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If you own pets, you know the struggle of keeping fur under control. We’ve been testing out the Neabot Neakasa P1 Pro Pet Grooming Kit, and it’s quite the game-changer. As pet owners, the promise of vacuuming up 99% of pet hairs while grooming intrigued us. And let us tell you, the results have been nothing short of impressive. Read on to learn what the Neabot Neakasa P1 Pro offers!

Neabot Neakasa P1 Pro Review:
Top Choice for Pet Owners?

We found the grooming kit quite adept at handling pet fur. The vacuum suction feature means less cleaning up after a grooming session since most hair ends up in the vacuum rather than on the floor. We also appreciated how the low-noise design didn’t startle our pets as much as other clippers have in the past.

With various attachments, including brushes and combs, customization is at our fingertips for different coat types and lengths. While grooming, we could switch easily between tools. This makes it a versatile choice for our diverse furry family members. However, we did notice that some pets might need time to adjust to the vacuuming sound despite its quieter operation.

Neabot Neakasa P1 Pro Review

Bottom Line

The Neabot Neakasa P1 Pro is a solid pick for a multi-purpose grooming solution. It simplifies pet grooming with its vacuum function and a plethora of grooming tools.

The noise level, adjustable combs, and easy cleanup add to its appeal. Whether you’re a seasoned pet owner or new to pet grooming, you might find this kit makes your life a lot easier.

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Overview of Neabot Neakasa P1 Pro
Pet Grooming Kit & Vacuum

If you’re tired of pet hair littered throughout your home, the P1 Pro could be a game-changer in your cleaning routine. This kit has a vacuum feature that impressively captures 99% of hair during grooming sessions. It drastically reduces the need for clean-up post-grooming. We found the brushes and guide combs perfect for handling various hair lengths and types, streamlining the grooming process for pets of all sizes.


Overview of Neabot Neakasa P1 Pro Pet Grooming Kit & Vacuum

Using the electric clipper was a breeze thanks to its high-quality cutting performance. We particularly liked the adjustable trimming combs that transitioned smoothly for different grooming needs. A notable benefit was the low-noise design. It significantly eased the stress on our pets, who typically shy away from loud clippers. After the grooming session, the area was clean, and the pets were left with a professional-looking trim.

We appreciate the after-sales support provided by Neabot. A year’s warranty and a 45-day return policy give a sense of security with the purchase. Nonetheless, despite being low compared to other models, we noticed that the noise might still be an adjustment for more sensitive pets. Remember, every pet’s sensitivity to noise can vary. What’s quiet to one may not be to another. Our experience suggests that the P1 Pro is efficient, convenient, and a solid investment for keeping your pets looking and feeling their best.

All-in-One Professional Grooming

Regarding managing pet fur and ensuring our furry friends look their best, we’ve encountered various tools and kits, but the Neabot Neakasa P1 Pro offers a comprehensive solution. It includes a delicate grooming brush on the top coat, promoting healthier skin, and an effective de-shedding brush. It initially finds the vacuum noise unsettling without harshness. The electric clipper cuts through the fur with precision. The varying guard comb lengths (3-24mm) provide flexibility for different hair lengths.


While traditional grooming often leaves pet hair strewn across furniture and floors, this vacuumable grooming kit significantly reduces cleanup by capturing 99% of pet hair as we groom. This feature alone stands out, saving us from the inevitable post-grooming sweep-up.

Are you worried about scaring your pet with loud noises? The low noise design of the P1 Pro eases this concern, making grooming less stressful for pets that are sensitive to sound. However, it’s essential to gradually acquaint them with the tool, especially the vacuum function, to keep grooming sessions pleasant.

Post-purchase support is reassuring, with a 1-year warranty and customer service available for concerns. Despite its innovative features, remember that some pets may initially find the vacuum noise unsettling. It may take some time for them to adjust. This grooming kit is a game-changer for us, streamlining the grooming process and keeping our homes fur-free.

Vacuumable Pet Grooming Kit

Lately, we’ve had the chance to use the Neakasa P1 Pro and are keen on the tidy grooming experience it provides. What stands out is the vacuum function that sucks in an impressive amount of loose fur during grooming sessions. We’ve found that after using the trimming tools, there’s minimal cleanup needed, as most of the hair ends up in the vacuum container instead of our floors.


Vacuumable Pet Grooming Kit

The grooming tools, including the brushes and clippers, are gentle on pets’ coats, and switching between the guard combs is straightforward. This makes it easy to handle hair of different lengths. The low noise design is a thoughtful feature. It’s been easier to keep our furry friends calm throughout grooming.

