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Think About Canine Thanksgiving Hazards Too
Consider Thanksgiving foods dogs should not have among other things before the holiday. It’s normal to include our furry companions when we celebrate with family and friends. Yet, sad to say, there are some things that they should steer clear of. After all, canines have certain dietary restrictions and don’t behave as well as humans do. Hence, before commemorating the day of blessings with a feast, know what to serve first. Also, do something about what goes on during the festivity. That is to ensure avoiding canine Thanksgiving hazards too.
Besides, specific dishes and treats can allow our four-legged buddies to have plenty. Thus they wouldn’t miss out on anything with the right preparedness measures. In this post, we’re going to look at a few ingredients and dishes for Thanksgiving to avoid. Keep the holiday safe by keeping these things in mind. Enjoy your meal!


Why Thanksgiving Foods Dogs Should Not Have Matter

Canine Thanksgiving hazards may turn dogs sick or worse. Thus knowing them means finding out what to avoid. When we’re familiar with them, we can be ready for the holiday. That is without compromising our pet’s health. So it matters to research what to cook before we feast on Thanksgiving day.
A lot of things can happen when we aren’t careful. Trips to the vet even increase sometimes after the holiday. The reasons behind this relate to what pet owners fed their furry companions. Take note that specific food items tend to be poisonous to our four-legged pals. Their bodies aren’t equipped to process several components of dishes. Sometimes, even the littlest edibles can cause allergies too. Still, a few items can lodge in the throat or windpipe of a pooch. Thus it matters a lot to be mindful of what to serve on Thanksgiving day.

Other Things To Think About

Aside from thinking about what to distribute during a feast, consider the guests too. That is to say, ensure that you instruct them to avoid handing over certain food items. After all, they also need to stop giving canines Thanksgiving foods dogs should not have. No matter how long or hard it drools, stares, or begs in any other way, ignore the dog. For the safety of our furry pals, we need to teach people not to feed them what is unsafe for them to consume. As much as possible, we ought to discourage the feeding of safe foods to eat too. It’s only so our pooches don’t eat more than what they should. So, even before guests come over, it would be wise to tell them these things beforehand. Thanksgiving hazards can be very harmful so it’s better to be safe than sorry.
If possible, prepare foods that are safe for canine consumption. That would be since there’s no telling whether visitors will comply or otherwise. Some people give in when pooches start begging for food in front of them. Hence, as much as possible, have edibles that dogs can take instead. Also, as a pet owner, you may want to give food or toys to your canine companion before guests visit. That’s to make them full or at least preoccupied when they arrive. When they no are no longer hungry or become busy playing, they won’t ask for food or bother people anymore. So we can say that it takes effort to make pooches stay safe on Thanksgiving day too.

Examples Of Thanksgiving Foods Dogs Should Not Have

Thanksgiving hazards cause all kinds of problems. Thus, at all costs, they must be absent during the festivity when canines are around. After all, they can cause gastric upset, choking, allergic reactions, and even poisoning. So what are these foods to avoid? Here are a few of them that long-time pet owners are very much aware of.

Turkey Skin, Bones, and Drippings

These smell so good, especially to our furry companions. But, as much as possible, you ought to skip handing either of these over to them. After all, feeding them these may result in various health complications. For instance, turkey skin contains a lot of fat. It’s the same with the drippings. When canines get a lot of fats in their gut, their pancreas may secrete more pancreatic juices or enzymes. That’s because this organ produces chemicals to break down fats too. Overloading this part of their body may cause them to suffer specific symptoms. That is to say, such can cause a decrease in appetite, vomiting, fever, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. So it isn’t a mystery why they are Thanksgiving foods dogs should not have.
Bones can get stuck in their mouth or throat too and cause choking. This is why experts discourage feeding many pets with animal carcasses. Aside from that, the sharp edges can pierce parts of their oral cavity and innards. Internal bleeding can happen from ingesting broken bones. Hence, it makes sense why many don’t ever feed their dogs these things. Besides, there are other rich sources of minerals like Calcium from the bones.


This has plenty of elements that are quite detrimental to our four-legged pals. For the most part, it often has a lot of alliums and sodium. To be specific, they usually have onions and garlic that are very toxic to our furry friends. When dogs take these, they are at risk of suffering from severe anemia. That’s because of the substance called N-propyl disulfide. With a lot of sodium, pooches can turn very thirsty due to the fluid imbalances it causes. Sodium poisoning often shows distinctive symptoms. Examples of these are tremors, diarrhea, seizures, fever, depression, and vomiting. Hence, it comes as no surprise why this is part of the canine Thanksgiving hazards.
It’s also common for it to have a high-fat content. As mentioned, it causes inflammation of the pancreas which can be quite dangerous. So, combined with the ingredients above, this edible mixture is best left for humans to eat. It’s clear that it’s a good example of Thanksgiving foods dogs should not have. In this way, make sure that you separate this from what you’ll feed dogs on Thanksgiving day.

Mashed Potatoes

More often than not, some dishes that have potatoes are not recommended. The truth is that they are even discouraged foods for canines. This is because, for one, they contain solanine which is a glycoalkaloid poison. In this way, it doesn’t get absorbed by the stomach of our furry friends. Consuming a lot of these won’t only make a dog overweight or obese. It may also make canines feel distressed, weak, and lethargic. Also, mashed potatoes are usually mixed with butter and milk. Many times, there’s also gravy in the mix too. Thus this dish contains high levels of fat, salt, and lactose. So it can cause pancreatic inflammation, dehydration, and indigestion. After all, lactose is something that our four-legged friends cannot process well inside. Hence, we can say that it also has canine Thanksgiving hazards.
Sometimes, mashed potatoes are also mixed with nutmeg. This is toxic to our companions and they should never have access to it. In whatever form, it’s not safe at all to give sauces with them incorporated. After all, such delivers Myristicin. This can cause disorientation, stomach upset, and worse symptoms. It may even be fatal for canines to have it. So saucy mashed potatoes aren’t advisable for dogs.


It’s natural for gatherings to have baked goods, candies, barbecue sauces, and syrups. They taste sweet and are great for dressings, desserts, and more. Because of their Xylitol content, they are Thanksgiving foods dogs should not have. This chemical gets into the bloodstream of our canine friends fast. What it does is it lowers blood sugar fast due to the release of insulin that happens with its presence. But, aside from hypoglycemia, it’s noted to cause seizures and hepatic dysfunction. The worst that it can cause is loss of life. Thus, since it’s toxic to canines, skip foods that have it. Make the sources of it Thanksgiving foods dogs should not have.
pooch not feeling well


Beverages that contain alcohol should never be anywhere near canines. They not only lick but can learn to like drinking them. Plus, they wouldn’t only be drunk after having some alcohol in their system. Such can make them lethargic and suffer from severe hypothermia. It even causes respiratory depression too. Hence, it’s one of the Thanksgiving hazards to watch out for.
As much as possible, keep canines away from alcoholic drinks since they are dangerous. Even cakes with traces of the substance need to be far from fur kids. No matter how much a pooch begs to get a taste, never give in to the temptation to hand over a little. Besides, canines don’t need or want it for recreation as humans do.
four-legged pal with bottle of alcohol

Alternatives To Thanksgiving Foods Dogs Should Not Have