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Dogs are the best! They’re always happy to see you, they love spending time with you, and they’re always there for a good cuddle. And of course, dogs love treats! If you’re looking for a new treat to spoil your furry friend with, Whimzees Dog Treats might be just what you need. These treats are made with all-natural ingredients and perfect for pups with sensitive stomachs. Plus, they come in various fun shapes and colors that will keep your dog entertained while he or she snacks. Keep reading about Whimzees Dog Treats and why we think they’re the perfect addition to any pup’s diet!

We tried these treats —

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Give The Best Dental Dog Treats

Whimzees dog treats are the dental chews you can give to your furry friends. Canines love to gnaw on things and it’s part of their nature to do so. As a pet parent, to show your love and affection to your buddies, you can try pampering them with some. Besides, they aren’t only delicious but packed with the right ingredients. They contain components that are safe and healthy for canine consumption. So it’s clear why pet owners have a steady supply of these vegetarian dog chews.

It’s interesting to note that these dental dog treats have natural ingredients. This makes them edible and also digestible. Packed in various shapes and sizes, they help clean dog teeth and prevent dental disease. But are they worth it in spoiling your pooches? In this article are more details to help you decide if these are best for your four-legged pal or otherwise.

What Are Whimzees Dog Treats?

These dental dog treats are chews canines can munch on to clean their teeth. These pooch goodies help get rid of plaque and tartar buildup in dogs. When our four-legged friends bite and chew them, the friction on the treats scrubs their teeth. But scraping off debris isn’t the only thing these chews are good for. They can’t work as a substitute for toothbrushing but can aid in getting rid of bad breath in dogs. So pet owners get a lot of health benefits for their buddies with these shaped goodies.
whimzees dog treats
Available in various fun shapes, they make chewing interesting for canines too. When our furry friends gnaw on them, they have a good time while they’re at it. WellPet LLC claims that, with them, pooches have a longer chew time. Also, buyers have the option to get the ones with a hedgehog, alligator, and bone shape. Yet there are also veggie ears, antlers, sticks, strips, “Brushzees”, and more. All these are vegetarian and free of gluten (except for the rice bone that has grain). So they are easy to digest and don’t cause allergies.
Whimzees Dog Treats Review

Variety pack comes with 3 shapes

How Dogs Respond To Whimzees Dog Treats

The presence of these vegetarian dog chews garnered favorable responses. That would be from small, medium, and large canines. Some identified the treats right away while a few others weren’t sure what to do with them. After seeing how the canines munched on them, it’s easy to say that these chews bring a lot of good. Aside from helping through mechanical plaque control, the treats also serve as toys. But they are edible so, unlike playthings, pooches break and swallow their parts. Even if taking them daily won’t cause problems, it’s best to supervise a dog when it has the chews. So, since accidental choking may occur, having drinkable water ready is a good idea.
Compared to other treats, these have unique shapes, and with good reason. Because of how they are, a lot of canines eating them aren’t in a rush to swallow them whole. This is to say that their size and structure encourage prolonged chewing. This promotes the production of more saliva and, in turn, improves the digestion of food. Thus these dental dog treats cover a lot of things at once. Still, even if they chew on them for a long time, it’s uncommon to anything left after giving them to our furry pals.

Having The Vegetarian Dog Chews

Usually, Whimzees dog treats come in releasable packages. This is quite practical since our buddies need no more than one chew per day. After opening, the leftover remains inside. They even stay fresh because of the bag feature. Because the pack seals off, it also prevents pooches from prying them open. In that way, even pests can’t get to the food. So having treat packs for our four-legged friends makes sense.
dog chewing food
These vegetarian dog chews make it fun for canines to clean their oral cavity. Pooches find it challenging to bite and chew on shaped treats that are knobby with hollow areas. This design allows for better grip and teeth scraping in dogs munching on the chews. Also, since it helps with gum stimulation and teeth cleaning, brushing becomes easy. After all, gnawing on the treats reduces the tartar and plaques to remove. Hence, canine mechanical brushing turns easier.

Nutritional Value Of The Vegetarian Dog Chews

After checking the label of Whimzees dog treats, it’s evident that they are healthy goods. They do not contain any artificial flavors and colors. Plus, there are no GMOs and preservatives. This means that they have no elements that likely cause allergies or hypersensitivity. Hence, they won’t result in or contribute to asthma and similar conditions. Also, they are low in sugar and calories, yet have plenty of fiber. It’s good to have them since they won’t cause obesity and dental problems. Rather, they can aid in having better digestion in pooches. So these dental dog treats are great in nutrition and preventing diseases.
Besides, WellPet LLC provides these dental dog treats with organic ingredients. Also, one chew gives a small number of calories with the right set of nutrients. Chews can give a little over 20 to above 350 kcal per treat, depending on the food size. Below are specifics points to further discuss the nature of these canine chews.
dental canine treats

