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Meet your new cleaning companion, the iRobot Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum – the unsung hero in the ongoing battle against pet hair and daily dust bunnies. Imagine a world where your floors stay effortlessly pristine, and cleaning feels like a glimpse into the future. Join us on a journey as we explore the smart features, quirks, and undeniable charm of the iRobot Roomba 694, a robotic sidekick that transforms mundane chores into a futuristic delight.

iRobot Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum

iRobot Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum Review: Top Buy for Pet Owners?


Sometimes it feels like we can never quite catch up on house cleaning, especially with pets at home. We recently tried out the iRobot Roomba 694, and it’s a game-changer for keeping up with the daily tumbleweeds of pet hair and the usual dust accumulation on hard floors and carpets. Voice commands through Alexa make it feel like we’re living in the future—just speak, and the Roomba gets to work.


The surprising edge this little robot has is its intelligence; it’s not just about brute cleaning power. It seems to recognize our habits over time, offering custom, efficient cleaning route and extra sessions when the pollen count jumps or its pets shedding season. Navigating around furniture or avoiding a tumble down the stairs appears effortless, too.


iRobot Roomba 694

We must mention that although it handles daily debris well, it’s not a total substitute for a deep clean with a traditional vacuum, particularly in homes with lots of pet hair. A 90-minute run time is respectable, but it may require a recharge to finish larger homes.

Bottom Line


The iRobot Roomba 694 is a reliable ally in the never-ending battle against dust and pet hair. Its smart features take some of the chores out of cleaning. For those who prefer a hands-off approach and enjoy a consistently tidy space, this robot vacuum is certainly worth a look.


Making life easier is just a click away. Take a closer look at the iRobot Roomba 694 and consider making it a part of your cleaning routine.

Overview of the iRobot Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum


In navigating the landscape of smart cleaning, we’ve come across the Roomba 694. This robot vacuum is a testament to the convenience of automated home maintenance. We’ve found its personalized cleaning recommendations to be quite intuitive. Through usage, it learns and adapts to your routine cleaning, proactively suggesting extra cleanings when pollen counts soar or during pet shedding seasons.

The vacuum doesn’t shirk from edges and corners, thanks to the edge-sweeping brush designed to tackle these hard-to-reach areas. Its 3-Stage Cleaning system is robust, handling dirt and debris on various floor types and automatically adjusting its cleaning head height for an effective clean.


What makes the Roomba 694 stand out is the seamless integration with smart home systems. Whether using the iRobot Home App or voice assistants like Alexa, starting a cleaning session is effortless. It navigates your home confidently, avoiding obstacles and stairs with advanced sensors. The auto-recharge function is convenient, as the robot vacuum docks and recharges without intervention after 90 minutes of diligent work.


While its cleaning pattern might seem random, and it may struggle to return to its charging base occasionally, what’s undeniable is the reduction in hands-on cleaning time it offers. It’s a helpful companion for tidying your floors, especially in homes with pets. However, remember that you’ll still need occasional manual cleaning for comprehensive home upkeep.

Personalized Cleaning Recommendations


In today’s bustling world of robot vacuums, the Roomba 694 has proved to be more than just an automated helper; it’s a smart cleaning companion that offers tailored suggestions to keep our homes neat. The intelligence of the IRobot OS is evident through the way it adapts to our cleaning habits, offering schedule suggestions that align with our routine.

When it comes to tackling dirt, the robot doesn’t shy away from the challenge. It hones in on areas that are frequented more or naturally accumulate more dirt, ensuring a thorough cleanse with its patented Dirt Detect Technology.


Using the IRobot Home App kicks convenience up a notch, allowing us to initiate a cleaning session from anywhere, anytime. The app integration also adds a layer of interactivity to our cleaning routine, and being compatible with voice assistants like Alexa gives us that hands-free control we never knew we needed.

After spending some time with this gadget, one learns to appreciate the small yet significant details. Its cliff-detection abilities and advanced sensors mean it’s smart enough to avoid tumbles down the stairs. However, it’s not quite perfect. Sticking to a schedule is a strong suit, but it sometimes misses its dock and requires manual assistance to recharge.


Despite some quirks, the Roomba 694 manages to strike a balance between smart cleaning and user convenience, making it a considerate choice for those seeking a little more basic robot vacuum and extra intelligence in their household cleaning devices.

3-Stage Cleaning Power


In our experience with the Roomba 694, the highlight is its 3-Stage Cleaning System which proves adept at navigating our varied home landscapes. Initially, we noticed how it agitates the floor with its dual brushes, one designed to lift dirt, while the other moves in the opposite direction to extract debris, making it quite efficient on surfaces with pet hair and everyday messes.


