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Are you looking for a way to protect your oversized sofa from spills, stains, and pet messes? We’ve had the chance to test out the Easy-Going 100% Waterproof Couch Cover in Light Gray, and we’re excited to share our thoughts.

Easy-Going Waterproof Couch Cover Review: A Top Choice for Homes?


Constructed with a dual waterproof layer, this stretch jacquard sofa slipcover fits snugly and is entirely leakproof. The high-quality material, comprised of 15% spandex and 85% polyester, provides a soft yet durable protective layer that’s perfect for homes with kids or pets.

Easy-Going Couch Cover

Installation is straightforward thanks to seamed labels, and it’s designed to fit oversized sofas with a seat width of 78″-101″. Including foam strips to tuck into the seams adds extra security to keep the cover in place. Just follow the provided instructions or guide picture for hassle-free setup.


The Easy-Going couch cover is machine washable in cold water but should not be bleached or ironed. Be careful with the reverse coated side during washing, and to preserve its waterproof layer, let it air dry.

Bottom Line


If you’re looking for a reliable and stylish way to protect your oversized sofa, the Easy-Going 100% Waterproof Couch Cover is an excellent choice. With its waterproof design, easy installation, and quality material, your furniture remains safe while looking good.


Don’t hesitate—purchase the Easy-Going Waterproof Couch Cover now and give your sofa the protection it deserves.


Easy-Going 100% Waterproof Couch Cover Overview



Recently, we had the opportunity to test out the Easy-Going Waterproof Couch Cover, and we must say, it has impressed us. Its dual waterproof fabric and TPU film coating ensure your couch remains dry and protected, even with the messiest kids and pets around.


This light gray couch cover is made from 15% spandex and 85% polyester, giving it a stretchy and soft feel. It is specifically designed for oversized sofas with seat widths between 78 and 101 inches. The elastic bottom ensures a snug fit and all-around protection from stains, spills, and daily wear and tear.


Installation is a breeze. Follow the seamed labels and tuck the excess fabric into the seams. The package also includes foam strips to help the cover stay in place more effectively.


For care and maintenance, machine wash with cold water and hang to dry. Avoid turning the reverse coated side outside, using bleach, or ironing to preserve the waterproof layer.


The Easy-Going Waterproof Couch Cover is a practical and attractive solution for those seeking to protect their furniture from the onslaught of life’s little accidents. With easy installation and care, your home remains stylish, clean, and ready to face whatever comes its way.


Material and Comfort


When we tested the Easy-Going Waterproof Couch Cover on our oversized sofa, we were delighted by its soft and stretchy fabric. Made from a polyester, polyethylene, and spandex blend, the slipcover is designed for both durability and comfort. The dual waterproof layers achieve waterproofing, making it great for households with kids, pets, or messy eaters.


In terms of comfort, this light gray slipcover didn’t disappoint. It has an elastic closure that ensures a snug fit on various sofa sizes and shapes and a solid pattern that can easily blend in with any home decor style.


Since the fabric is machine washable, maintaining its pristine condition is a breeze. A simple wash cycle will do the trick.


The only downside we noticed is the weight of the cover (4.6 pounds), which can be a bit heavy for some users. Nonetheless, the Easy-Going 100% Waterproof Couch Cover is an excellent investment for those seeking to protect their furniture without compromising on comfort or style.


High Level of Protection



In our experience, the Easy-Going 100% Waterproof Couch Cover offers a superior level of protection for your furniture. Its dual waterproof fabric ensures your sofa stays safe from spills, stains, and accidents caused by kids or pets.


We’ve seen firsthand how the material, comprised of 15% spandex and 85% polyester, provides a stretchy, soft, and high-quality feel. The cover is perfect for homes with children and pets, as it can handle the wear and tear of daily usage. It fits seat widths from 78″ to 101″, and the elastic bottom contributes to all-around protection.


Installation is a breeze, even for novices. The foam strips and seamed labels make it easy to ensure the cover stays in place.


When it comes to cleaning, the Easy-Going Couch Cover requires only a machine wash with cold water. Just remember not to bleach or iron it.


In summary, this couch cover is the real deal – offering high protection without sacrificing comfort or aesthetics. While the fit may be slightly off for some pieces of furniture, the overall experience is positive.


Fit and Installation


We recently tried the Easy-Going Waterproof Couch Cover on our oversized sofa, and we were quite impressed with its fit and installation process. The polyester and spandex fabric allowed it to stretch and easily conform to our sofa’s shape. We appreciated the elastic closure that secured it well and prevented it from slipping off, ensuring our sofa remains protected.


One aspect that we liked about the installation was how it accommodated different sofa shapes and sizes. Our oversized sofa measured 35″D x 91″W x 33″H, and the cover fit it without any problem. The light gray color also added a touch of elegance to our living room.


In addition, one crucial feature worth mentioning is the waterproof quality of the couch cover. It protects the furniture from spills, making it suitable for households with kids and pets. Moreover, the cover is machine-washable, so maintaining its cleanliness is a breeze.


Overall, the Easy-Going Couch Cover impressed us with its fit and ease of installation while effectively protecting our furniture from spills and stains.





