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Find Toy Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed


It’s no mystery why many folks search for toy dog breeds that don’t shed. Small pups or miniature adult pooches resemble stuffed animals. They usually make adorable companions and are easy to take care of. Also, excessive shedding of pet danders and furs cause health issues and inconveniences. Such problems demand extensive care and can bring about diseases. So it’s reasonable why a lot of people prefer pooches that are cute and low-maintenance.


If you’re after a non-shedding canine, plenty of options are available for you. After all, dog breeds that don’t shed hair are many. Also, a lot of them are small ones. While all our four-legged pals get rid of some of their dead skin and excess hair from time to time, some do this less. Toy dogs usually have this attribute due to their size and hair quality. In this post is a list of small dog breeds that don’t shed. Thus keep reading to find out more.


Why Choose Toy Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed


It matters to take care of dog breeds that don’t shed hair. After all, with these pooches, canine maintenance becomes easier. Also, with such a dog, there’s prevention or at least reducing the chances of allergies. Still, these four-legged companions are beneficial to take care of. Other than shedding less, they are easy to clean and transport, don’t take up a lot of room, and are not that costly to feed. So there are a lot of benefits to taking care of toy pooches.

dog breeds that don't shed

Since they don’t cast off plenty of dander or fur, this means that the allergens remain on their bodies more. Due to their size, unlike big canines, they have only a few hairs to shed. Toy dogs are also not that hard to control, given their tiny frame. They are often vulnerable to stress and anxiety but are quite easy to walk and cuddle. When it comes to benefits, there are many to owning one. Hence, they make perfect household pets for new and experienced pet owners.


Toy Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed

Why would you want a non-shedding dog? Consider these reasons.

  • Dogs shed. Long-haired dogs with double coats shed in clumps that are quite noticeable at times. Short-haired dogs shed, but often those tiny hairs hide in amongst our clothing and furniture. Not a problem for some folk, but others just don’t like the hair.
  • Some require a hypoallergenic breed.  People with allergies or asthma often find the shedding breeds too much for their health. But a non-shedding breed often fits into the home with little health concern.


Here are some examples of small dog breeds that don’t shed their hair. In fact, they require regular maintenance to keep those coats in check. You can learn to groom them at home or find your local groomer. 

They also make great pets due to their look, personality, and other features. Take a look at them to pick at least one as your four-legged friend.


.Toy Poodle, Miniature Poodle

Available in different colors, usually 14 to 17 pounds, and 9.4 to 11 inches high, this canine makes a gorgeous pet. Many owners often say that they are friendly, outgoing, and smart. Thus they make interesting companions. What’s best about them is that they are toy dog breeds that don’t shed. Allergic people can stand having them around due to their coats. They have wavy outer hair and a thick, plush undercoat that gives them a look of plentiful and curly hair. Even though they do shed, they don’t do it a lot. Thus, if you’re after a furry friend that doesn’t lose too much fur and is fun to be around, going for this breed is right.

toy poodle for less fur shredding

What’s notable about most poodles is that they are easy to train. They are receptive to their owners and can get instructions right. It’s no wonder why they are almost always present in dog shows. Their eagerness to please their pet parents makes them one of the best furry companions. So taking care of one is always a good decision.


Yorkshire Terrier


People consider this canine a compact kind of pooch and it’s part of the toy dog breeds that don’t shed. When they do cast off their fur, you likely won’t notice it. That is because they are very light shedders. Many times, owners only see the hair fall off their Yorkshire Terrier after grooming. It’s the type of pooch that is a single-coated breed but often has long, glossy, and straight hair. With this coat, plus being small at 6 to 7 inches high and lightweight at only 2 to 7 pounds, it’s an excellent toy dog. It’s easy to carry and great to pet with its silky coat. Thus it’s an ideal pet for those worried about canine size and power. We can even say that it’s an awesome companion for folks with physical limitations.

yorkshire terrier non-allergenic

It is one of the dog breeds that don’t shed hair and is a great choice for a hypoallergenic pet. But it does demand plenty of attention due to its endearing nature. When it feels boredom, it tends to become unpredictable and even destructive. Though it may be clingy somehow, at least it’s brave, confident, and adventurous. These traits make them easy to manage due to their independence. Families with older kids may be able to enjoy having one around. So it’s reasonable to have one as a member of the family.


Bichon Frise


Weighing only 12 to 18 pounds, they are lightweight toy dog breeds that don’t shed. They are very small at only 9.5 to 11 inches tall but are double-coated canines. These furry friends have a smooth and curly coat that is visible right away. But they come with a soft undercoat too. Often, this breed comes in light colors such as white, and cream. Yet gray ones are also available. Now, although they are not frequent shedders, they do grow their hair fast. Hence, they need constant grooming. Still, not shedding a lot means allergic people can own them.

low maintenance bichon frise

They are not only hypoallergenic but also have many positive attributes. With the way they look, often after grooming, they resemble a powder puff or cotton ball. Because of their size, they only need food twice a day. With proper training and exposure to people and other dogs, they are open to strangers. We can say that they can be sociable too. In that way, it’s not surprising for them to be friendly, playful, affectionate, and cheerful. With their openness, training them is possible and could even be easy. But, for the most part, it is ideal to have them indoors due to their demand for companionship. So they make great pets for those who want a hypoallergenic animal that loves staying inside.


Hair Care For Toy Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed


It’s not enough to pick toy dog breeds that don’t shed. Take note that all canines lose some hair from time to time. It’s natural for them to do this every season and sometimes in a discreet manner. Even though it is common for pooches to shed, pet parents still need to treat their fur. After all, our four-legged pals are often very dependent on us for most things or even everything. So, before getting a hypoallergenic pet, know how to take care of dog breeds that don’t shed hair first.


Canine Haircare Tips

  • They need consistent combing and hair treatment too. Because they don’t cast off plenty of hair, it means that a lot of things are stuck in their coat. Brushing them helps get rid of dirt, debris, pathogens, and parasites. Aside from combing their fur, though, it is important to give them constant baths. Applying treatment powders or sprays to them works too.
  • Think about their hair growth. Some breeds are furrier than others, after all. Hence, canines with thick hair need regular trimming. It’s not only for aesthetic purposes. Cutting their fur helps them see, move, and even feel better.
  • Let them have a healthy diet. Dogs lose a lot of their hair not only due to parasite infestation but also because of poor nutrition. So make sure that you feed a pooch right. Including foods with plenty of protein, vegetable oil, and Omega-3 fatty acids. A lot of veterinarians even recommend these for dog breeds that don’t shed hair.




Is A Toy Breed that Doesn’t Shed Right for You?


If you’re looking for a hypoallergenic pet, going for toy dog breeds that don’t shed is a good decision. They still lose some of their furs but at least they don’t cast off as much hair as others do. Also, they are low-maintenance because of their size and other characteristics. Still, they look adorable and can also provide love and loyalty altogether. Hence, they are worth adopting.


But this doesn’t mean that going for a random hypoallergenic dog is all that it takes. After all, each breed has unique things to offer pet parents. Thus it pays to do some research before adoption. Have you considered getting one? What did you choose? Tell us your thoughts about adopting a canine that shed less and this post. Thank you for reading!


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