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A Survey conducted by AKC found that nearly 80% of American pets are allowed on the furniture, including beds. While many jump on and off freely, others, especially older pets, benefit from a ramp or stairs, such as the Pawque Pet Steps.

Pawque Pet Steps Review:  4-Step Solution for Our Pets


When my older dogs began having trouble jumping on the couch and bed, I looked for a safe solution. Yes, our pets sit with us on our furniture and sleep in the bed. They are family. But just as I would not let my Grandmother jump from the back of the pickup truck, I didn’t want my older dogs jumping and getting hurt, either.


At first, our older Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Annie, needed a safe way to get on and off the couch. Annie moves slower these days but still enjoys sitting with us on the sofa.


And she still sleeps with her boy (my son) every night. So, one set of stairs by his bed, two in the living room, and Annie is safe and happy.


We recently added another of these steps to my bedroom. My American Eskimo, Marshmallow, refuses to admit her age, but it shows in her jumping on and off the furniture.


I was happy to see that all of our dogs use the steps most of the time. Some, like Lyra, show that puppy enthusiasm as she runs up and down the steps. Others, like Annie, walk more slowly and deliberately.


The Pawque Dog Steps


Are you looking for a convenient way to help your small or old furry friends reach their favorite lounging spots? We recently tried out the Pawque Dog Stairs and were quite impressed with their functionality and design. These 4-step stairs are perfect for pets needing assistance getting up onto beds or couches no higher than 24 inches.


The stairs are safety-tested, boasting high-density foam with high-strength boards, ensuring they won’t deform or collapse under your pet’s weight. In fact, they can support pets weighing up to 60lbs. Additionally, the anti-skid base keeps them firmly in place to prevent any slips or falls.




The removable and machine-washable cover is a standout feature, making it easy to keep the stairs clean and fresh. Simply unzip the cover, wash, and put it back on.


The foldable design also offers portability, allowing you to move the stairs or take them along on trips effortlessly. The handle makes it a breeze to carry, and they can even double as a cozy pet bed when away from home.


Bottom Line


If you want to provide your small pets with a safe and comfortable way to reach high spots, the Pawque Dog Stairs are an excellent choice.


Offering durability, safety features, and easy maintenance, these stairs are perfect for pet owners who prioritize the well-being of their furry companions.


Don’t wait! Check out the Pawque Dog Stairs today and make your pet’s life easier.

Dog Stairs and Steps Overview


As pet owners, we know the struggle of helping our small or elderly furry friends access high beds and couches. That’s where Pawque Dog Stairs & Steps come in handy!


These 4-step stairs are 18″ high – perfect for reaching most furniture heights. Designed with shock-absorbing foam and high-strength boards, they provide a stable, safe climbing experience for small and medium-sized pets up to 60 pounds.


We love the non-slip removable washable cover, making cleaning effortless. Just unzip, wash, and zip back on.


Portability is a breeze too, thanks to their foldable design and carrying handle. You can even use them as a cozy dog bed on-the-go!


Unfortunately, this product might not be suitable for larger dogs. For the larger pets, we recommend either the Pet Gear Easy Step 2 or Pet Gear Easy Step 2, extra-wide. These accommodate heavier-weight pets but have a higher distance between steps, so they might be less beneficial for small dogs.


Overall, Pawque has delivered a reliable, versatile, and convenient solution for our small, medium, and aging pets to navigate furniture with ease.


Benefits of Pawque Pet Steps for High Bed,  Couch, or Chair


Pawque Pet Steps



We use the Pawque Pet Steps in our living rooms and bedrooms. They offer several advantages for small pets like cats and dogs.


Firstly, these steps allowed pets to easily access high furniture (up to 24 inches), allowing for more bonding time. The 4-step design is perfect for most beds and sofas.


Safety is a top priority, and these steps are constructed with high-density boards beneath foam, ensuring they won’t collapse or deform. The anti-skid base also helps prevent any slips or falls.


However, it’s important to note that these steps may not suit large dogs. My son’s over 65-pound basset hound doesn’t seem to understand that. In fact, she uses them throughout the day, and they stand up to even her large frame.


Note: The manufacturer suggests a weight limit of 60 pounds. Tula, the basset, refuses to admit her actual weight, so we let her use them. And it’s been fine.


