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Should I Get A Third Dog Now?


Consider Things When Adopting A Third Dog


You may be wondering, “Are two dogs enough or should I get a third dog?” The answer to that can be a yes or no. This depends on your readiness to provide a home for a third one or take care of another pet. After all, who doesn’t want to love to have more dogs around? It’s only that it is important to be responsible when keeping another canine.


Benefits Of Having Pooches Around


A lot of people bring home a new puppy or adult dog from time to time. The reason is that they see having more fur kids as an advantage. Owning more than one canine companion does have its benefits. Here are some of what you could experience with more pooches around.

should I get a third dog


Happier Household

Dogs are cute and cuddly. Their adorable nature alone makes them worth keeping. If one or two can make you feel great, you can only imagine the joys of having three. With it, you’re likely to get more wagging tails, hugs, and kisses. Thus there likely wouldn’t be a dull moment with three dogs in a household.

Because of the sounds that they’ll make, your home wouldn’t be silent and still. This is a good thing because your place will feel lively that way. You can expect to feel sociable indoors with more than two pet companions.


Confident and Contented Dogs

Adopting a third dog also means allowing your two canines to feel better. That is to say, with more of them, they are likely to feel more courageous and satisfied. That is because they will think of themselves as a better pack. Canines often see strength in numbers. Also, they would have better companionship with their number.

Will two female dogs get along? Will two male dogs go well together? That depends on how they interact with one another right away or in the long run. They are likely to end up as friends when you would train them to have harmony.


Better Home Protection

Should I get a third dog, you ask? If your goal is to feel more secure then the answer is yes. Canines are loyal and give unconditional love. They can provide the best home protection because they defend the people they care about. Having three means having three times the loyalty and commitment for security.

When there are three of them on your property, you could cover different areas of your home better. Pooches often assign to themselves sections of a house to guard. You as a keeper can also train them to look after specific areas. Thus you can have peace of mind with three pet dogs at home.


Downsides To Having Many Dogs

There are drawbacks to adopting a third dog too. The point is that more canines mean further responsibilities. Thus before deciding to have more than two, it is important to think about these things. They can help you decide whether keeping another one is ideal or otherwise.


Expensive and Time-Consuming

More fur kids mean more mouths to feed. Aside from that, it follows that there will be a greater need for training too. So you have to spend a lot of your resources in adopting a third dog. 

Dogs need not only food but also vaccinations and medical care. They need supervision so they would understand your commands. Training them could help prevent conflicts between them too. So it’s quite exhausting to have more than two pups or grown dogs. It is for people who have great interest and dedication to dog ownership.


Entails Patience, Experience, and Commitment

When will two female dogs get along? How long does it take for two male canines to be friendly with one another? You need to face questions like these and find answers to them as a fur parent. After all, you are the leader of the pack. So you must have the patience and dedication to train the dogs. Still, you need the knowledge and skills to supervise them.

If you’re asking, “Should I get a third dog right anytime soon?” Think about these things first. Go for it only if you have the means and dedication for the undertaking.


Takes Up More Space

Having a new fur kid means giving up some space. It’s always like that when you have an extra dog. You need to provide an area where it could sleep, eat, relieve itself, and play. So you must be open enough to make some sacrifices to have a new dog as a member of your family.


When Should I Get a Third Dog? 

Some people think twice about owning another dog because of the added responsibilities. Yet fur parents who have a strong inclination to adopt a new canine companion shouldn’t shy away from it. As long as they are capable of being good pet owners, people should get more than two canines.

should I get a third dog


Here are some things that folks may want to consider before adopting a third dog.


Third Dog Ownership Considerations

  • Your capability and willingness to pay for dog care essentials again. This would include vaccinations and medical care to start. Bowls for food and water, food, and dietary add-ons for nutrition are important too. There’s also buying a new collar and leash for control and getting a new dog house or bed for accommodation.
  • Dogs of the opposite sex often get along better compared to those of the same gender. Yet this isn’t a big problem at all. If you can make time to introduce the new dog to the older ones and give them a reason to get along, all will be fine.
  • You might have to convert some of your leisure time. When you have three pooches, you also have three animals to be responsible for. This implies that you’ll have to groom, walk, and clean up after each of them. You can’t always do everything at once and take care of them altogether.
  • The need for more cleaning. You will likely have to clean up more with an extra canine. More dogs mean a greater amount of dander, fur, and animal waste. So you must have the patience to do more cleaning if you’re going to have a new pet pooch.


Should I Get A Third Dog With My Two Indoor Dogs?

Some people live in confined spaces and these have no outdoor areas for pooches. If you can manage to fit in three dogs where you dwell then there should be no problem. It’s only that you have to think about the characteristics of your old canines and your new ones.

Take into account the size and breed of dogs you already have. Are they likely to get along with the third one you’ll adopt? Will there be no problem having them three inside of your home? Some homeowners can manage to have even more than three. Yet each person is unique and some can handle many animals at once.


How To Manage Having Many Canines

Taking care of many pooches at once can be overwhelming. Yet it’s worth pursuing because there are also strategies that can help. These methods can keep things organized. If you decided that you are going to have three or more dogs, you may want to consider these tips.

should i get a third dog

  • Establish that you are the leader of the pack or family. This is so they would follow your commands and give you the most affection and care. It will be easier for you to control them when they see you as their alpha.
  • Make an effort to make all canines get along. This means checking up on them and seeing that their relationship with one another is great. Encourage them to interact with one another and avoid squabbles.
  • Set when the dogs are to eat, play, and relieve themselves. Get them to do these things together without having friction.
  • Resolve conflicts without showing them biases. It is important that the dogs feel the fair treatment.
  • Make time to show your affection to them one by one and as a group. This will let them feel closer to each other.



In Conclusion

Should I get a third dog this time? Yes, if you think that you are capable of taking care of three dogs all at once. No, if you’re not confident with your means and skills to do so. Yet, to find out the best answer, it would be best to see the pros and cons of owning a third dog.

Dogs often accept pups and adults as a member of their “pack”. But pet ownership involves more than making canines feel happy and accepted. Dog keepers need to be responsible to provide for the needs of the animals they adopted. So you should only keep another one if you are ready to take another responsibility.


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