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Natural Components

  • Potato Starch. This is a good source of carbs for dogs, gluten-free, and digestible. So it can provide energy, is hypoallergenic, and even promotes excretion of waste.
  • Glycerin. It’s a preservative agent that won’t harm a pooch and gives a pet food its elasticity and chewy feel. After all, it retains moisture and makes a canine chew look fresh.
  • Powdered Cellulose. Recognized as safe by the FDA, it’s only a sort of filler to bulk up pet food and almost has no calories.
  • Lecithin. This, among its various benefits, helps give dogs better coat and fat digestion. It often helps provide better immunity and recovery for pooches too. As part of a pet chew, its nature makes a treat denser and, hence, last long.
  • Dried Yeast and Malt, Alfalfa, and Paprika Extracts. Whimzees dog treats and other similar products have this to make chews palatable. So, with them, a treat has some flavor. They are also there to make the food dense with nutrients.
  • Sweet Lupine Meal. This is a cheap yet excellent protein source that mixes well with other stuff in pet food. Containing plenty of antioxidants, potassium, and iron, they make pet treats healthy. Pet owners who don’t want to feed their pets with soy look for this.
  • Calcium Carbonate and Clove Bud Oil. These are the key ingredients that contribute to better teeth and dog breath. After all, they supply calcium and phosphorus to make bones like canines stronger. Clove relieves pain and fights halitosis. Take note that it has anti-inflammatory and even anti-fungal properties.



Compared To Other Pet Treats

There are other goodies like the Whimzees dog treats. Even though they serve to help canines with their nutrition and dental care, they are not the same. Unlike most pet treats out there, the Whimzees products are vegetarian. They are also without gluten and GMOs. Other things like commercial and homemade canine treats contain risky ingredients. A lot of jerky or freeze-dried chews come with preservatives. They trigger allergies and gastric upset. Plus, they may be so dense in nutrients like human food that dogs may have weight problems because of them. So it’s not strange why a lot of folks continue to give Whimzees dental dog treats.
The said vegetarian dog chews also don’t crumble and are often easier to bring anywhere. Unlike biscuits that fall to pieces when chomped, they take a while to break up. They also have the right hardness that prevents tooth breakage. Their softness is ideal for gum and teeth stimulation. With these aspects, they make excellent rewards for training sessions. Thus, with them, you get help with canine education and dental care.

Tips When Giving Whimzees Dog Treats

It can be quite tempting to spoil our furry friends with more than one treat per day but we must avoid doing so. The manufacturer points out that canines should not exceed one chew daily. Also, it’s important to give the right kind of pet treat for your dog’s size. Even if they have similar ingredients, the chews may have different caloric content. Thus something for a Chihuahua may not be fitting to give to a Belgian Malinois and vice versa.
Because of the size of the treats, it’s immediately clear that they aren’t for very small pooches. The Whimzee website mentions that only our furry pals over 5 pounds heavy and 9 months old can take them. Also, since it may still cause choking at any time, having clean water while eating is crucial for safety.

And Now, What Did Our Own Dogs Think About Whimzees?

Our dogs love to chew on different dog treats. We have the Himilayan Cheese Bones, Nature Graws Braided Bully Sticks, and occasionally test out others. Recently, we tried Whimzees and what a reception they received!

The first we tried were with Lyra, our miniature poodle puppy. At just 4 months old, Lyra is a burst of energy and although she isn’t chewing house items, she occasionally tries to taste a finger. The easy solution (after a firm NO) is to offer her a Whimzees. And she just loves them!

5-Stars from Lyra!

With such success with Lyra, we tried on some of our more reluctant chewers, my son’s Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. They just don’t like to chew bones of most kinds. Oh, they have great appetite for food, but only one really enjoys the Bully Sticks. They really enjoyed them, although not quite as much as Lyra. The Cavaliers rated them closer to a 4-Star. I think if they were food, that rating would have been higher.

4 stars from the Cavalier Trio!

Now on to the American Eskimo. She isn’t much of a chewer. In fact, she doesn’t have a great appetite, either, although she holds normal weight so it’s fine. At 8 years of age, her health, including her teeth, are still excellent. Marshmallow decided they were fun to play with for a bit. She tossed her little treat around, diving in to grab it, then tossed it again. As a toy, she gave it a 5-star review. She did finally begin chewing it. I think her 4-star review was quite good, considering she really doesn’t enjoy the other chews much.

4.5 Stars from the playful Marshmallow!


So, averaging our dogs’ reviews, we have about 4.5 stars out of 5. Not bad!

In fact, we then opted for a larger package of the variety pack. Those little gators are pretty cute!


We still offer our dogs their previous favorites, the Bully Sticks and the Himalayan Cheese Sticks.


We’ll be reviewing these soon, too!



Should you try Whimzees?

Whimzees dog treats are great for pet parents looking for treats for their canine pals. They are nutritious and helpful in keeping the teeth and breath of our furry friends clean and fresh. These chews can provide them fun while staying healthy too. Still, these vegetarian dog chews are safe because of their organic components. So getting our pups or adult pooches a few of these is a good idea.
Our review showed that, because of their features, Whimzees dog treats are worth it. We hope that this post helped you know them better and decide if it’s’ for you or otherwise. Have you tried these chews? What do you think? Thanks for reading and do tell us about your experience with them in the comments section.

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