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Are you tired of dealing with your pet’s loose fur and tangled hair? We’ve been using the Ruff ‘N Ruffus Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush with NO-PAIN Bristles, and it’s a game changer.

This slicker brush gently removes loose undercoat, tangled hair, and reduces shedding by 95% for both cats and dogs. Plus, it comes with a pet nail clipper and comb included.


Ruff ‘N Ruffus Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush Review: A Fur Game-Changer?


The upgraded pain-free bristles with rubber tips make grooming easy and comfortable for your furry friend. Once you’re done, press the button to retract the bristles and watch the hair fall right off. The set also includes a 7.5″ steel comb that’s perfect for finishing, fluffing, and de-matting, making your pet look spiffy.


Ruff 'N Ruffus Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

Users have been raving about the quality of this grooming set, especially commenting on how easy it is to clean the brush. Some users have mentioned that having to hold the button down while grooming might be a bit inconvenient, but overall, this seems to be a minor concern. The brush, comb, and nail clippers also feature comfortable ergonomic handles, ensuring a pleasant grooming experience for both you and your pet.


Bottom Line


If you want to make grooming your pet easy and enjoyable while saving money by doing it at home, we highly recommend the Ruff ‘N Ruffus Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush set.


With its gentle rubber-tipped bristles, user-friendly design, and bonus nail clipper and comb, your pet will look and feel their best.


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Ruff ‘n Ruffus Product Overview



We recently tried the Ruff ‘n Ruffus Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush with NO-PAIN bristles for our pets and were quite impressed. This set, available in purple, comes with a slicker brush, pet nail clipper, and a 7.5″ comb, making grooming our cats and dogs more convenient at home.


The brush has upgraded soft rubber tips, making it pain-free for our furry friends. It’s ideal for all sizes and hair types, and cleaning it is quite simple. Just press the button, and the bristles retract, releasing the hair.


The sharp and durable nail clippers come with a safety stop, preventing us from cutting our pets’ nails too short. The ergonomic handle offers a comfortable grip.


As for the comb, it’s the perfect addition for finishing, fluffing, and de-matting our pets’ fur. We appreciate the confidence Ruff ‘n Ruffus has in their product by offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Although the products seem better suited for medium to large dogs, we found this grooming kit to be a great value for the price. However, we noticed that holding the button down while brushing can be challenging. Overall, it’s a practical and efficient grooming set for both cats and dogs.


Grooming Made Easy



We recently tried the Ruff ‘n Ruffus Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush and found that grooming our pets has never been easier. The set comes with essential grooming tools for both dogs and cats, including a slicker de-matting brush, pet nail clippers, and a 7.5-inch comb.


The slicker brush has upgraded, pain-free rubber bristles, ensuring a gentle yet effective grooming experience. The self-cleaning feature makes it a breeze to remove hair from the brush. Just press the button and watch the bristles retract!


We also appreciate the complimentary nail clippers in this set. The sharpness, durability, and safety stop truly make them stand out. The ergonomic handle adds comfort, too.


The 7.5-inch comb is perfect for finishing, fluffing, and de-matting, providing a great addition to any pet grooming supplies set.


Overall, the Ruff ‘n Ruffus grooming set makes it simple and affordable to maintain our furry friends’ appearance and hygiene at home. Just keep in mind that some users found the brush and comb bigger than expected, which might be more suitable for medium to large pets.


Upgraded Pain-Free Bristles


When grooming our pets with the Ruff ‘n Ruffus Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush, we’ve noticed that removing knots, dander, and loose hair has been so efficient, thanks to their upgraded pain-free bristles! These bristles have rubber tips, creating a gentler experience for both cats and dogs of all sizes and hair types.


What makes this slicker brush stand out is the self-cleaning mechanism. After brushing our pets, we press a button and watch the bristles retract, allowing the hair to fall right off, which makes cleaning up a breeze.


