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Know The Types Of Dog Crates


We must pick the right dog crates for our loving and loyal canines. Our four-legged friends are not only our companions but also members of our families. As our household partners, they deserve a place for themselves. Yet more is needed to settle for a random cage. Providing them with the best kind of kennels is crucial. After all, they usually feel safer and more comfortable with the right one. So, with that said, getting them the right kind matters.


Choosing a good crate is essential, whether you’re a first-time or skilled pet parent. First of all, top-rated dog crates are not equal. Because of their build, it’s easy to see that each kind has positive and negative attributes. In this blog post, we will introduce what they are to help you decide which is best for your pup or adult pooch.

Why Pick The Right Types Of Dog Crates

Canines are animals that have a natural tendency to establish a lair. We can say that they are denning pets. They set a place where they could have some privacy, feel safe, and experience comfort. It’s why you may see them hiding behind or beneath furniture at home. Thus it’s reasonable to get them a shelter to have a space of their own. Besides, it’s hygienic that way. Let them have an area separate from where they urinate and defecate.

types of dog crates

Right now, different kinds of pet kennels are for sale. It may feel overwhelming to pick one, especially when so many ideas come to mind. A decorative type of luxury dog crate may be appealing but inappropriate. Note that some canines must have something they can’t damage or destroy. Often, teething pups and aggressive chewers may end up ruining these. Getting an indestructible dog crate is only sometimes necessary too. Many of our four-legged pals are obedient and don’t have destructive tendencies. In this case, getting a stylish cage is acceptable. So it is logical to be selective when purchasing a canine kennel.

What Are The Types Of Dog Crates

Pet parents have plenty of options when buying for their four-legged companions. After all, nowadays, many kinds of kennels are available to get. Several have more substantial parts, are more fashionable, and have various features. It’s because different canine shelters have unique construction. Thus more is needed to rely on what sellers recommend as the top-rated dog crates. It pays to check the ones on display and see which are worth the effort to take home and use.

Getting the right size may be necessary, but so is having the correct type. Based on their materials, here are some of the four most common pooch cages.

Metal or Wired

Usually made of aluminum, this type of pet shelter is quite strong. Parts of it are malleable somehow but never bendable under usual conditions. With its material and everyday use, it is an indestructible dog crate. Most aggressive chewers can’t break its horizontal and vertical bars. Instead, pet owners can fold them for easy cleaning, storage, and transportation. Also, they often come with an insertable plastic tray wide enough to collect pet waste at the bottom. Sellers offer it in various colors and sizes. So it’s not surprising why many folks prefer it over other kinds.

canine metal kennel

Due to its stable design, it is rare for it to topple over. Even its weight can support it from moving around. But we may need to put a mat or cushion inside and at the bottom to keep a dog comfortable. Hence, with its features, it is common to see it included as one of the top-rated dog crates. People appreciate it due to the security it provides.


Of the various types of dog crates, this one has three sides. It has a top, bottom, and door. Hard plastic makes the top and base parts. A handle above the enclosure often allows it to be a carrier container. Sometimes, a crate may have casters attached to move the unit well on the ground. Usually, metal is the material for its locking door that is powerful enough to contain a canine. So it makes for a carrier that is convenient to handle and transport. Plus, its interior provides a dark space that many of our four-legged friends often enjoy.

Because its hard plastic is as dependable as the metal of wired crates, many like it too. Likewise, size and color options are available for it. Thus many pet owners find it attractive and invest in having one. It’s easy to see it included as part of the top-rated dog crates. Yet, despite its appearance, it’s less expensive than a luxury dog crate. In that way, it’s excellent for those who wish to have a pet shelter at a modest price.


More often than not, people buy this if they are looking for a lightweight kennel for their pup or grown canine. It looks stylish and inexpensive, so it is not a luxury dog crate for the most part. It is made mainly from polyester fabric, so folks call it a canvas crate. Even if it’s not as dependable as wire, metal, or plastic kennels, it is comfortable for our furry friends. Because of their texture and breathability, they serve as portable and comfortable carriers. Hence, it is normal for pet owners to buy this kind for their furry companions.

soft sided canine shelter

Made of fabric, this is very washable. Plus, its design makes it very fashionable among pet owners. People who bring their fur kids to hotels and camping trips are the ones who often use it. It’s likely because they look cozy and show dogs inside while carried. Being stylish and convenient, they are the types of dog crates many want to own.

Wooden or Decorative

It’s an indestructible dog crate that is durable and attractive. Sellers provide them as is, so buyers no longer have to worry about assembly. With their build, enclosing a pet becomes effortless. It can accommodate cushions and other accessories. Also, having a flat surface on top, it can serve as a table in the living room or beside chairs. So, with it, we have a sturdy yet functional kind of luxury dog crate.

