again!


Bottom Line


If you’re tired of dealing with pet hair on your furniture, clothing, carpets, and other surfaces, the Chom Chom Roller is an essential tool you should consider adding to your pet care arsenal.


Its convenience, effectiveness, and sustainability make it a winning choice for pet owners. Click here to purchase the Chom Chom Roller and say goodbye to pesky pet hair!


Chom Chom Roller Pet Hair Remover Overview



As pet owners, we know that finding an effective solution for fur removal is essential. Thankfully, the Chom Chom Roller has got us covered. Its outstanding cleaning capabilities set it apart from traditional lint rollers, making it a must-have for any pet owner.


We appreciated the convenience of using this little gadget on various surfaces, such as couches, pillows, rugs, and even our car interiors. Its versatility is noteworthy. It can tackle both dog and cat hair efficiently, leaving our spaces hair-free.


The ease of use was another highlight for us. Rolling it back and forth across any surface traps the fur and lint into the built-in receptacle.


Emptying it is a breeze. Simply press the release button to dispose of the collected hair.


Perhaps the most attractive feature is its sustainability. The Chom Chom Roller is reusable, needing no adhesives or sticky tape. In conclusion, it’s a handy and eco-friendly tool that can make pet ownership much easier.


Effective Hair Removal



As pet owners ourselves, we found that the Chom Chom Roller does an excellent job of removing pet hair from various surfaces. Its convenient and versatile design allowed us to easily clean furniture, carpets, and even clothing.


What we appreciated the most was its ability to pick up both long and short pet hairs. It’s perfect for households with multiple furry companions.


Using the roller was a breeze. Simply roll it back and forth on the desired surface, and the built-in receptacle traps fur and lint.


Emptying it out was equally simple, thanks to the release button. The roller’s sustainable and reusable design, which doesn’t require any adhesives or sticky tapes, was also a big plus in our book.


While the Chom Chom Roller’s price tag might seem high compared to other pet hair removal tools, we found that its effectiveness and ease of use justified the investment. Our only minor concern was its steep price, but given the roller’s results and rave reviews from fellow pet owners, we’d say it’s worth it.




As pet owners, we understand that finding a versatile hair removal tool can be a game-changer. The ChomChom Roller is not only perfect for removing dog hair, but it’s also exceptionally adept at cat hair removal. Its extra sticky capability picks up every strand regardless of the surface.


We’ve personally used the ChomChom Roller on sofas, carpets, and even in our cars, and the results were consistently outstanding. The ease of using this handy tool has truly saved us time and effort to maintain a clean, fur-free environment. The fact that it doesn’t require any adhesives or sticky tape makes it sustainable and budget-friendly in the long run as well.


While the ChomChom Roller can tackle hair removal across various surfaces, it’s important to consider the type of pet hair and surface combination. Some users have found its effectiveness limited on certain materials, like delicate fabrics. Nevertheless, this tool does an excellent job for most typical household surfaces.


Ease of Use



Handling pet hair can be tough, but with the Chom Chom Roller, we found it a breeze. The roller’s design is easy to use.


Simply roll it back and forth on any surface and watch the hair and lint get trapped in the built-in receptacle. We appreciated that it works well on different surfaces, like furniture, carpets, and clothing, making it a versatile tool for pet owners.


Emptying the captured hair is straightforward, too. Press the release button to open the compartment, and it’s all set for the next round.


We loved that it’s reusable and doesn’t require sticky tapes or adhesives, contributing to its environmental friendliness. The Chom Chom Roller is worth considering if you’re searching for an effective and convenient solution for pet hair removal.





The ChomChom Roller is designed for long-term use, eliminating the need for disposable adhesive lint rollers. This eco-friendly approach not only helps to reduce waste but also saves us money over time. We appreciate that the roller can be used repeatedly without the need for sticky tape, as it’s more sustainable and effective in the long run.


One of the notable features of the roller is its ease of use. It removes pet hair effortlessly with a simple back-and-forth motion across various surfaces.


Emptying the built-in receptacle is also a breeze. We just press down the release button to dispose of the collected fur.


The ChomChom Roller is an excellent choice for pet owners who want to minimize their environmental impact while tackling fur and lint effectively. It’s a win-win for our living spaces and the planet.