While grooming, we observed that our pets remained noticeably more relaxed and comfortable as the brush tackled even the toughest tangles painlessly. The Ruff ‘n Ruffus brush does a wonderful job without the need for any exaggerated claims. The at-home grooming experience becomes enjoyable for both pets and their owners, thanks to the thoughtful design and technology of those upgraded pain-free bristles.


Free Pet Nail Clippers


One of the great perks of the Ruff ‘n Ruffus Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush set is the inclusion of the free pet nail clippers. We found these clippers to be incredibly easy to use and efficient in safely trimming our pet’s nails.


The clippers feature sharp, durable stainless steel and a safety stop to prevent cutting nails too short. This ensures a painless and comfortable experience for our pets.


The ergonomic handle adds to the user’s comfort, making the process of trimming our furry buddies’ nails quite hassle-free. As a bonus, they work great on both cats and dogs of all sizes, making them a versatile addition to any pet grooming supplies collection.


With these nail clippers, spending extra on separate tools is unnecessary. We were genuinely pleased with the quality and utility of these pet nail clippers, and we highly recommend them as part of your at-home grooming ritual.


Included 7.5′ Comb



As we tried out the Ruff ‘N Ruffus Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush, we were delighted to find that it came with an extra 7.5’ comb. This additional comb is perfect for removing loose hair and handling tangles, especially after using the main slicker brush. It works great for both cats and dogs, making grooming sessions a breeze.


The comb is quite comfortable to hold due to its rubber handle, and its pleasant purple color matches the slicker brush. We found that it glides smoothly through the pet’s fur, and it’s able to reach both the undercoat and surface-level hairs.


We must note that while the comb does an excellent job detangling and removing loose hair, some extra care should be taken when handling pets with sensitive skin or those prone to anxiety during grooming. Overall, it’s an effective and useful addition to the Ruff ‘N Ruffus grooming kit.


Pros and Cons




  • No-Pain Bristles: Ensures a comfortable grooming process for pets.
  • Self-Cleaning Feature: Allows easy removal of pet hair from the brush.
  • Complete Grooming Set: Includes a slicker brush, heavy-duty pet nail clippers, and a 7.5″ steel comb.
  • Safety Stop on Nail Clippers: Prevents cutting nails too short.
  • High-Quality Clippers: Made of durable stainless steel with an ergonomic handle.




  • Button Operation Difficulty: Some users found it challenging to hold down the button to keep bristles extended during brushing.
  • Size Not Suitable for Smaller Pets: Comb, brush, and trimmers may be too large for smaller animals like small cats.
  • Potential Roughness on Skin: Brush may feel a bit rough, depending on the pet’s skin sensitivity.
  • Better for Larger Pets: More suitable for larger pets, may not be ideal for smaller-sized animals.


Customer Reviews and Experiences


As users of the Ruff ‘N Ruffus Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush, we have gathered some valuable insights about their experiences from fellow pet owners. Many of them praise the product quality and packaging. Although, some pointed out that the brush, comb, and trimmers seem to be better suited for medium to large dogs rather than smaller pets.The brush is a favorite among pet owners as it gently removes loose undercoats and tangled hair, significantly reducing shedding. The retractable bristles make it easy to clean and pack away. However, some people expressed the wish for a lock and release latch to hold the bristles in place while using it.


Most customers spoke positively about the brush’s effectiveness on their cats and dogs and noted that their pets loved being groomed with this product. There were a few concerns about the brush potentially being a bit rough on sensitive skin.


Lastly, pet owners appreciated the rubber or silicone grip on the grooming tools, ensuring comfort and a steady grip during the grooming process. The included nail clippers and comb prove to be useful additions, further enhancing the overall value of this grooming kit.


In conclusion, the Ruff ‘N Ruffus Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush has received positive feedback from the pet owner community, making it a recommended product for maintaining pet fur and reducing shedding.


Satisfaction Guarantee


We found that the Ruff ‘N Ruffus Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush offers a great guarantee for customers by effectively untangling fur and gently removing the loose undercoat from your pets. The no-pain bristles stand true to their promise, providing a comfortable grooming experience for both cats and dogs. The purple brush successfully reduces shedding by up to 95%, leaving your furry friends looking and feeling great.


