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Dogs also need to walk outdoors from time to time for their leisure. It can help them turn or stay fit and healthy plus make their lives fun. But it doesn’t mean that strolling with them anywhere ought to be random. An owner or dog walker needs to have solid plans and know how to properly walk a dog.
It is important that the walker always has control or has a strategy if ever something goes wrong. Yet it matters that a dog enjoys its adventures too. These tips on how to properly walk a dog will discuss things that may guide a person in walking a dog better. Here we will cover:
  • Basic instructions in dog walking
  • The ways to make walks more interesting
  • The different things that could help on how to properly walk a dog
  • Things to think about before or while walking a canine

1. Have Important Items For Walks

It isn’t wise to let dogs loose. They could end up hurting themselves or others because of it. So the smart thing to do would be to have things to establish and maintain control over a pooch. These are what owners usually buy for that:
  • Leash. This is to keep a dog from running away or biting someone.
  • Collar. It is to link the leash to a dog’s neck for better restrain. It needs to be in the right size and used without choking a dog.
  • Harness. This one is also for restraining a dog. Its design can help a walker maintain control by having straps on a dog’s chest, neck, back, and girth.
  • Gloves and Waste containers. Dogs may poo during short or long walks. So picking up after them is important.
There are also optional ones. Yet bringing them along does have advantages. These items are as follows:
  • Water bottle. It is ideal to have this for long walks for a dog’s hydration.
  • Clicker or any familiar toy. Having either around can help you get the attention of your dog better.
  • Pet treats. This is for training or to reinforce good deeds.

2. Know The Basics When Walking A Dog

Properly Walk A Dog
It matters how you walk your pup or adult canine. That is because such may determine your dog’s level of comfort, freedom of movement, and safety. Walking may have its challenges at first but adjusting to the activity doesn’t take a lot of time. Here are some basics when walking a dog.
  1. Attach a leash on a dog. Make sure that one end has a collar, harness, or both.
  2. Make sure that the leash is short or has the length which could let you tug or pull your dog with ease.
  3. The collar or harness ought to be comfortable yet fit on a canine. Dogs need to have great mobility for their enjoyment and safety.
  4. Once everything is set, walk in front of your dog. That is so it would consider you its alpha and be subservient to you. You may also walk beside it to make it feel comfortable.
  5. Let a dog adjust to your pace but you should also adapt to its speed. It’s a two-way thing. Yet remember to feed your pet with snacks once it would get your instructions when walking. That is so you could tell it that you like what it is doing.
  6. Almost always, take the lead. Let your pet explore yet maintain that you are the leader. So learn to halt while commanding your pet to do the same from time to time. Increase your speed and slow down as needed while letting a dog follow you.
  7. Take rest periods between walks. That is for the dog and your sake. Hydrating during this time is appropriate.

3. Think Of Things To Consider When Walking

While taking a dog for a stroll, they do certain things that are in their nature. It is up to a walker to restrain his or her pet and adjust the instinctive actions of a pooch.

Bathroom breaks

Dogs may need to take a leak or poop from time to time. It is not only because their bladder is full or they need to pass out stool. Canines pee or poo in different areas to mark their presence for other dogs to know too.
A pet owner ought to have a poo bag available for picking up dog feces in public areas. Wearing a pair of gloves and using a scooper may be necessary too. Since collecting pee isn’t possible, try looking for places where dogs can urinate. This is to avoid having conflicts with property owners and other dog walkers.
These are interesting gift ideas for dog walkers who wish to let their walks be more enjoyable. With these things, at least a dog peeing or pooing in public would not be a problem.

Presence of other dogs

Whenever dogs find trees or certain spots in the ground, they pee on their surface or use their paws to scratch. This is their way to acknowledge or respond to the presence of other dogs. They also do it to make themselves known. Dogs also do a lot of sniffing because of these things.

4. Take A Dog To Different Places