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Stubborn dog breeds, while challenging in their obedience, often win the hearts of dedicated owners with their intelligence and courage. Despite their headstrong nature, these canines can make loyal and loving companions. In this article, we’ll delve into the reasons behind the strong-willed behavior of certain dog breeds and explore effective strategies for handling and training them. Additionally, we’ll spotlight some of the most stubborn dog breeds, shedding light on their distinctive traits and providing insights into successful ownership.

Know The Most Stubborn Dog Breeds To Own and How To Handle Them


Experts in the dog world identify the most stubborn dog breeds but still recommend them for adoption. They may need some additional training to be obedient companions because of their headstrong attitude. But their headstrong nature makes them dependable due to their intellect and courage. Besides, canines are adorable, playful, and loving. Thus, they are worth taking care of regardless of their temperament.


Stubborn dog breeds


Usual Reasons Behind Strong-Willed Dog Breeds


Pet owners oftentimes complain about specific stubborn dog breeds because they’re hard to control. The animals keep displaying undesirable traits despite people’s efforts to correct them. Yet there are reasons why these things happen time and time again.


These are often the causes why canines do as they please. They are also why folks consider some dog breeds of pooches obstinate.


stubborn dog breeds


  • It is in their instinct to have a sense of independence. Many of them came from a long line of ancestors who hunt independently. It may even be an inherent trait for some dogs to take care of themselves for survival. Thus, they don’t wait for commands anymore to take action.


  • These dog breeds were often carefully bred for their stubborn persistence. Depending on the breed’s purpose, that headstrong attitude can be very beneficial. Imagine a police dog who was willing to give up the chase when the person he was pursuing told him to stop.


  • Their attention span is short. Dogs can get distracted with ease and without something to focus on. Some of their senses are stronger compared to humans.


  • They do not understand the orders given to them. Being unable to comprehend cues makes it impossible for them to follow commands.


  • Lack of motivation makes them unwilling to take action. Some canines don’t move at all in the absence of incentives. It is typical for pooches to show obedience when they know there’s something in it for them.


  • Trust isn’t there. Pooches only listen to or obey people they care about and trust. They are unlikely to respect humans, they are angry at, afraid of, and don’t know.


  • They do not feel accountable for their actions. Many only care about taking action after knowing the consequences of inaction. Having a sense of liability will likely give them a reason to make an effort.


Some Of The Most Stubborn Dog Breeds


the most stubborn dog breeds


In the dog world, many owners find these stubborn dog breeds uncooperative and thus consider them part of the list. Yet, even if they are so, they are worth caring for.


These dogs can become great partners with proper measures to improve their behavior. Also, some of the best-looking fur babies are from strong-willed dog breeds.




 Shar Pei

Shar-Pei pooches came from southern China. These are loyal and playful dogs that are easy to identify. That is because of the loose or wrinkled skin on their broad yet flat heads.


They weigh about 50 pounds or more, and thus, they are often considered medium and compact dogs. A part of their headstrong traits is that they feel dominant. It must be because of their size as adults.


But, as pups, it is common for them to be silent. They make nice guard dogs and companions when trained right. At a young age, they need exposure to other dogs and people for socialization.


Making yourself a leader to them can help a lot. Taking them for walks or to see people will help them become aware and less fearful of others’ presence. Your leadership may allow you to let them recognize you as an authority figure.




Akita Dog BreedThis is another example of the most stubborn dog breeds that came from Asia. Historians say that they emerged from northern Japan. There are still a lot of them in that country today.


They look sturdy and energetic based on their build. Yet they are reliable due to their intelligent, alert, and courageous nature.


Folks say that Akita dogs, too, are the most stubborn dog breeds to own because of how they behave. They have complex personalities and high levels of energy. This makes them unpredictable and usually excited.


Because of their alertness and courage, they tend to be protective and aggressive. Exposing them to extended family and strangers may make them less hostile. Giving them regular walks can allow them to use up their energy.


While Akitas might be trained to be good family dogs, most experts recommend them for an experienced dog owner, particularly cautioning against them for homes with young children.




BeagleThis canine breed barks a lot. It’s natural for them to do this only because they are hounds and came from Great Britain’s hunting dogs of old. They make sounds to warn intruders and their masters.


Their energy is so high often that they do more than bark. Because of this, they also need regular walks, playtime, and other things that can keep them active. They let out long howls when they become bored or feel lonely.


In fact, many of the scent hounds show the willful self-determination trait that the beagles possess. It kept them on the trail, regardless of the weather and terrain.


This is a nice dog breed if what interests you is an appealing and lively dog. A beagle has long ears that drop to the side, a squarish snout, and a broad nose. It’s robust in that it has a deep chest, a straight back, and muscular legs.


