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You know how certain songs can work like magic to calm us down when things get stressful, right? Well, here’s a curious thought: Can music have the same soothing effect on our furry friends, our dogs? Is there any music to calm dogs?


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And if it does, what kind of tunes are calming music for dogs? Can a particular melody help your pup stay calm when there’s a racket like construction, thunder, fireworks, or even when they’re chilling solo at home? Well, let’s dive in and discover if there is calming music for dogs.

Can You Use Soothing Music to Calm Dogs?

While there has been a manageable amount of research in this area, there’s a growing body of evidence suggesting that music can significantly promote relaxation in dogs.


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Dr. Susan Wagner, a respected veterinary neurologist and co-author of the book “Through a Dogโ€™s Ear: Using Sound to Improve the Health and Behavior of Your Canine Companion,” emphasizes that the everyday cacophony in the average American household can profoundly impact the health and well-being of our beloved pets.

According to Dr. Wagner, these environmental stressors can be mitigated by leveraging the power of certain types of music that have shown a consistent ability to induce relaxation in dogs, as indicated by previous studies. The harmony of these tunes can counteract the adverse effects of noise pollution on our canine companions, enhancing their overall quality of life.

Types of Calming Music for Dogs

Did you know they’ve done some pretty cool studies about music and dogs? In 2002, Dr. Deborah Wells found that classical music was like a lullaby for our furry pals. Unlike heavy metal or pop music, it made them relax, sit, and stay quiet.


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Then, in 2005, Dr. Susan Wagner discovered something even better. Slow piano tunes were like a magic potion for calming dogs down, incredibly when anxious.

In 2012, Dr. Lori Kogan looked at dogs in a kennel. She saw that classical music made them sleepy and quiet, while other music or no music didn’t have the same effect.

And in 2017, they found that soft rock and reggae music were like a spa day for dogs. It made them super relaxed and way less stressed. So, music can work wonders for our four-legged friends.

Suggestion for Relaxing Music for Dogs

Want to pamper your pup with some relaxing tunes? Well, here’s your playlist:

Preventive Vet on Spotify

Follow Preventive Vet on Spotify to access their pet-friendly playlists. They’re like your dog’s personal DJ.

Pet Acoustics Pet Tunes

This cool gadget is like a musical gift for your dog. It plays 90 minutes of soothing sounds made just for dogs. It’s like a mini concert in their world.

Canine Lullabies and Through a Dogโ€™s Ear

These are famous music collections that lots of dog owners love. They’re the canine equivalent of a lullaby.


Just hop on YouTube and search for “relaxing dog music.” You’ll find some top videos that can help your dog chill out.

Calming Music Apps

There are even apps designed especially for doggy relaxation music. You can easily get them on your phone or tablet.

Remember, some music is created specifically for dogs with frequencies that only they can hear. While every dog might have their own taste, what seems to work best is music with a soothing tempo, simple tones, and a steady rhythm. So, hit play, and watch your furry friend unwind to the beat.

Right Time to Play Calming
Music for Dogs

Let’s talk about when to play the music button for relaxing and calming dog music. Your pup might really dig some soothing music in these situations:


music to calm dogs, right time to play calming music for dogs

First, if you’ve got a new furry addition to the family, music can help them settle into their new digs comfortably.

For those pups dealing with separation anxiety, music can be like a friendly hug when you leave them alone. Remember to play the same music when you’re hanging out with them so they don’t think it means “alone time.”

Music can make it cozier when your four-legged buddy is chilling in their crate or cozy corner.

And, if you’re hitting the road with your furry co-pilot, try playing some of their favorite jams from home. It can ease their travel jitters and make the journey more pleasant.

Playing Music To Your Dog During
Fireworks and Thunderstorms

How do you keep your furry friend cool when those scary sounds like fireworks and thunderstorms start? You know, they can make some dogs pretty nervous.

Here’s a cool trick: playing their favorite tunes can help them forget the big booms and stay mellow. It’s like their own little jam session to block out the noise.