The second stage involves suction power, where the vacuum draws in the loosened particles. It didn’t matter whether it transitioned from hard floors to carpets; the Auto-Adjust Cleaning Head seamlessly changed height to maintain close contact with the surface and ensured a thorough clean.

Finally, the Edge-Sweeping brush came into play. This feature is specifically crafted to get into those hard-to-reach corners and along the baseboards, places that are often neglected. Though not completely flawless in tighter spots, it largely leaves rooms looking and feeling cleaner.


What we appreciate is that this system does not operate randomly. Dirt Detect Technology allows the Roomba 694 to focus more on areas that need it, almost as if learning from each session, making the cleaning performance more effective over time. While it’s imperfect and can occasionally miss a spot or get hung up on thick rugs, the performance is reliable for daily maintenance.

3 stages cleaning power

Advanced Navigation with a Full Suite of Sensors

When we put the Roomba 694 to work, its capability to maneuver around our home was impressive. The robot vacuum comes equipped with a comprehensive set of sensors that really simplify the cleaning process. It adeptly avoids obstacles, deftly navigates under furniture, and skillfully manages along edges without getting stuck—a frequent issue in many robot vacuums.


What we particularly appreciate is the Cliff Detect feature, which is a real asset for those of us with stairs. It reliably prevents the robot from taking an unfortunate tumble. While we’ve seen the Roomba cleanly navigate various layouts, occasionally, it can get a bit too adventurous, sometimes bumping into lighter objects.


To sum up, the advanced sensors essentially give us peace of mind, allowing us to leave the Roomba to its task without having to keep an eye on it, though we recommend a quick check to ensure the area is clear of obstacles that the iRobot Roomba might struggle with.

Pros and Cons

iRobot Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum pros and cons
Having had the chance to put the Roomba 694 through its paces, we’ve observed a good deal to appreciate. For starters, its Wi-Fi connectivity and compatibility with Alexa make it quite convenient, allowing for hands-free control and scheduling. The unit’s personalized cleaning suggestions are a nifty feature—they adjust to our usage patterns over time, making the Roomba more efficient than other robot vacuums.


We’ve also noticed impressive results from the 3-Stage Cleaning system and the Edge-Sweeping brush, which together ensure thorough dirt and dust pickup from various surfaces and those hard-to-reach corners. The auto-adjust cleaning head is a time-saver, adapting to different floor types seamlessly, so we don’t have to manually switch settings.


The Dirt Detect Technology is beneficial, focusing on dirtier areas for deeper cleaning. The advanced sensors are commendable, too; they help the Roomba 694 avoid obstacles and stairs, giving us peace of mind that it won’t get damaged during operation. The dual multi-surface brushes handle dog hair well, which is great news for us pet owners.


Lastly, the automatic recharge feature is a practical touch. It runs for up to 90 minutes and heads back to its dock for charging without our intervention, ready for the next cleaning round.

Despite its advantages, the Roomba 694 isn’t without its drawbacks. We’ve had to ensure the floors are clear of small objects like cords or clothing before cleaning sessions, as they can get tangled, interrupting its cycle.


An issue raised is the absence of a handle for easier transportation. Picking it up after a cleaning cycle requires more effort, now necessitating both hands. Occasionally, the Roomba 694 struggles to find its way back to the charging base, leaving us to locate and dock it manually.


The device does not include corner-cleaning capabilities, so manual intervention with a traditional vacuum or broom is still necessary to maintain spotless corners and edges. Its random movement pattern doesn’t cover areas as methodically as we’d like, sometimes leaving unattended spots. We’ve also emptied the bin frequently, as its capacity is somewhat limited.

In summary, while the Roomba 694 makes the vacuuming task less tedious and does a solid job for routine maintenance, it’s not a complete substitute for traditional vacuuming methods, especially in homes with a lot of foot traffic or pets.

Ease of Use and Maintenance


In our experience, the Roomba 694 is designed to make daily cleaning a breeze. It’s enticing to have a device that adapts to your routine, setting itself in motion with minimal intervention. Indeed, we found that it takes the chore out of vacuuming, with the ability to summon it via app or voice assistant being particularly convenient. However, it’s worth mentioning that keeping your floors free of small objects and cables prevents the robot from getting tangled.


On the maintenance front, we didn’t have to hover over the unit constantly. Its self-charging feature means it’s always ready for the next run—expect to get a solid 90 minutes of cleaning before it retreats for a power nap. Occasionally, the small front wheel may collect hair and debris, requiring a quick cleanout.

