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Ways to Keep Your Dog From Destroying Your Home

Adopting a new pet is a beautiful and joyful experience. But most pets need training before they become safe at home. Thus, you should consider ways to keep your dog from destroying your home. We’d like to share some fantastic tips to help you secure your space. These tips provide safety for your new pet and your home, too.
70 percent of pet owners in the United States report their pets have destroyed items in the home. And 80 percent have spent up to $250 or more fixing or replacing those items.
When they decide to have a pet, most people think about items like a bed, toys, food bowls, and a collar. They set aside money for food and vaccines and may even get pet insurance in case their pet becomes ill. But most don’t usually consider the harm dogs may cause to your home. Do you need some help? Look at the following suggestions to help keep your dog from destroying your home.



 Keeping your dog destroying your home


Make Sure Your Pets Are Well Exercised

Our dogs, full of energy and life, require frequent exercise to keep them active. Pets, like people, may become bored at home, so it’s critical to keep them amused. When dogs don’t have a proper outlet for this intrinsic need, it can lead to ‘problem’ behavior in the house. Digging, which can appear as ripping up soft furniture such as pillows, comforters, and mattresses, maybe a problem for certain dogs. Give your dog a ‘destruction box’ to rip up to keep your dog from destroying your home. An old cardboard box or packing is a method to keep kids entertained for hours.


Exercising dog


Opt for Professional Training

Why not enlist the services of a professional if you’re having trouble training your dog? Many dog trainers have relocated their services online, making it more straightforward for owners to receive assistance from the comfort of their own homes. The longer an issue persists, the more difficult it is to resolve. Professional training may help to stop your dog from destroying your home. Also, they can train your dog how to be more obedient, safe, and less aggressive by reducing stress, avoiding conflict, and improving behavior.


Professional Training


Use an Anti-Chew Spray to Keep Your Dog from Destroying Your Home

Spray an anti-chew spray on your furniture and accessories to keep them safe. Since it has a nasty flavor, it will deter your pets from chewing on carpets, drapes, and furniture.



Create a Cozy Space for Pets

Provide a comfortable, soothing environment for your pet to unwind at home. Whether it’s their den or a comfortable bed, this will provide them a place to call home. Crates are a simple solution to stop your dog from destroying your home. You may also alter furniture or buy furniture with built-in compartments for dog beds, cat baskets, etc. A little den provides a secure haven for pets that are timid or new to the family, as well as a location where they are not disturbed by other pets or family members.


Cozy Space for Pets


Remove Any At-Risk Items

Inquisitive pets, especially young pups, might readily uncover nail scissors, tweezers, jewelry, medicine, or fragile vases. To avoid your dog from destroying your home, one thing to do is keep items like these out of reach or hidden away in a drawer. Because pets like exploring, it’s up to you to watch what they discover. Pay particular attention to bedroom cabinets, sideboards, and little bathroom containers.


Scented Candles


Think Twice About Scented Candles 


If you have pets, exercise caution while using reed diffusers, scented candles, or wax melts. Animals may easily knock them over, despite how soothing they are in the house. Ensure that any fragrant candles you use are pet-friendly and that you keep them high enough so your pet won’t be able to reach them or knock them over.


Assess Damage-Prone Areas


Assess Damage-Prone Areas


Invest in durable window shades if your pet enjoys looking out the window. If this is not done, a pet may paw at or damage more weak plastic blinds or shades. You may also lift the blinds throughout the day to prevent your pet from damaging them while attempting to have a nice view of the outdoors. Two more strategies to preserve your property are using low-cost rugs on hardwood floors and clipping your dog’s nails to minimize scratches.










Keep Your Bedroom Pet-Friendly

Bedroom Pet-Friendly


While recent research revealed that sleeping with a dog in your room can benefit your health, you must do everything possible to maintain your pet-friendly bedroom. If you let dogs inside your room, make it a secure environment that discourages your dog from destroying your home. Keep your bedroom door open so they can access you if they want, but they may also feel safe staying where they are, knowing they have that choice. And make sure they have their sleeping quarters outside of your room.






Make Your Pet Work for Their Food


Make Your Pet Work for Their Food

Making a pet work for their food is the best method to keep them entertained. It may appear not very easy, but it’s a simple method to keep kids engaged. You may accomplish this in various ways, including employing a “food puzzle” to assist them in achieving their goal. Having a variety of food puzzles (some of which may be homemade) keeps your pet guessing and ensures that they don’t lose interest or figure out how to obtain their food too soon.







Ensure Your Pet Has Regular Health Check-Ups

Your pet may be in pain if they’re being destructive. When a pet is in pain, it is common for them to become protective and ‘snappy’ to defend the part bothering them. Digging, chewing, being defiant, and teething are some behaviors to watch out for. Before you scold them, check with your veterinarian to determine if there are any underlying health problems.


Pets Regular Health Check-Ups


Reasons Why Your Dog Destroying Your Home

A disastrous way of behaving is the most widely recognized reason canines are rehomed or end up in covers. The fact that owners develop disturbed makes right when their canines start biting furnishings, harming things, yapping constantly, and taking an interest in other unsafe propensities, it was justifiable. Nonetheless, assuming you dig a piece further, you’ll observe that this conduct is established on basic issues to address. Coming up next are the most predominant reasons for your canine annihilating your home and what can be done.

