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Keeping Your Dog Cool Matters

Keeping your dog cool might prove quite challenging in the summer heat. But your dog’s health and indeed, his very life, depends on it. Just as people may suffer heat stroke, so too can dogs. But how do you keep your beloved pet cool and still have fun with him in the summer?

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Your dog’s comfort remains part of your responsibility as a pet owner. Take note that, like people, our canine companions are susceptible to heat issues too. Pooches can feel hot, sweat a lot, and even suffer from heat-related illnesses. So knowing how to make your furry friend lose heat makes a difference.

Overheated dogs can have heat exhaustion, stroke, and even sudden death. The truth is that they are more sensitive to heat than humans. So, in doing something about the warmth or how your dog responds to heat, you make an effort to save your dog’s life. Besides, in most cases, it isn’t that hard to deal with high temperatures nowadays. Thus keeping dogs cool in summer is very achievable.

dogs keeping it cool

Keeping Your Dog Cool Fast

It matters to take swift action against canine hyperthermia. After all, dropping a pooch’s temperature can not only make it feel more comfortable but keep it well. The consequences of overheating from prolonged exposure to high temperatures can be devastating. Thus acting fast to help dogs feel lukewarm or low temperatures helps a lot.

keeping your dog cool

Here are some techniques that usually help owners stop feverish temperatures in dogs. Pet parents can use these simple methods to get canines away from intense heat or at least fight it. These are useful to apply when symptoms of overheating are present or before they occur. As a pet owner, you must know how to cool your dog down. Thus it’s a responsibility to become informed about these things.

7 Strategies To Help Dogs Lose Heat

1. Transfer Your Pet Pooch Somewhere Colder.

Keep in mind that shade is you and your pet’s friend on those sweltering hot sunny days. But even shady areas might be too hot at times.

More often than not, relocating your four-legged pal gets the job done. Sometimes, certain spots are very hot and can be quite dangerous to canines. Transfer them to spaces where the air and ground are cooler. Doing so could allow you to get their body temperature lower. You can try going inside your house, air-conditioned buildings, or cool forested spots. Pick somewhere that is comfortable for your buddy. Also, select a good spot that can provide adequate cooling. So have these ready long before summer comes.

2. Encourage Drinking Water.

This would be to quench its thirst and promote hydration. Water is one of the best means of keeping your dog cool. After all, it counters the heat that an animal feels within. Consuming chilled water may help get regulate body heat. The liquid replenishes lost fluids from sweating and provides low temperatures for comfort. Thus it pays to have cold water ready in the refrigerator for dog canine consumption.

make dogs chill with water

3. Get Their Coat Sprayed or Soaked with Lukewarm or Cold Water.

Usually, doing this provides dogs with immediate cooling. Such a method can get extreme heat to leave an animal’s body. It’s only that, when spraying or soaking dogs, you shouldn’t use freezing water. Also, try to get the attention of your pet first and be gentle while you’re at it. Putting ice-cold temperature without warning on your furry friend may surprise it. So be considerate and think about temperature transition too.

You can even take your furry companion swimming. For this, options to find the nearest pool are available. Look for the closest pond or have an outdoor pool set up. Besides, wading in the water with your buddy can also be quite fun. Plus, it allows for doing some exercise. In that way, it’s very practical.

4. Feed your buddy cold or frozen treats. If not that, turn its toy chilly and hand it over.

This works in the same way as giving chilled water, on keeping your dog cool. This method helps cool canines by introducing cold temperatures to them. When they would eat or chew on cold or even freezing things, their oral cavities get cooler. Since pooches regulate their body temperature by panting, it makes sense to do this. Providing items to cool their tongues can already help a lot in reducing the warmth of their bodies. So have some frozen treats ready.

ice chips for pooches

You may try freezing the fruits they like and even peanut butter. That is instead of giving ice cream. It’s only because dairy products and sweeteners might cause gastric upset and allergies. Thus be careful when giving your canines things to eat.

5. Keeping Your Dog Cool By Blowing Air On It Works Too.

Putting an electric fan or bringing it to where an air-conditioner is may help make it feel better. Air contributes to lowering the temperature of dogs, even if it’s an external way of cooling. Using a hand fan is also helpful in keeping dogs cool in summer. Either method works in lowering the temperature by dispersing the surrounding air. Also, they help make sweat evaporate faster. In that way, homes with pets should have any of these things to keep canines comfortable and safe from the heat.

6. Apply A Cold Compress or A Freezing Pack.

Having ice packs inside of your refrigerator can help a lot since they are perfect for cooling. They are so useful that they are even effective when it comes to treating fever in dogs. It’s because intense cold may lower high temperatures fast. Science dictates that warmth flows from hot to cold items. So an ice pack can help to reach thermal equilibrium or achieve normal temperature.

Applying a cold compress behind a dog’s elbow and its thighs may help in keeping your dog cool. Other areas where low temperature can help in cooling are the neck, coat, and paws. Try to feel which of these spots are warmest and focus on them first. Doing so could let you handle fever, stroke, and other heat-related health issues in dogs well.

7. Keep Your Buddy Indoors For A While.

Putting your canine companion indoors is how to cool your dog down fast. It’s effective since, in most cases, the floors of houses are way colder than the ground outside. Plus, when inside a house, it’s less bright and the only part of the sun’s rays can get in. Thus, as much as possible, prepare a place where your furry friend could stay for a while when indoors. There’s no telling when dogs will experience overheating and heat waves occur.

If possible, prepare an area where the floor is often cold. Pooches often want to lie down there to get their paws and bellies relaxed and cooled.

Why Keeping Dogs Cool In Summer Is Vital

Canines feel the temperature in the same way as humans do. Yet, as pieces of evidence suggest, they often tend to sense warmth and intense heat more. Looking at our furry pals, it’s easy to see that their noses are smaller and their mouths are longer and wider. It’s safe to assume, because of these, the flow of air in them is lesser too. Thus they don’t cool down as fast as we do.

Many times, dogs get preoccupied with unimportant things. Despite the intense heat, they still think about playing. Although they do take care of themselves, canines sometimes forget to do so. As pet owners, it is our responsibility to look after our pooches.

When Keeping Your Dog Cool Is Necessary

Don’t wait for a great heat wave to come before you do something about your dog’s temperature. Heat exhaustion can cause different kinds of manifestations in canines. More often than not, they become worse when left unattended. So take action and know how to cool your dog down.

Usually, you will know when your four-legged pal is experiencing overheating. Here are the typical symptoms of heat exhaustion or stroke in dogs. Not all manifest at once but different indications often occur together.

Symptoms Of Overheating Pooches

  • Seizures.
  • Exhausted or fearful facial expression.
  • Excessive drooling and panting.
  • Redness or purple-colored tongue and/or gums.
  • Vomiting.
  • Weakness.
  • Fast heartbeat.
  • Coat and skin very warm to touch.
  • Collapse.

Read about these things to get the specifics. It’s that or you consult with a professional veterinarian for help. It pays to know when and how these things occur so that it’s easy to take immediate action when needed.

In Conclusion

Keeping your dog cool is imperative and possible with a few easy steps. Our canine friends can overheat fast so it’s vital to be swift in taking these measures when the need arises. With these tips, you could address problems plus provide comfort and safety to dogs. It only takes a bit of preparation on your part to be ready and quick-thinking when it’s time to act. So make an effort to learn these early before canine and heat-related issues surface.

Have you tried any of these steps? Which ones would you recommend? Let us know in the comments below. For you and your buddy, stay cool and safe.


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