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Learn To Clean Dog Ears

Our furry companions need to have clean dog ears too. Compared to humans, they can pick up almost twice as many frequencies and even catch sounds far away. They need their ears to hear things better and even preserve their balance. We may know our four-legged pals for their cuteness and wagging tails. Yet many identify them with ear infections as well. Hence, as pet parents, we must also be responsible to find out how to clean dog’s ears.
Canines use their ears for daily living and these affect many parts of their bodies. Even if wiping and disinfecting them is crucial, it isn’t enough to use a random homemade dog ear cleaner. Also, there must be safety considerations, precision, and consistency when cleaning them. In this post, we’ll talk about what to use for cleaning dogs ears and some relevant strategies for it. Also, included are a few misconceptions about the process of ear care for pooches. So keep reading for a few helpful tips.

Importance Of Clean Dog Ears

Cleaning dogs ears are very important since these parts play vital roles. Our furry friends need them to maintain their sense of hearing, balance, and good eyesight. When these organs have issues, canines often experience poor auditory perception and gait. Likewise, problems such as ear infections may also produce odors and discharges. Still, pooches may keep shaking their heads, scratch the affected sites, and have pains. Thus, because we care about our four-legged pals, cleaning dogs ears should be our concern.
clean dog ears
Besides, when a canine has good ear hygiene, it can stay active and happy. Such can help to avoid problems with irritations, infections, and more. Ignoring the ways to clean dog’s ears when there is an existing problem may lead to costly treatment. Problems like otitis media in pooches involve ear exams, cleaning, and medicine. These may cost around $100 to $200. So there is no doubt to give priority to cleaning dogs ears.

Why You Have To Clean Dog Ears

Pet owners must know what to use for cleaning dogs ears because ear hygiene is crucial. Ear infections occur due to excessive moisture and allergies. After all, harmful microorganisms often develop when they’re in a wet environment. Canine ear irritation may also result in inflammation. The presence of foreign bodies, parasites, and abnormal growths trigger skin reactions too. It is most unfortunate that these things can cause temporary to permanent deafness. So it is sensible to clean dog’s ears as needed.
The usual things that cause these are bacteria, yeast, or both. Heavy and constant moisture contributes to this. Our four-legged friends that usually swim are most susceptible to infection. After all, prolonged and repeated soaking multiplies the number of pathogens available. Mites, ticks, and fleas may also stay hidden and thrive in a dog’s ears. They bite and cause swelling to occur. At least, with cleaning, it’s possible to have visible problems removed.

Strategies In Cleaning Canine Ears

Although some of our beloved fur friends may never have their ears cleaned at all, some of them do. The ones that don’t need cleansing have natural means of getting theirs cleaned. Usually, certain breeds with droopy ears are the ones that need constant care. But do take note that parasite infestation in the ears and dust buildup may happen from time to time. Thus it pays to find out and be good at how to clean dog’s ears.
cleaning dogs ears
Here are some simple tips that could aid in making our furry companions have clean ears. These include what to use for cleaning dogs ears. Also included are specific means or techniques to extract dirt, debris, and others.

Guide To Clean Dog Ears

  • Know what healthy ears look like first. This is so you would know what to expect after cleaning. Aside from that, find out what it should smell like. With this assessment, you could figure out if your measures are effective or not. Still, study where it would be best for you to remove particles and disinfect areas.
  • Prepare your materials. Have clean gloves ready to avoid getting your fur kid contaminated by anything. It’s also to protect your hands from filth, insects, and other things. Gather your chosen cleaning solution and gauze or cotton balls for wiping. You can have a homemade dog ear cleaner if a veterinarian approves of it. Still, have a towel ready for wiping. That is while making treats available to use as a bonus for behaving and cooperating.
  • When you have what to use for cleaning dogs ears, proceed to the cleaning part. Make your canine companion feel at ease first to make the procedure smooth the entire time. Once that’s done, pull an ear back to sea the whole ear canal. Squirt your cleaning formula in there and wait for about 30 seconds. That would be to loosen up any wax or waste buildup. Then massage the area and you will hear squishing noises to confirm the dislodged debris.


  • Ready the towel to wipe your pet’s face. That would be after it shakes its head to flick the solution with the ejected filth, pests, and other things. It can be a messy process so bear with it. At least you have clean dog ears at this point.
  • Give treats as a reward and have something that it appreciates. That would be so that your canine companion knows that you are grateful for not rejecting your help.

Things To Consider When Cleaning

It’s not enough to be knowledgeable about what to use for cleaning dogs ears. Take note that there are other specifics in canine ear care that needs consideration. For instance, there’s the timing to think about. Aside from that, it matters to use a good solution for your pooch’s ears. Because of these things, cleaning needs to be systematic. So keep reading to have some more tips on how to go about it.


Excessive cleaning can cause a lot of problems. For one, rubbing off dirty and other waste materials off of your dog’s ears can irritate. Your canine companion may try to avoid you if you keep forcing it to have its ears cleaned. Because of these things, it would be great to clean our dog’s ears on occasion. Once a month and after bathing is reasonable enough for that. Yet those with big ears and who swim more often than not may need to have their ears checked and treated weekly or so. After all, they must be free or at least have less moisture for pathogens not to develop.
Of course, in cleaning dogs ears, do it only when your canine is either relaxed or can’t manage without it. A canine would likely cooperate and behave more when they are in good spirits. It’s hard to get an anxious, fearful, and stressed pooch to follow your every command. Make sure that this procedure only happens when your fur kid isn’t sick too. If there’s a serious infection going on, consult a veterinarian right away for help. So, when it comes to your dog’s ear hygiene, timing is essential.

Cleaning Solution

People often get excellent results when going for veterinarian-approved products. After all, many times, they are very helpful in getting things to dislodge from canine ears. Consider going to a vet and asking about what to use for cleaning dogs ears. In that way, you could get a quality and recommended item for your pet companion to get better.
canine ear cleaning solution
Also, try to read the labels of canine ear cleaning formulas. They may help pooches with ear issues but products may have different ingredients. Some have things like hydrocortisone which is a steroid to address inflammation. Others are enzymatic and are not only safe for animals but help kill pathogens. Still, some aren’t medicated yet fight waxy buildup and smell good. If you’re going for a homemade dog ear cleaner then that’s fine too. As long as you would settle for what underwent testing and got favorable reviews.

Misconceptions In Cleaning Dogs Ears

It isn’t always necessary to clean dog ears. Take note that canines also have a natural way of getting rid of waste from their bodies. This includes ear wax and particles found in pooch ears sometimes. A lot of people believe that having regular and consistent cleaning will not harm. This isn’t the case at all. By applying liquid to the ears of our furry friends, we make them moist and susceptible to infection. If the nature of the problem is bacterial then things can turn bad when the areas turn wet. Take note that some of what causes dog ear issues are yeast or fungi. So it isn’t alright to do things at random and planning what to use matters a lot.

In Essence

Clean dog ears are important not only in canine hygiene but general health. Thus, in keeping your furry friend healthy, part of what you must do is clean its ears. Doing so will make it look awesome and feel loved and confident. Treat the ears of your four-legged friend well before it’s too late. After all, our pet companions are our family members too. So they deserve excellent treatment to make them enjoy living too.
Have you tried cleaning your pet’s ears? Do you know what to use for cleaning dogs ears? Please share with us some tips that worked for you. Thanks for reading and good luck with your pet’s ear hygiene!

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