It’s also worth noting that customer service is accommodating, and with the warranty and return options provided, there’s an added peace of mind when making the purchase. However, some pets might take time to get used to the vacuum noise. So a gradual introduction might be necessary. Overall, our sessions with the Neakasa P1 Pro have been pleasantly mess-free, reducing what was once a chore into a more straightforward, more efficient task.

Comfortable Guard Comb

In our use of the Neakasa P1 Pro’s grooming kit, including five adjustable guard combs is a standout feature. These combs come in various lengths (3mm, 6mm, 12mm, 18mm, and 24mm). This makes it versatile for trimming pet hair of different lengths. Our firsthand experience has shown that changing out the guard combs is straightforward, enhancing our grooming workflow seamlessly. The combs are remarkably comfortable for the pet. They glide through different hair types without pulling or snagging, critical for maintaining a stress-free grooming session.


Comfortable Guard Comb

That said, we did note that more than the most extended comb might be required for pets with particularly dense or long hair, who could require more length options. Nonetheless, this range should cover the grooming needs of most pets. This ensures a neat trim without getting too close to the skin. These guard combs’ comfort and ease of use contribute positively to the grooming experience for us and our pets.

Low Noise Design

Our experience with the P1 Pro grooming kit was pleasantly quiet. As pet owners, we understand that the buzzing and whirring of clippers can be stressful for our furry friends. The P1 Pro addresses this concern with its low-noise operation, which keeps pets calm during grooming.


Low Noise Design

While using this kit, it’s noticeable how the design consideration has led to a comfortable sound level, likely below what most pets would find distressing. Treating pets with snacks, as recommended, also helps mitigate any stress from the vacuum’s noise. This thoughtful approach ensures a more enjoyable grooming experience for both pet and owner. However, it’s crucial to remember that the sound might still be initially unfamiliar to more anxious pets.

The result is a more peaceful and less nerve-racking session. Whether dealing with a skittish cat or an easily spooked dog, the P1 Pro significantly affects how pets perceive grooming time. While the low noise feature is practical, it’s important to gradually get your pet accustomed to the kit for the best results.

Pros and Cons

After spending some quality time with the Neabot Neakasa P1 Pro Pet Grooming Kit, we’ve gathered some insights to share. This kit is designed to make pet grooming at home a smoother and cleaner process.

Pros and Cons
  • All-in-One Convenience – The inclusion of five different grooming tools allows us to handle various grooming needs with a single kit. We can switch from brushing to trimming without reaching for another device.
  • Vacuum Functionality – One of the standout features is the vacuum suction which claims to collect an impressive 99% of pet hair. This function frees our homes from hair during grooming sessions, a real plus for cleanliness.
  • Adjustable Trimming Options – The grooming kit comes with five guard combs, allowing us to trim pet hair of different lengths with ease.
  • Considerate for Pets – Designed with a low noise output, it helps to keep our pets calm during grooming. Our experience shows pets are less intimidated compared to other noisier trimmers.
  • Reliable Customer Support – The product is backed by a 1-year warranty and 45-day no-worry return policy, offering us an extra layer of assurance on its quality and after-sales support.
  • Noise Sensitivity – Despite the low noise design, some pets can still be skittish around the device, especially during the initial uses. It may take some time and patience for pets to get accustomed to the sound.
  • Learning Curve – There is a bit of a learning curve for those new to home grooming. Getting proficient with the various attachments and functionalities to fully leverage the grooming kit might take a couple of tries.
  • Bulkiness – Although highly functional, the unit can feel somewhat bulky in hand during extended grooming sessions, potentially causing fatigue.
  • Potential Overwhelm with Attachments – With several combs and nozzles, users may initially feel overwhelmed. Keeping track of the different parts and their uses might be a minor inconvenience until we get used to the kit.

By considering these aspects, pet owners can decide whether the Neabot Neakasa P1 Pro Pet Grooming Kit meets their needs and expectations for keeping their pets well-groomed and their homes hair-free.

After-Sales Service

In our experience with the Neabot Pet Grooming Kit, customer support was attentive. We got prompt and helpful assistance after talking with their team about a minor question. This gives us the impression that the brand values customer satisfaction. The assurance of backing from a responsive support team alleviates some concerns about troubleshooting or using the product effectively.

Notably, some users reported a minor noise issue over time, which they discussed in their reviews. However, the brand’s customer service quickly addressed these concerns and provided solutions efficiently. Based on our findings, the after-sales experience is an aspect where Neabot stands firm. This shows dedication to maintaining their product’s reputation and users’ happiness.