Reasons Why Your Dog Destroying Your Home


Separation Anxiety

Reasons Why Your Dog Destroying Your Home - AnxietyWhen you leave for the day, canines with fear of abandonment might start to carry on or be disastrous. They abhor being let be. Along these lines, they might bark or shout day in and day out. Coming up next are the absolute best methods to adapt to fearing abandonment:

  • It will assist if you have a camera in your home to distract your dog.
  • Get another dog to keep you company.
  • A Pet sitter will also help to come twice or thrice a day while you’re out of the corner.
  • Crate training is an excellent way to make your dog feel protected when you’re not around.
  • Consulting a vet and asking for the right prescription for the medication of your dog’s anxiety
  • If you enroll him in doggie daycare, your dog will not be alone during the day.



Reasons Why Your Dog Destroying Your Home - BoredomAs per studies, exhausted canines are more inclined to become unsettled, miserable, and damaged. Your exhausted pets will bite on your possessions, tear them up, harm toys and different things, and for the most part, carry on in unseemly ways to sit back. Notwithstanding, there’s a compelling reason to allow your canine to become exhausted when there are countless techniques to avoid it. A portion of the techniques to keep your canine from obliterating your home assuming you invest a lot of energy away from home are like those utilized for fearing abandonment:


  • Leave a radio or the TV on low volume, or have a go at conversing with your pet utilizing a camera.
  • During your work breaks, return home and see your canine.
  • During the day, enlist a pet sitter to take your canine for a walk.
  • Buy intuitive canine toys and convey them about the house. The least difficult and least expensive way to deal with keeping canines engaged is giving them puzzle plays with treats inside.
  • Take on one more canine to stay with you.
  • Take your canine for a long walk or run prior to going to work toward the beginning of the day to be depleted and rest during the day.


Health Problems

Reasons Why Your Dog Destroying Your Home - Health ProblemIn the event that your canine isn’t feeling good, he might carry on intuitively or participate in a disastrous way of behaving to draw your consideration and caution you to the issue. Coming up next are indications of your canine annihilating your home because of a medical problem:


  • They bite or nibble at their flanks or paws
  • Chewing the hair from their paws or sides
  • Excessive drooling
  • Eating too little or too much
  • Constantly drinking water


General Anxiety

Reasons Why Your Dog Destroying Your Home - General AnxietyAlthough generalized anxiety is not the same as separation anxiety, research suggests it is a prevalent cause of your dog’s destruction of your home. Generalized anxiety is relatively dominant in dogs that have been abused or abandoned. The following are some excellent methods for dealing with anxiety in dogs:


  • Use relaxing sprays on your furniture, beds, and other areas of your home.
  • To create peace in the house, utilize a pheromone diffuser.
  • Before you depart, give the dog some snacks to help him relax.
  • Consult your veterinarian about anti-anxiety medicine.
  • Use a Thundershirt, calming collars, or other anxiety-relieving techniques.
  • Make sure they have a safe environment, such as a comfortable crate.
  • Crate train your dog.

It’s time to take your dog to the veterinarian if you feel the reason your dog is destroying your home is due to a medical issue. It’s the only surefire way to rule out health issues as a cause of your dog’s destructive behavior.




Reasons Why Your Dog Destroying Your Home - HungerHungry dogs are destructive. This might happen if your dog is overweight and you’ve just put him on a low-calorie diet. The following are the most effective strategies to deal with a hungry dog without ruining their diet:


  • Place puzzle toys throughout the home with low-calorie goodies to keep the dog occupied during the day. Instead of rewards, you might use low-calorie dog food in the toys.
  • Give your dog loads of exciting interactive toys to keep him occupied while you’re gone during the day to redirect his energy.
  • Take the dog for a walk during your lunch break or pay someone to do it during the day to get the dog out of the house and away from the food.




Reasons Why Your Dog Destroying Your Home - StressIt may surprise some, but stress is pretty prevalent in dogs, and it frequently leads to your dog destroying your home. The following are the most effective methods for reducing stress in dogs:


  • Get a second dog to keep the first one company.
  • Enroll your dog in doggy daycare.
  • While you’re gone, make sure the dog has many exciting toys and activities to keep him occupied.
  • Train the dog to use a crate as a secure and pleasant hiding spot.
  • When you’re not working, spend as much time with the dog.
  • Walk the dog regularly.
  • Consult your veterinarian about medications that help dogs cope with stress and anxiety.




Dog TeethingFinally, if your dog is a puppy, it’s possible that teething and the pain it causes are the sources of destructive behavior. To help your dog cope with the pain of teething, apply medicinal gels to his gums and provide him with specially designed teething toys and treats.x

Managing a Dog Happy Home

The agonized cries of a dog left alone in the house may be distressing. The remorse we experience is genuine. Only when your dog is so distressed that it chews up the furniture and eats the drapes is it worse? This destructive behavior, often known as separation anxiety effects, is quite prevalent in dogs.

Most dogs are nervous when we return when we leave, but they are relieved. On the other hand, separation anxiety can manifest itself in various ways. Pacing, whimpering, and chewing are examples of minor symptoms. Bowel control difficulties, panting, and anorexia can all worsen the situation. It can entail self-mutilation, vomiting, and destruction in severe circumstances.

We know that numerous triggering events like rehoming, relocating to a new place, and sickness during puppy phases, to mention a few, result in a larger percentage of dogs experiencing separation. However, not every dog who has gone through these things develops separation anxiety.

Separation anxiety is an emotional disease that affects dogs. Still, it also affects their owners, who are often guilty of causing the problem or not doing more to resolve it. However, it is treatable.

The bottom line is that it will become less of a problem if you spend some time determining the cause and how to keep your dog from destroying your home. Most of the time, this will be a relatively quick and straightforward treatment, which is always preferable to returning a dog to a shelter.

keep your dog from destroying your home

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