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Avoid Foods Your Dog Should Never Eat

You should be aware of the foods your dog should never eat as a pet owner. We love our furry friends and treat them as family members. While we can eat whatever we want, our four-legged friends shouldn’t. We are conscious about safe and dangerous foods to consume as humans. Canines don’t have the same awareness. Hence, we must guide them to enjoy eating while staying safe. It’s not enough to hand over table scraps or any human food to our beloved companions. A report showed that vets treated about 120,000 canines of dog poisoning in 2020. Chocolates are toxic for them but aren’t the only ones that harm dogs. We must be responsible in feeding them treats and meals that we know will keep them out of harm’s way. This post contains a list of things a dog should never eat.


Vegetarian Foods Your Dog Should Never Eat

Giving your canine companions vegetables is a good idea. These foods often have low calories and are excellent sources of fiber. They have prebiotics and probiotics too. Hence, they are helpful for weight management and gut health. You can use these things to avoid and deal with indigestion plus other canine gastric issues. But among them are things a dog should never eat. So be careful what you feed your pet.
Feeding pooches with veggies can also cut costs and provide nutrients and antioxidants. Yet some are toxic and may cause your pet to lose appetite, vomit, or have diarrhea. Below are a few examples of vegetables discouraged for canines to ingest.

Macadamia Nuts

These nuts are fatty and considered foods your dog should never eat. Because of their high-fat content, they may cause more than obesity. According to the AKC (American Kennel Club), ingestion may result in several problems. Giving a pup one may cause vomiting, unsteadiness, elevated temperature, and depression. What’s worse is that these nuts can trigger mild to severe pancreatitis. Hence, we shouldn’t let our loving and loyal canines taste these foods. They can cause life-threatening conditions.
Be careful when feeding your buddies a few muffins and cookies too. Some pastries have these nuts as their ingredients. Because of this, it’s crucial to see what some baked goods have. Make sure they don’t contain traces of things a dog should never eat.

Onions and Garlic

Together with chives, shallots, and leeks, these alliums are not good in any way for our furry friends. These cause the destruction of red blood cells in dogs. They may feel depressed, can’t breathe, and have a fast heart rate when this occurs. Some may express abdominal pain and loose stools. This condition may let traces of blood may appear in their urine too. Thus they are foods your dog should never eat.
Our canine companions must avoid all parts of these veggies. They should not access their leaves, flesh, and juice. They may need veterinary care even if it isn’t deadly for them to have a few of these foods. Hence, it’s advisable to include them as part of the things a dog should never eat. Anyway, it’s natural for our fur kids to keep away from these alliums.

Some Fruits

Several fruits are foods your dog should never eat. Many of these cause canines to throw up or have an intestinal obstruction. For instance, parts of cherries, like their pits, leaves, and flesh, have traces of cyanide. A few won’t take their lives, but they can still cause discomfort that may worsen. Others, like grapes, sultans, and raisins, have something that reduces kidney blood flow. Tartaric acid from these may also cause acute renal injury. So it’s crucial to research the nature of the fruits you give your pets before feeding them anything.
Some fruits are okay for our furry companions to eat too. Yet not all tasty ones that are safe to consume won’t cause trouble to our beloved pets. For instance, it pays to be careful when giving persimmon, even if it doesn’t have toxic skin. Its seed may obstruct the intestines of your dog. If we can’t be responsible when feeding our pets, we should consider them things a dog should never eat. Thus we shouldn’t leave things to change and supervise our furry pals when they have fruits.
foods your dog should never eat


Household Items Your Pooch Must Avoid

Some of the most common household items we ingest are foods your dog should never eat. We may need these things to feel good and satisfied or experience some relief, but they aren’t for our pets. Their components could be toxic to our four-legged friends. A lot of medications and a few of our snacks can be dangerous to our dogs. So we must watch over them to see what they get their paws on.
They may stay alive after eating something toxic, but our furry friends could get sick. Some conditions worsen and can turn fatal fast. Thus it’s critical to be cautious since we care for our fur kids. Written under are examples of things a dog should never eat.