It’s a superior cage, often constructed with wood and some metal. After all, things made of pine, fir, birch, or cedar usually last for decades. Many modern homes and even lodging establishments have them. It’s rare to find it in pet stores, but it’s one of the unique types of dog crates to buy. Thus, if going for something interesting and practical is what you’re after, this may be a great choice.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Each

Metal Or Wire Shelters

Despite their weight, their foldability allows people to carry them with ease. Compared to other dog crates, assembling them takes a little time. Likewise, some models come with dividers to accommodate pets of different sizes. But, due to their metal frames, they create noise during transportation and assembly. Plus, they are susceptible to rust. Yet they do provide more outside views with exceptional air circulation. You may need to cover their top and sides for your fur kid’s privacy. Also, do this to limit the wind blowing against your pooch. They are also the types of dog crates that need adjusting to.

Often, they weigh a lot for some people and are unwieldy, and airlines need to allow them for air travel. But, at least, using them in cars is excellent due to their rigid frames. Plus, maintenance is pretty easy too. Spraying them with water and wiping their surfaces will get them cleaned quickly. Hence, they are worth having around, too, and qualify as some of the top-rated dog crates.

Plastic Carriers

They make excellent first crates due to their durability and coziness. With their shells, they resemble dens. Their frame supplies comfortable dimness to the caged canines. It also gives dryness and warmth to them. Being plastic at most, cleaning these carriers is easy too. It often involves spraying the exterior with soapy water and scrubbing the surfaces. But they usually have fixed sizes and need to be upgradeable. Still, when used right, they are indestructible dog crates.

plastic kennel for pooches

Only a few issues exist when using them to transport dogs by land vehicles or water vessels. It’s even the only choice to get when traveling via airplane to another destination. Most of these are compliant with airline safety standards. Because of their bulky design, strapping them tight may be necessary. Carrying them by hand may be difficult or impossible for some. It may take a while to assemble and disassemble them too. Still, the inexpensive ones usually need improvement in quality. Thus it’s the product that has superb points and drawbacks. We only need to decide whether it’s for our canine companions.

Soft-Sided Kennels

These are lightweight, foldable, and washable or convenient to clean. But experts do not recommend using them in physical training. Their fabric exterior can’t take repeated, intense movements. Stressed and anxious canines may end up damaging or destroying them. Thus, usually, people only buy them for obedient and experienced dogs. Because of their softness, these shelters are often only for small and medium puppies.

Wooden or Fashion Shelters

Built from wood, they look like furniture. In that way, they make superb and functional home decorations. But they may be ideal for pet owners with dogs already used to use a cage. Putting puppies in them may result in a cage with chewed-up parts. After all, young canines are teething and will sink their teeth into things like wood for pain relief.

wooden kennel dog

They look great, but cleaning them may be more challenging when they get stains. Plus, with their design, it’s clear why sellers offer them at high prices. But pet parents can still choose them if their pups don’t have destructive chewing. Owners of adult dogs can enjoy these decorative cages if they have trained pooches too. When there aren’t things to cause splatters or discolorations, it’s safe to have them. Hence, they are enjoyable pet crates too.

Unleashing Comfort and Security: Unveiling the Paw-sitive Possibilities of Canine Confinement

I want to point out that checking the types of dog crates is essential. It may take time to decide which to get due to the many canine products n the market. But, with guides like this, it becomes easier to discover the perfect one for our furry friends. Bear in mind that there are reasons why some choose an indestructible dog crate over a stylish one. Also, sometimes, folks get a luxury dog crate too. So going over the different ones matter a lot.

This post will help you pick an excellent kennel for your canine companion. We appreciate our pets and want to show them our gratitude for their warmth and loyalty. Choosing the right one will allow us to have an item that our four-legged friends will enjoy. Hence, getting the right kind is a good thing. Thanks for reading.


What are the different types of dog crates available?

There are three main types of dog crates: wire crates, plastic crates, and soft-sided crates. Each type offers unique features and benefits to cater to different needs and preferences.

Which type of dog crate is best for travel purposes?

For travel, soft-sided crates are a popular choice due to their lightweight and portable design. They’re easy to carry, making them ideal for trips in the car or on a plane.

Are there crates suitable for crate training a puppy?

Absolutely! Wire crates are often recommended for crate training puppies. They provide good visibility, ventilation, and are adjustable as your puppy grows. Just remember to choose a crate size that allows your puppy to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably.

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