Now, if you’ve got a pup or a dog that’s not scared of loud sounds yet, it’s wise to introduce them to these noises in a friendly way. This stops them from getting jitters later on. The best time to do it is when they’re pups, but you can give it a shot at any age.

If you want to make it super easy, dog trainer Victoria Stilwell and Through a Dog’s Ear have some memorable tunes with soft sounds of fireworks and stuff. It’s like music therapy for your pup. Plus, there’s an app called “Sound Proof Puppy App” that’s all about helping your pup get used to new sounds during their socializing time.

Now, here are a few tricks for playing music to keep your dog chill:


  • Start playing the music when they’re young. That way, it’s just a regular part of home life.


  • Keep the volume friendly and gentle. Remember, dogs hear things about four times better than us!


  • Experiment with different types of music to see what makes them the most relaxed.


  • And don’t just use music when you’re heading out. Play it when you’re at home, too, so they don’t think it means “Mom and Dad are leaving.” That can stress them out, and we want to avoid that.

Calming Music for Senior Dogs

Let’s tackle our furry pals as they get older. You see, just like us, their hearing can change over time. Those high-pitched sounds that didn’t bother them before might startle them as they age. And if they’re around loud noises often, it can make them stressed and anxious, which isn’t great for their health, especially in their senior years.


Calming Music for Dogs, senior dogs

Here’s a tip: you can play some music that’s a bit lower-pitched and doesn’t have those high, squeaky sounds. It’s like creating a calm and peaceful atmosphere for them. ICalmPet has even made a memorable soundtrack called “Elderly Canine” for older dogs with sensitive ears.

Another excellent idea is using a sound machine to create gentle background noise, like white noise. This can break your older dog’s nerves, especially if they’ve been in a noisy place. It’s all about ensuring their golden years are comfortable and calm.

Pairing Music with Relaxing Visual Stimulation

They’ve come up with something pretty cool โ€“ TV and videos made just for our dogs. These are getting super popular because they’re not just fun when working from home but also excellent for when your dog is home alone.

I usually leave DogTV on for my dogs when I need to run some errands for a few hours. It’s neat because I can choose between relaxing videos and owatching their live channel. The folks behind DogTV really know what makes dogs happy. You’ll see lots of blues and yellows on the screen because dogs totally dig those colors!

Seeing how technology improves our pets’ lives is incredible, and DogTV is a shining example. So, the next time you head out, think about leaving your pup with some doggy TV โ€“ it’s like a treat for them.

Let Your Dog Relax and Enjoy the Music

In conclusion, when it comes to the perfect music to calm your dog, it’s not just about background noise. It’s a way to connect with your furry friend on a whole new level. Music can remarkably bring comfort and peace to your pet, whether you’re playing specially crafted dog tunes, using sound machines, or soothing tracks.

Please pay attention to what your dog enjoys, try different music styles, and consider what makes them feel good. It’s like crafting a unique playlist to make your pup’s day.

As we learn more about our four-legged pals, one thing is crystal clear: the combination of music and your dog’s happiness is like a sweet serenade. So keep those tunes playing and savor the symphony of joy in your shared journey.


How does music help calm dogs?

Music with soothing melodies and frequencies can help relax a dog’s nervous system, reducing anxiety and stress.

What type of music is best for calming dogs?

Slow-tempo, classical, or specially designed dog-calming music often work best. However, individual preferences can vary.

Can music help during thunderstorms or fireworks?

Yes, playing calming music can provide comfort during thunderstorms, fireworks, and other loud events.

How loud should I play the music for my dog?

Keep the volume moderate, as dogs have sensitive hearing. It should be audible but not too loud.

Can puppies benefit from calming music?

Yes, playing calming music for puppies can help them adapt to different sounds and environments positively.

How do I know if my dog enjoys the music?

Observe your dog’s behavior. If they appear more relaxed, lie down, or stop whining, it’s a good sign they’re enjoying the music.

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