It’s a medium-sized pooch that has a dependable body and attitude. Yet, it also needs constant training to curb its excitement and aggression.


You may have to supply it with tasty treats and awesome toys, plus put a muzzle on it during its walks. These will help in controlling the barking.


Note, however, that most of the scent hounds, including the beagle, make great pets when properly trained.




ChihuahuaIts sass and constant yapping make it one of Mexico’s most stubborn dog breeds. It is very selective when it comes to companionship and, thus, usually only prefers to go with its owner. Because of its excitable nature, it gets stimulated by so many things.


So it may be challenging to get its attention and for it to follow commands right away. With its size and attitude, it’s included as the most stubborn small dog breed.


It can be a jealous type of canine because of its attachment to its owner. You can make it behave better by ignoring its negative traits. Also, giving it attention and praising its good deeds can help with its discipline.


It will be able to identify what you like and disapprove of. To please you, a chihuahua will focus on doing what you prefer. A jealous dog wants your attention, so it will do what it can to get you to concentrate on it.


While small in size and big in stubbornness, the Chihuahua needs consistent training to be reliable around young children. With proper training, they might be a good fit for a family wanting a smaller pet.




DachshundThe Dachshund, one of the popular dog breeds, is very popular because of its temperament and look. It’s the breed that Germans once used to hunt animals, such as badgers since they are small yet fast and agile. Because the old hunted, the present generation of Dachshund canines inherited dominant traits.


They like to be in charge and may ignore commands. Yet, even if they are also one of the most stubborn dog breeds, it’s possible to train them.


Their tendency to hunt makes them chase small creatures such as bugs and little animals. Stopping this trait requires patience on the part of the dog owner. It also involves the repetition of commands to halt.


This breed may also have trouble focusing on orders, so treats and toys are necessary. Such things will aid in getting their attention. Thus, other than using tools, it is important to keep repeating cues for the dog to understand and obey.


Like the beagle, these are other scent hounds and need consistent training to control their stubborn nature. However, with continued training, they can be good family pets.


Other Strategies To Manage The Most Difficult Dog Breeds To Own


The different dog breeds mentioned may be obstinate, but there are plenty of ways to deal with them in dog ownership. Pet owners need to know these to get desired results better and even avoid mistakes. Some errors in training can harm relationships between humans and their pets.


stubborn dogs


Here are some training strategies to help handle stubborn dogs:


  • Show that you are alpha. Canines are pack animals and usually follow those they consider a leader. If you are not getting the respect you want from your pet, it may be due to its perception of you. You need to establish your dominance and respect, but not in a harsh manner. Consider it similar to training a young child. Do it by showing your pooch that you can control it. Letting it back up as you approach or taking things away from it could work. However, this does not imply you need to be rough with your dog. Usually, your tone of voice or posture shows your beloved pet that you are serious. For example, if your dog refuses to come when you call him (and you are using a happy tone, aren’t you?) then simply go to him and lead him back to where you want him. No need for ruff treatment. Just attach the leash and walk back. Treats work well for some dogs, too. Just be careful not to reward bad behavior.


  • Avoid giving your pet attention when it misbehaves. Ignoring the bad traits may help show your dog you do not appreciate them. In fact, this is sometimes the best form of training for dogs that like your attention.


  • Don’t hit your dog nor shout at it. Rather, use a stern voice and be firm with your command. Hitting a dog may cause anger, resentment, or depression to develop. Also, be careful that you don’t imply you are asking the dog. Your words should be firm and not end with a question.


  • Use things that they are very responsive to. Don’t settle for food and things that mean nothing or so little to them. Pick those that they already identified and find attractive. These will get you their attention.
    • Some examples to try include food, favorite toys, or even a sound. Remember the Pavlov training? Yes, you might train your dog using the same principle. Each time he hears the sound (bell, whistle, or whatever you choose) he receives his favorite treat. In time, he will respond to your commands with the sound. We especially like this for training our dogs to come when called. Once training is reinforced, they run to us with little regard for any distractions.


  • An experienced dog owner might also consider bringing a professional trainer on board if needed. Look for one who uses a safe, humane approach and understands dog behavioral psychology. Good trainers may be found through your local AKC club or by asking your vet.


Stubborn Dog Breeds Unleashed: Conclusion


 Even the most stubborn dog breeds, which often include some of the most popular dog breeds, have their loyal fans.  And in fact, some people love them even more for that very trait. While the headstrong attitudes might push the owner to their limits, they make good pets with proper and consistent training.


It only takes training, consistency, patience, and kindness to achieve success. But it may be great to get to know the different dog breeds of canines first.


The experiences of pet owners may teach you about pooches and their traits. So it would be faster for you to figure out the best ways to handle them.


the most stubborn dog breeds


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