Maintaining the Easy-Going Waterproof Couch Cover is a breeze. Thanks to its machine-washable fabric, we found it convenient to clean whenever needed.


The polyester and spandex materials are not only durable, but also easily cared for. During our experience with this cover, we ensured that we followed the product care instructions to keep it in the best condition.


However, remember that the cover’s water resistance level is just “waterproof”. It might start to leak if exposed to excessive amounts of liquid or left saturated too long.


So, it’s essential to clean up spills promptly in order to maintain its effectiveness. We recommend routinely checking the elastic closures for secure fit and snugness to prevent any potential damage.


Overall, our experience with the Easy-Going Waterproof Couch Cover has been positive, and keeping it well-maintained requires minimal effort.


Pros and Cons




  • Blades Heat Up Quickly: Requires frequent swapping during use and potential investment in extra blade guards.
  • Best on Clean Dogs: Performs optimally on clean dogs; more robust clippers may be needed for heavily coated or dirty dogs.
  • Packaging Issues: Some packages arrived in poor condition, although this did not affect the clipper’s performance.
  • Recommendation with Caveats: Advised for careful and professional pet grooming with the suggestion to invest in additional blade guards for the heating issue.




  • Size Runs Large: May be too big for some couches, especially in the arm area.
  • Delicate Waterproof Backing: Effective but requires careful handling as it is prone to damage.
  • Color Fading: Some users reported slight fading over time, though the cover remains visually appealing.
  • Fit Issues on Certain Couch Types: Designed primarily for couches with large arms, may not fit all furniture styles perfectly.
  • Effective Furniture Protection: Still accomplishes its main purpose of protecting furniture.
  • Overall Quality and Convenience: Despite size and fit concerns, the cover’s quality, waterproofing, and ease of installation make it a worthwhile investment.


Customer Experiences

Let’s talk about other people’s experiences using the Easy-Going Couch Cover. They appreciate the 100% waterproof feature, which effectively protects their couch from spills and pet accidents.


Users have even tested this, with cat urine and spilled liquids not seeping through the cover. However, the color can fade slightly over time.


The fabric is praised for being comfortable, soft, and thick, without the plastic feel that other waterproof covers may have. The foam sticks that come with the cover helps to keep everything intact and fitting snugly on the couch. Although the size may run a bit large for some furniture, users could still find ways to make it work.


Some customers mentioned the convenience of using this product for their L-shaped couch by getting two covers, while others highlighted the cover’s effectiveness in handling pet hair and messes. The consensus is that the Easy-Going Couch Cover genuinely provides protection and comfort without sacrificing style.

Final Thoughts



After using the Easy-Going Waterproof Couch Cover, we found it to be a lifesaver for those with pets or kids. The dual waterproof sofa cover truly holds up to its claims.


It’s 100% leakproof and protects our oversized sofa from spills and pet accidents. The stretch jacquard fabric is thick and soft and fits our couch well, though tucking in the extra arm area might be challenging for some couch designs.


However, the light gray color does fade slightly over time and may not fit every couch size perfectly. That being said, we appreciate the foam sticks provided, which help keep the cover in place.


Overall, the Easy-Going Waterproof Couch Cover is a worthy investment for its price and effectiveness in safeguarding our couch. From our experience, we’re confident in recommending this product to protect your furniture from daily wear and tear.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the durability of this waterproof couch cover?


We found the Easy-Going waterproof couch cover to be quite durable. The fabric is a blend of 15% spandex and 85% polyester, making it stretchy and soft. Its top fabric is processed with a waterproof treatment, and the back is coated with a waterproof layer.


This construction guarantees a 100% waterproof effect and leakproof protection. Our experience shows it withstands daily wear and tear well.


Can I use this cover on a reclining couch?


Yes, the Easy-Going couch cover can be used on a reclining couch. The stretchy fabric and elastic bottom make it adaptable to various sofa shapes, including reclining ones.


However, you should measure your reclining couch beforehand to ensure the cover will fit. The oversized sofa cover fits seat widths between 78 and 101 inches.


Is this cover suitable for a three-seater sofa?


This Easy-Going waterproof couch cover is suitable for a three-seater sofa. Make sure to measure your sofa before purchasing the cover since it’s designed for oversized sofas with seat widths between 78 to 101 inches. The elastic bottom and the stretchy fabric help the cover fit snugly on your three-seater sofa.


What is the best way to clean and maintain this couch cover?


Cleaning and maintaining the Easy-Going couch cover is easy. You can machine wash it with cold water.


However, remember not to use bleach or iron and avoid turning the reverse coated side out while washing. It’s recommended to hang-dry the cover, as higher temperatures can damage the coated waterproof layer.


How effective is the cover in protecting from pet damage?


The Easy-Going couch cover is highly effective in protecting your sofa from pet damage. The 100% waterproof fabric ensures that no liquid seeps through, so pet accidents won’t harm your furniture.


Many users have reported successfully preventing stains and pet hair from sticking to their couches after using this cover. The durable material also withstands scratching, keeping your sofa looking good despite your furry companions’ antics.


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