Cleaning is a breeze with the removable, machine-washable cover. Just unzip it, wash it, and put it back on. It takes a little maneuvering to get it on and off, but it’s a one-person task that takes just a few minutes.


We also appreciate the foldable design and handle, which makes the steps easy to move, store, and travel with. They even double as a cozy bed for pets during trips.


While these stairs are designed for all cat sizes and light to medium-sized dogs, the maximum weight recommendation is 60 pounds, as I noted above. This makes them perfect for small and medium pets, especially those who are elderly or have mobility issues.


The Pawque Pet Steps provide ease, safety, and convenience for pet owners and their furry companions. We started with two and quickly added a third. We recently added a fourth to accommodate my Eskie, Marshmallow, in my bedroom.


Safety Features



As users of the Pawque Dog Stairs, we appreciate the emphasis on safety for our furry friends. These stairs are constructed with high-density boards beneath the foam, ensuring the structure won’t deform or collapse when pets use them. Additionally, the anti-skid base helps prevent any slips or accidents on the floor.


Designed for small pets and not suitable for large dogs, the stairs can support up to 60 lbs. The removable and machine-washable cover makes cleaning a breeze. All you have to do is unzip, wash, and slip it back on.


Pawque Dog Stairs are also foldable, allowing easy transport and storage and convenient for on-the-go pet owners. In summary, the safety features of Pawque Dog Stairs provide a secure stepping experience and make it easier for pets to access high furniture without putting them at risk of injury.


Easy Maintenance and Portability


Pawque Pet Steps


We found these Pawque Pet Steps incredibly easy to maintain and portable to move around. With a removable and machine-washable cover, keeping them clean is a breeze.


Just strip off the cover, toss it in the wash, then zip it back on – good as new! No need to worry about washing the foams and boards.


The foldable design adds to the portability of these pet steps. Carrying them from room to room or taking them on the go is a hassle-free experience, thanks to the built-in handle. Plus, when folded, they can even double as a cozy dog bed while away from home.


Despite their lightweight, these steps were surprisingly solid, with high-density boards beneath the foam, making them safe and sturdy for our small and medium-sized pets. We didn’t encounter any issues with deformation or collapsing, and the anti-skid base provided a nice grip, preventing any falls. However, remember that these steps are unsuitable for larger dogs or pets weighing over 60 lbs.


Overall, we appreciated the easy maintenance and portability of these Pawque Pet Steps, making them a practical and comfortable solution for our pets to reach higher places.


Versatility and Weight Load




Our experience with the Pawque Dog Stairs & Steps found them to be versatile and suitable for small to medium-sized pets, especially cats and dogs. The 4-Step design can withstand a maximum weight recommendation of 60 pounds, making it a reliable choice for a range of pet sizes. The 18” height provides adequate support for pets to climb onto high beds or couches easily.


The stairs are constructed from shock-absorbing foam and high-strength boards, ensuring both comfort and safety for your pets. The non-slip, removable, and washable cover adds a layer of security, preventing any potential accidents. Additionally, the grey-striped corduroy design complements various home aesthetics.


Despite its versatility, we suggest considering your pets’ intended purpose and specific needs, as larger animals may require a sturdier option. However, for small to medium-sized pets, these steps are a great investment for their safety and comfort in navigating higher surfaces.


Pros and Cons




  • Comfortable Access for Small Pets: Ideal for small dogs and cats to climb onto high beds and couches.
  • 4-Step Design: Aligns well with most furniture, suitable for beds or sofas up to 24 inches high.
  • Durable and Stable Construction: Made with high-density boards and quality foam.
  • Safety-Tested: Designed to endure small pets’ activities without deforming or collapsing.
  • Anti-Skid Base: Provides a stable grip on the floor, preventing falls.
  • Removable and Washable Cover: Easy to clean, maintaining hygiene and appearance.
  • Foldable with Handle: Enhances portability and can be used as a pet bed during travel.




  • Not Suitable for Large Dogs: Only appropriate for small pets, not for those over 60 lbs.
  • Weight Limit Consideration: May not withstand heavier pets.
  • Narrow Steps for Some Pets: Difficult for older, half-blind, or arthritic dogs to use.
  • Challenging for Certain Pets: Steps may not be effective for all small pet types.
  • Cover Stitching Issue: One user reported insufficient room for board insert due to stitching.
  • Specific Use Case: Best suited for small pets without mobility issues.


