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Tips for Keeping Senior Dogs Healthy (Care Tips for Older Dogs)


Dogs are considered the ultimate companion because of how they can easily make us feel safe and secure. When they were young, we treat them as the baby of the house. We keep on giving them adequate care and the love they need. In this article, we will be showing you the tips for keeping senior dogs healthy.

Having a dog can make us very attached to them because of their sweetness and clinginess. Every time we got home from such a long day, they are the ones who will run toward us with their eyes full of excitement. Having dogs as our sweet companions make us feel positive vibes because they are so affectionate themselves.

However, just like us humans, they grow old too, and no one cannot stop that. Moreover, when dogs are at the age of seven, they are now in their senior years. We need to give further focus on them as it is crucial.

As fur parents, one of our responsibilities is to keep older dogs healthy to assure them that they will be with us for a long time. Protecting and giving care to their health in all aspects is a must. As pet owners, we should give our very best to provide the things our dogs need.


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Senior Dogs’ Facts

How well do you know your dog? Are you sure of what you already know about them? If not, take a read about these three senior dogs’ facts to get to know them more!


1. Best to bond!keeping senior dogs healthy

Senior dogs are best to have fun and bond because they know how to get along with people. One more thing is that they are sweeter which, makes them exceptional. Hence, this makes us feel better when they keep on clinging to us.







2. Most of the senior pets have illnesses.keeping senior dogs healthy

We should know the things about keeping senior dogs healthy. When they are young, it is vital to give importance to their health, as it is an advantage when they grow old to reduce any complications when they are already in senior years. You should monitor them by observing if there are changes in their behavior because it can also mean they are sick.






3. They are the “most faithful.”Faithful dog with confidence looks in eyes of his master. Friend. Ly relationship with animals stock photo

As your dog grows old, then so as their faithfulness in you. One can assure you that your dog will keep on coming back to you. It is for this reason that your pet develops a relationship with you already as a fur parent.







The Health Problems That Senior Dogs Most Likely Have

As dogs grow older, they are starting to have health problems due to their age. They are similar to us humans as their system and body get weak as they grow old. Listed below are five major common health problems of a senior dog.


  • Kidney disease

This health problem can be chronic which, persists for a long time but happen gradually. It can also be acute which, occurs in just days yet, it can be severe. We can avoid this by keeping older dogs healthy by giving them a special diet.


  • Valvular disease

This disease is something that utterly affects the heart of senior dogs. Moreover, this is a common problem where your dog has thick and distorted valves in the heart. The good news, it is treatable, so, it is vital to give them a check-up with their veterinarian.


  • Liver failure

At an early stage of liver disease, you will not see any signs. However, in later stages, you will see various changes in your dog. The common symptoms of liver failure are change of personality, skin problems, jaundice, loss of appetite, weight loss, vomiting, diarrhea, excessive drooling, excess thirst, and excess urination.

We should be giving them a special protein diet. It is beneficial in keeping senior dogs healthy. This diet will help them to avoid liver failure.



Health Care Tips

A fur parent always gives their best to keep older dogs healthy. They have been with us for such a long time. As they get into their senior years, let us make them feel that they have us, and we will still guide them.

It is essential to be knowledgeable in the health care tips in keeping senior dogs healthy to help them live longer. We should practice our dogs to live healthily. Listed below are the five health care tips to know for your older dogs.



1. Keep them active!

There are several ways to keep your senior dogs active just, like having some activities such as walking. You can walk them in the morning, or you can jog with them. This activity will help them physically and mentally.

This kind of activity mentioned can help in terms of preventing to have a heart failure as it strengthen your heart. It further increases your senior dog’s mental sharpness which, is essential at their age. At the same time, you are getting healthy too while doing this with your dog.

Another way to keep your senior dogs active is by playing frisbee. This game will give them fun and good health at the same time. We can keep older dogs healthy by keeping them zestful with various activities.



2. Monitor what they eat!

We should practice, giving them healthy food while they were young. However, because our dogs are in their senior years now, we need to monitor what they eat. Make sure that they are going on a special diet which is crucial at their age.

Choosing food that will boost your senior dog’s immune system is helpful to keep older dogs healthy. It can prevent them from having severe illnesses because the immune system is a shield from diseases. That is the reason why it matters, especially to senior dogs.

Cranberries, blueberries, bell peppers, broccoli, and cabbage are essential superfoods in keeping senior dogs healthy. It contains a high amount of vitamins and other nutritional factors that will benefit your dog’s health. These superfoods can prevent cancer, strengthen your body, avoid urinary tract infections and cardiovascular system failures.



3. Give your senior dog a check-up with their vet.

It is one of their needs to undergo a check-up with their veterinarian at least twice a year. They have to go to check-ups to make sure that you monitor everything that is going on with their health. It is highly advisable to go to their veterinarian at least two times a year for older dogs.

In this case, we should listen carefully to what the doctor will say about our senior dog’s health. Moreover, you can also take them to a check-up when you see several changes to your dog’s mood or when you see them not feeling well or sick. Wait for several days to observe is not correct; take them to their veterinarian immediately.

Some illnesses require immediate medication and intensive care, and this is why one should not wait for a week or so to observe their dogs. We should leave that kind of thing to the experts such as vets.



4. Give them mental exercises!

Yes, physical health matters, and so do mental health too! Anxiety in dogs can cause illnesses such as nausea. It is vital to give them mental exercises to sharpen their mind or memory.

Mental exercises can help them in having a good mindset. There are various mental exercises that your senior dogs can do for sure. Teaching them new tricks, solving puzzling images, and obedience training can make them more mentally aware and active.

Thus, they do need to have a sharp mind as they go to their senior years. Remember that what is happening in their mental health can affect their physical health. It is vital to monitor both the physical and psychological health of your senior dogs.



5. The orthopedic bed.

There is an orthopedic bed made for senior dogs. It helps to prevent them from having a bad posture as they are in their senior year. This kind of bed gives them a good sleep because it is more comfortable than the usual bed for dogs.

You can also buy this online or in a physical store for pets. It is also better if you have a puppy and you give them an orthopedic bed. So, they will not be going to develop a weak posture from their sleep.

An orthopedic bed is highly beneficial to reduce any spine failures or problems. However, if your senior dog has a spine problem, arthritis, and joint failures, this bed will help to improve it.




Dogs are well-known for being man’s best friend, and they never fail to make us feel special when we are with them. Senior dogs are exceptional because we spend a long time with them, and we have countless sweet moments with them. As fur parents, we want to have more memories and take good care of them as they grow older.

Applying these five health care tips can immensely help them to live healthily. It is the fur parent’s responsibility to keep older dogs healthy. Let us be with them in their senior journey.


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