The kit also comes with a handy pet nail clipper and comb. Customers appreciate the comfortable rubber and silicone grooves, making grooming a breeze. However, a few users mentioned that the brush could be improved with a lock and release latch for the bristles.


Overall, we can confidently say that the Ruff ‘N Ruffus Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush is a fantastic product for pet owners. With a high rating of 4.5 stars backed by over 3,900 satisfied customers, it’s clear that this product delivers on its guarantee of happy, well-groomed pets.





In our experience with the Ruff ‘N Ruffus Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush, we found it to be a great investment for keeping our furry friends well-groomed. The brush effectively removes loose undercoat and tangled hair, making for a quick grooming process. Although designed with no-pain bristles, we felt that it might be a bit large for smaller pets, like kitties.


The set also includes a comb and pet nail clipper, completing the grooming essentials. We appreciated the rubber and silicone grooves on the tools, making them comfortable and easy to grip.


While the brush did a remarkable job of shedding, some of us did miss the presence of a lock-and-release mechanism for bristle retraction. However, this minor point did not affect the overall performance.


Occasionally, the brush may feel a bit rough on the skin, but our pets seem to enjoy the grooming session. Keep in mind that, like any product, occasional defects may occur. Overall, we confidently recommend the Ruff ‘n Ruffus Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush set to fellow pet owners seeking a functional, comfortable, and efficient grooming toolkit.


Frequently Asked Questions


How effective is Ruff ‘N Ruffus Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush in removing mats and tangles?


The Ruff ‘N Ruffus Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush effectively removes mats, tangles, and loose hair from your pet’s fur. It works well on all hair types and sizes of dogs and cats. We found that the brush’s no-pain bristles glide smoothly and help detangle knots without causing discomfort to the pet’s skin.


Is the Ruff ‘N Ruffus brush suitable for dogs with sensitive skin?


Yes, the Ruff ‘N Ruffus brush is suitable for dogs with sensitive skin. Its upgraded pain-free bristles with rubber tips ensure gentle grooming for pets with tender skin. This helps prevent irritation and discomfort while grooming, making it a great choice for dogs with sensitive skin.


How does the self-cleaning feature of Ruff ‘N Ruffus Slicker Brush work?


The self-cleaning feature of the Ruff ‘N Ruffus Slicker Brush is quite efficient and user-friendly. After you finish grooming your pet, simply press the button on the brush and watch the bristles retract, causing the hair to fall off effortlessly. This makes cleaning the brush extremely easy and helps maintain hygiene.


Can the Ruff ‘N Ruffus brush be used on different coat types?


Absolutely! The Ruff ‘N Ruffus brush is versatile and can be used on various coat types and lengths, making it suitable for both dogs and cats. Whether your pet has short, long, thin or thick hair, this brush effectively removes tangles, mats, and loose hair, ensuring a well-groomed appearance.


What are the advantages of Ruff ‘N Ruffus brush over other heavy-duty slicker brushes?


Compared to other heavy-duty slicker brushes, the Ruff ‘N Ruffus Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush offers several advantages:


  • Upgraded pain-free bristles with rubber tips, ensuring a gentle grooming experience for pets with sensitive skin.
  • Self-cleaning feature, making the maintenance and cleaning process a breeze.
  • Versatility in terms of pet size, hair type, and coat length makes it suitable for both dogs and cats.
  • The set also includes pet nail clippers and a 7.5″ steel comb for a comprehensive grooming experience.


How often should the Ruff ‘N Ruffus Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush be used for grooming?


The frequency of using the Ruff ‘N Ruffus Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush depends on your pet’s hair type, coat length, and how prone they are to shedding. Generally, grooming your pet a few times a week is recommended to maintain a healthy and tangle-free coat. Regular grooming also helps minimize shedding and keeps your pet looking well-groomed and comfortable.


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