Emptier-than-expected maintenance intervals surprised us, although the absence of a carrying handle did present some awkwardness when moving the unit between floors. Still, for those of us with pets, running the Roomba 694 daily helps manage the relentless fur and dander, despite sometimes missing a spot due to its random travel pattern.


The Roomba 694 is a smart blend of autonomy and performance for everyday practicality, even if it requires occasional human guidance to return to its base or navigate some household quirks.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

Customer Reviews

In our experience with the Roomba 694, we’ve found that it’s a helpful ally in the battle against pet hair and dirt on floors, although it’s not a complete replacement for traditional cleaning. The consensus among users is that while it saves time and reduces the effort involved in keeping floors tidy, a pre-clean to remove potential obstructions like cords and small objects is necessary.


Feedback reveals some design changes aren’t universally appreciated; for example, the lack of a handle means picking up the Roomba now requires both hands. The vacuum impresses with its power and dirt capacity, but the cleaning process for the small turn wheel can be a bit tedious.


It’s amusingly personable to refer to the Roomba 694 by a nickname, highlighting its role as a household companion. Some users have pointed out its somewhat erratic navigation pattern, which can leave certain areas untouched, and its occasional struggle to find its way back to the charging base can be a frustration.


Nevertheless, the Roomba 694 is praised for its sturdy construction, ease of maintenance, and quieter performance compared to standard vacuums. While it lacks the intelligence of higher-end models, such as room mapping, it provides commendable service where it roams—especially for pet owners who find it invaluable in managing the relentless shed of fur.

Video Credit: @DigitalDavid

Roomba 694: A Glimpse into the Future of Cleaning


Embark on a journey with the iRobot Roomba 694, a household hero that effortlessly conquers pet hair and dust, transforming cleaning into a futuristic delight. The convenience of Wi-Fi connectivity and voice-controlled magic via Alexa makes tidying up a breeze, especially in pet-friendly homes where fur cleanup is a regular necessity. While it dances with unpredictability and occasionally tangles with household debris, the Roomba 694’s merits shine through.

Lamentably missing a handle for graceful lifts and exhibiting a slight struggle with sharp corners due to its round design, this budget-friendly robotic marvel holds its own in the performance arena. Not the quietest in the vacuuming symphony, yet considerably gentler on the ears than traditional counterparts, it’s a boon for noise-sensitive souls.


In our cosmic exploration of this robotic wonder, we’ve discovered that, despite the occasional bemusing navigation and the need for frequent bin dumps, the Roomba 694 excels at its core mission – keeping floors impeccably clean. Robust in design and adaptable to various floor types, it emerges as a solid contender for those seeking a reliable, cost-effective robot vacuum.


Ready to Experience the Future of Effortless Cleaning? Embrace the iRobot Roomba 694 and Let Your Pet-Friendly Home Shine!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Roomba 694 perform on hardwood floors?
From our experience, the Roomba 694 moves seamlessly across hardwood floors. The dual multi-surface brushes and the auto-adjust cleaning head provide a comprehensive clean. However, while it captures a good deal of dust and debris, it can occasionally miss finer particles. On the bright side, the edge-sweeping brush does an admirable job of grabbing dirt along baseboards and in corners.
Can the Roomba 694 map multiple rooms?
The Roomba 694 doesn’t create persistent maps; its movements appear random. It does, however, possess a suite of advanced sensors that help it navigate through and around furniture, as well as across different room thresholds. Just don’t expect it to remember the layout from one session to the next.
What are common complaints about the Roomba 694?
Users often report that the Roomba 694 can miss spots due to its random travel patterns, and it may struggle to find its way back to the charging base occasionally. Some mention frustration with its tendency to get stuck on elevated transitions or clutter. Others wish for a handle for easier transport, a feature previous models had that this one lacks.
Is the Roomba 694 suitable for homes with pets?
Indeed, the Roomba 694 is quite adept at picking up pet hair on various surfaces. Daily runs especially help manage the shedding from cats and dogs. Although it’s not perfect and may miss some spots, the consensus is that it greatly reduces the amount of pet hair accumulating on your floors.
How does the battery life of the Roomba 694 hold up during cleaning cycles?
Based on our use, the battery life is pretty solid. It runs up to a claimed 90 minutes before automatically docking to recharge, which should be sufficient for small to medium-sized homes. Keep in mind, longer or more complex cleaning tasks may require a mid-session charge.
What maintenance is required for the Roomba 694?
Maintaining the Roomba 694 is straightforward but essential for optimal performance. Regularly emptying the bin is a must, and depending on use, filter cleaning and replacement are also necessary. The brushes will require detangling from hair and debris, with the front caster wheel needing periodic attention to prevent jamming. Simple, routine check-ups will keep your little helper running efficiently.

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