Customer Reviews


We’ve gathered and summarized the customer reviews of Pawque Dog Stairs & Steps, a product designed for small dogs and cats to climb onto high beds and couches. Overall, the product has a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars from 778 reviews.Users appreciate the strong lining with a darker color and the cover’s removable zippers for easy washing. Many found that their senior cats and small dogs benefited from the product, especially when they struggled with jumping around. One reviewer’s 17-year-old cat was even encouraged to use the stairs with the help of some treats!


However, some reviewers had issues with the size of the steps, particularly when accommodating an old or arthritic dog who needed large or wider steps for comfort and safety.


These compact pet steps are praised for fitting well in front of couches without occupying too much space, and the added boards provide extra stability to the stairs. Buyers have reported fast delivery and good customer service from the seller. Most users are pleased with both the functionality and appearance of the Pawque Dog Stairs & Steps, as they serve their purpose well without clashing with their interior décor.


We Highly Recommend the Pawque Dog Steps


In our experience, the Pawque 4-Step Dog Stairs provide a convenient and practical solution for small pets who need assistance getting onto high beds or couches. The 18” high design aligns well with most furniture, providing reachable comforts for our little furry friends. The high-density boards and quality foam ensure the stairs are solid, safe, and durable, without any deformation or collapsing.


We appreciate the removable and machine-washable cover, which makes cleaning a breeze. The foldable design and handle make it portable and can serve as a cozy dog bed during travels. However, these stairs might not be suitable for larger dogs or pets with severe mobility issues, as the steps can be narrow.


Overall, the Pawque 4-Step Dog Stairs have won us over for their portability, convenience, and durability, ensuring the safety and comfort of our small pets while enhancing our quality time together.


Frequently Asked Questions


Are Pawque Pet Steps safe for dogs?


Yes, Pawque Pet Steps are designed with safety in mind. They are made of solid, high-density foam with supportive, high-strength boards that won’t deform or collapse under the weight of small to medium-sized pets.


The anti-skid base ensures a secure grip on the floor, preventing slips and falls. Note that these steps are best suited for small pets and are not recommended for larger dogs.


What are the benefits of using Pawque Pet Steps?


Pawque Pet Steps provides several benefits for both pet owners and their furry companions:


  1. Accessibility: They help small or elderly dogs and cats reach high beds or couches, making spending quality cuddle time with their owners easier.
  2. Safety: The sturdy, shock-absorbing foam and high-strength boards offer a safe and stable climbing experience, reducing the risk of injuries from jumping off furniture.
  3. Convenience: The removable and machine-washable cover makes cleaning easy, while the foldable design and built-in handle allow for effortless portability and storage.


How do Pawque Pet Steps compare to ramps?


While both pet steps and ramps serve the same purpose (helping pets reach high furniture), they differ.


  • Space: Pawque Pet Steps have a compact design, taking up less floor space than ramps. The foldable feature allows for easy storage when not in use.
  • Comfort: Steps typically offer a more natural climbing experience for pets, allowing them to use their instinctive stepping motion as opposed to the inclined plane of a ramp.
  • Aesthetics: Pawque Pet Steps come in an attractive grey-striped corduroy design that can blend well with most home decor styles.


However, ramps may be preferable for pets with joint issues or mobility limitations, as they provide a more gradual incline that puts less stress on their joints.


Do Pawque Pet Steps work well for dachshunds and other longer dogs?


Dogs that are longer with short legs, such as dachshunds and bassets, often need ramps or stairs to help prevent back and neck problems. As mentioned above, our basset loves these steps. In fact, she won’t try to get on the furniture without them.


So yes, Pawque Pet Steps work well for dachshunds and other small dog breeds. The compact design with four steps allows dachshunds to climb on and off high furniture easily without causing strain on their long backs. The maximum weight recommendation for these pet steps is 60 pounds, making them suitable for dachshunds and other small to medium-sized pets.


What are customers saying about Pawque Pet Steps on YouTube?


While we could not find specific YouTube reviews, customer reviews on Amazon are generally positive. Users appreciate the sturdy construction, ease of cleaning, and lightweight, foldable design for storage and transportation.


Some customers noted that their pets took a while to get used to the steps, but after some encouragement, most pets adapted well to using them. It’s important to note that these steps may not be suitable for elderly or disabled pets with severe mobility issues or for larger dog breeds.


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