Pros and Cons




  • Highly Effective: Excellently removes dog and cat hair from various surfaces.
  • No Adhesives Needed: Operates without the need for sticky tapes or adhesives.
  • Reusable and Convenient: Ideal for cleaning furniture, car interiors, and carpets.
  • Versatile Usage: Effective on hair from both long-haired and short-haired pets.
  • Easy to Use: Simply roll back and forth to pick up fur and lint.
  • Built-in Receptacle: Traps fur and lint during use.
  • Hassle-Free Cleaning: Features a release button for easy emptying of contents.




  • Pricey: May be considered expensive for some potential buyers.
  • Affordability Concern: Falls short in terms of affordability compared to other options.
  • Long-Term Investment: Despite the high cost, it may be worth the investment due to its effectiveness and reusability.


Customer Reviews


Our experience with the Chom Chom Roller Pet Hair Remover has been quite remarkable. Many users, just like us, have praised the efficiency of this reusable lint roller in tackling pet hair on furniture, couches, carpets, clothing, and bedding. It’s a common sentiment among pet owners who have tried various other methods to combat the shedding of fur from their pets.Upon using the ChomChom Roller, we discovered that it works wonders, even on different hair types, such as long black hair and short golden hair. It outperforms lint brushes and other gadgets that claim to remove cat hair effectively. This portable and multi-surface fur removal tool managed to collect not only pet hair but also dust from various surfaces.


Despite its impressive performance, some customers expressed concern over the price, deeming it a bit steep. However, the resounding satisfaction among users, including ourselves, validates its value for money.


We wholeheartedly recommend the Chom Chom Roller for pet owners seeking an efficient solution to the never-ending battle against pet hair.





In our experience, the ChomChom Roller Pet Hair Remover is a game-changer for pet owners. After trying various tools and methods for fur removal, we found this reusable lint roller to be the most efficient. It easily removes both long and short pet hair from furniture, carpets, clothing, and bedding.


While the price might seem a bit steep compared to other options, the results and convenience make it worth the investment. The ChomChom Roller is portable and versatile in tackling different surfaces. Some users might consider it slightly overpriced, but the majority of reviewers praise its effectiveness in picking up fur and even dust.


However, keep in mind that it doesn’t replace regular vacuuming for deep cleaning, and it might not suit everyone’s budget. Overall, we confidently recommend the ChomChom Roller as a reliable and practical pet hair removal solution.


Frequently Asked Questions


How effective is the ChomChom Roller in removing pet hair?


We’ve found the ChomChom Roller to be very effective in removing pet hair from various surfaces. Its unique design effortlessly lifts both dog and cat hair, and many users have reported that it works far better than traditional lint rollers or sticky rollers. Since it doesn’t require any adhesive or batteries, this reusable tool is also a more sustainable choice for pet hair removal.


Can the ChomChom Roller be used on different surfaces?


Yes! The ChomChom Roller is quite versatile and can be used on a variety of surfaces, such as furniture upholstery, rugs, carpets, bedding, and even clothing. Its compact design makes it portable and convenient to use wherever you find pet hair.


How does the ChomChom Roller compare to other pet hair removers?


We’ve found that the ChomChom Roller outperforms most other pet hair removers on the market. Unlike traditional lint rollers or sticky rollers, it doesn’t rely on adhesive or sticky surfaces, making it more environmentally friendly and less wasteful. Its ability to deeply clean surfaces ensures that you can effectively remove pet hair in just a few passes.


Is the ChomChom Roller safe to use on delicate fabrics?


The ChomChom Roller is gentle on fabrics and can be used confidently on most surfaces. However, as with any cleaning tool, it’s always a good idea to test the roller on an inconspicuous area of the fabric first to ensure compatibility and avoid potential damage.


How do you clean and maintain the ChomChom Roller?


Cleaning and maintaining the ChomChom Roller is a breeze. After using it to remove pet hair, simply press the release button to open the built-in receptacle and empty the collected hair. It’s recommended to clean the roller after each use, ensuring it remains effective and ready for the next session.


Can the ChomChom Roller remove both dog and cat hair?


Absolutely! The ChomChom Roller has been designed to tackle pet hair from both dogs and cats. It’s effective in lifting various types of hair lengths, colors, and thicknesses, making it a valuable tool for all pet owners.


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