Though people classify these as drugs and not food, we’ve decided to include them in our list. Our four-legged friends may see them as tasty treats, but they are like foods your dog should never eat. There are many physical and chemical differences between us and our canines. Besides, people often base the drug dosage of dogs on their weight. So medicines with specific formulations for humans are not ideal for our furry pals.
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs help humans cope with pain and swelling. A dog can suffer from stomach ulcers and kidney failure from eating them. Acetaminophen helps with pain relief and is safe for kids, but they are harmful to dogs. Ingesting it can make our four-legged friends weak and have labored breathing. It causes liver damage and blood disorder in canines. Because of the dangers these drugs bring, they are things a dog should never eat. Putting them where they are inaccessible to your pet is an excellent choice.

Pantry Items

Several things here are foods your dog should never eat. Although canines have approved spices, many of these are toxic to our pets. Dogs can become gassy, have stomach pain, and produce loose stools after ingestion. Among notable ones that cause problems to canines are nutmeg and paprika. Other than seasonings, flavoring like salt can also give them trouble. Even if a dog needs it as an electrolyte, it shouldn’t have more than enough. An excessive amount can result in dehydration and seizures. Hence, make a pantry beyond a dog’s reach.
Our canine companions can have a bit of sugar. It can give them some energy. But those with xylitol are things a dog should never eat. Xylitol is not as sweet as sugar but has lesser calories and a low glycemic index. Yet such can cause an abrupt reduction in a dog’s blood sugar levels. Because of it, your pet may experience seizures and collapse. The substance is often present in candies, baked goods, syrups, and barbecue sauces. Thus act fast and take any of these items away from your pet when you see them with either.
things a dog must not consume


Sweet Foods Your Dog Should Never Eat

Sugary treats and beverages are some foods your dog should never eat. It’s despite that our canines are animals that need macronutrients like carbs. Besides, they can get sugar or energy from fruits and veggies. Too much intake of these can cause significant weight gain. Such may also have unwanted effects on metabolism. Still, other sweet foods contain toxic elements for dogs. So we need to watch what sugared foods enter their mouths.
Other than candies, some sweet and edible solids and liquids are not ideal for our furry friends. They can’t digest certain ingredients, making these treats dangerous to eat. What follows are examples of the said things a dog should never eat.


Despite our canine companions loving them as much as we do, they are foods your dog should never eat. These are confectioneries favored by people for their taste and texture. But they are also toxic or things a dog should never eat. Consuming them means ingesting alkaloids called methylxanthines. The ones in chocolates are theobromine and caffeine. Our buddies cannot metabolize these as well as we can. Hence, they are better off without them.
These widen the airways and have excitatory effects on humans. Canines can throw up, have tremors, get seizures, and turn hyperactive because of them. Eating them may cause our fur kids to have a fast or abnormal heart rhythm. Things can turn sour, and death may occur because of eating chocolates. It’s understandable why folks include it in the things a dog should never eat. So be careful when you have pets and these at home.

Caffeinated Drinks

Tea and coffee are among the foods your dog should never eat. These beverages have high caffeine content. When our fur kids drink them, they can turn hyperactive. Their blood pressure can rise fast. Their heart rhythm can become irregular too. 140 mg per kilogram is toxic. A Yorkie or Chihuahua can only take less than half of a cup of coffee. It’s less than a glass for an extra-large canine like the Great Dane. Symptoms of toxicity may start to appear after an hour or so after ingestion. Hence, finish your coffee or tea or throw your leftover. Never get your pet to taste either of these drinks.
We must take them to the vet if our furry friends ingested caffeinated products and if they had plenty of them. To address the issue, your pet’s doctor may induce vomiting. It’s to get rid of what it consumed. The manifestation of toxicity can last for hours or days. So avoiding caffeine or other things a dog should never eat is way better.
foods your dog should never eat


In Closing

As you can see, there are many foods your dog should never eat. Be mindful of what you feed your pup or grown canine. We also need to control which parts of the house and the things they can reach. Our furry friends are vulnerable to poisoning due to their appetite and curiosity. But we can do some things to prevent them from getting sick. Choosing the fruits, vegetables, and sweets they eat can help. So we must be firm about their food consumption no matter how much they beg. Besides, there are also plenty of foods they can eat too.
Stick to giving them foods that are safe to eat for them to enjoy their meals or snacks. We hope our article equipped you with ample information to keep your furry friends safe. If you have some ideas, please feel free to send us a message. Thanks for reading, and may your four-legged friends stay happy and healthy!

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