While after-sales service may not be the first thing you think of when purchasing a grooming kit, it can become crucial if and when needed. Knowing that a reliable support system is in place gives us more confidence in recommending the Neabot Pet Grooming Kit to potential buyers.

Customer Reviews

In our experience with the Neakasa P1 Pro, we were struck by how this grooming kit simplifies pet grooming. Based on what we’ve seen from ample customer feedback, this sentiment is widely shared. Pet owners commend the product’s effective vacuum suction, which catches a staggering 99% of pet hair. Many echo that it’s an indispensable tool, especially those with double-coated breeds that found it drastically reduced shedding around the house.

Some customers pointed out that the variety of tools included made grooming sessions quicker and more comfortable for their pets, whether they’re using it on their cats or dogs. We noticed that even those with nervous pets found that the low noise levels helped their furry friends stay calm during grooming.

Though the majority of feedback is positive, a few users did mention the sound can be a bit loud for their more skittish pets, and it took some time for them to adjust. Another consistent highlight among users is the significant savings from no longer needing professional grooming services, a clear win for your wallet.

All in all, our experience aligns with these reviews. The kit benefits from substantial savings and offers a grooming experience at home that rivals that of professional services. Whether you’re dealing with tufts of pet hair or challenging grooming sessions, this tool has proven its mettle in easily managing our furry friends’ coats.

Should You Buy The Neabot Neakasa P1 Pro?

After thorough use, we’ve found the Neabot P1 Pro Kit an excellent addition to any pet owner’s grooming arsenal. Its impressive vacuum suction captures 99% of pet hair, considerably reducing post-grooming cleanup. It’s particularly effective for those with multiple pets, including breeds with demanding coat textures. The included attachments adapt well to different grooming needs, comfortably catering to both long and short-haired cats and dogs.


Should You Buy The Neabot Neakasa P1 Pro

Despite its many positive points, some pets may be sensitive to noise levels, although most acclimate in time. The low noise setting provides a calmer experience, a thoughtful feature. A few users have mentioned the noise being an issue, but this seems to be a minor setback when weighed against the benefits.

In our experience, the Neabot P1 Pro Kit is a cost-effective choice, given its professional-grade results and the savings on pet grooming bills. This grooming kit’s convenience, efficiency, and overall performance make it an intelligent purchase for pet lovers looking for a clean and comfortable home environment.


What are the noise levels like on the Neabot Neakasa P1 Pro when grooming pets?

The noise level of the P1 Pro is designed to be low, addressing the common concern of pets being frightened by loud grooming devices. We found that the device operates relatively quietly during our use, especially on the low setting. It’s essential to acclimate pets to the noise gradually, perhaps by treating them with snacks as you introduce the P1 Pro into your grooming routine.

Is the Neabot Neakasa P1 Pro effective in vacuuming pet hair during grooming sessions?

Our experience with the P1 Pro’s vacuuming capabilities is quite positive. The vacuum function is robust, sucking up an impressive 99% of pet hair, according to the brand. This feature significantly minimizes the mess usually associated with at-home pet grooming. After grooming our pets with the P1 Pro, there was hardly any stray hair left on the floors or furniture.

How do the Neabot Neakasa P1 Pro and P2 models compare in terms of pet grooming?

Currently, we’re focusing on the P1 Pro model, which has made our grooming sessions straightforward and tidy due to its all-in-one grooming and vacuum system. Although we cannot provide a direct comparison without testing the P2 model, the P1 Pro has a set of specifications and tools that cater to various grooming needs and appears to be a comprehensive solution.

What key features set the Neabot Neakasa P1 Pro apart from other pet grooming vacuum kits?

Among its standout features is the all-in-one grooming approach. With attachments like grooming and de-shedding brushes, electric clippers, nozzle heads, and a cleaning brush, we’ve encountered unparalleled convenience. Additionally, the P1 Pro’s low-noise design and the collection of adjustable trimming combs enhance the versatility and comfort for both pets and owners during grooming.

Can the Neabot Neakasa P1 Pro be considered one of the best pet grooming tools?

We could argue that the P1 Pro ranks highly among pet grooming tools in assessing its effectiveness, user-friendly design, and integration of vacuuming and grooming. Its performance has been impressive in our use, handling pet hair efficiently and maintaining a relatively clean grooming environment.

What should one look for when choosing a vacuum attachment for dog deshedding?

When selecting a vacuum attachment for dog deshedding, consider the ease of attachment/detachment, hair length adjustability, comfort, and noise level. Also, evaluate how well it collects hair and whether it is compatible with your vacuum cleaner. The P1 Pro’s attachments tick these boxes, with the added benefit of being part of a versatile grooming kit.

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