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Set A Thanksgiving Dinner For Dogs Too

Thanksgiving dinner for dogs can be enjoyable with arrangements. It means we can still celebrate the holiday alongside our furry friends. As long as they can behave and we serve them a safe feast, we don’t have to put them in a separate room. As four-legged family members, they deserve to enjoy the festivities. Hence, a dog Thanksgiving food menu and dinner layout matter.

We’ve put together a guide for pet owners to observe the festival of plenty with furry friends. Included are the things to feed them and those to avoid. There are also suggestions to keep our canine companions disciplined throughout the celebration. So keep reading to gobble up festive meals with your fur kids without worry.



Thanksgiving dinner for dogs


Foods To Avoid In Thanksgiving Dinner For Dogs

Our four-legged pals are almost always ever so curious and hungry. They will taste and ingest whatever food they get their paws and mouths on. For this reason, it’s crucial to set a fixed dog Thanksgiving food menu. During Turkey Day, some meals aren’t ideal for our furry friends due to their ingredients. Also, they may be dangerous because of their structure. So we must avoid giving them to our pets even if they taste good. We should establish safe treats and dishes to feed our canines for safety.

Below are a few examples of what we should never give to our dogs for Thanksgiving Day. Some of them are unhealthy, while others are dangerous. Hence, we must control what and how our fur kids eat. It’s for their safety and our peace of mind.

Xylitol and Chocolates

Never hand these during Thanksgiving dinner for dogs. Chocolates and an artificial sweetener called xylitol are dangerous to canines. The former has substances called theobromine and caffeine. Our furry friends cannot metabolize these, and such affects their nervous systems. Ingesting these can make our pets hyperactive and suffer from gastrointestinal upset. It’s easy for a dog’s bloodstream to absorb the latter. Avoid putting these in a dog Thanksgiving food selection. Serve treats and desserts other than items with any of these because they can harm your dogs.

There’s no problem with canines having some sugar through pastries and other means. It’s that they shouldn’t have bits of chocolate and xylitol. Anyway, our pets can have baked goods with peanut butter. It’s fine as long as the mentioned ingredients aren’t present. Pumpkin-flavored desserts and fruit popsicles can be great substitutes since canines enjoy them. So you can still have sweet things for your Thanksgiving food for dogs. It’s even if you have guests who love chocolate and need sugar-free products with xylitol.

Alcoholic Beverages

Don’t include these in Thanksgiving dinner for dogs. Unlike humans, our canine companions can’t take a lot of alcohol in their systems. Instead of feeling intoxicated, they can lose their lives due to a substance overdose. So refrain from handing them spirits, beer, and wine. As a replacement, you may try fresh fruit juices. If not death, consuming alcoholic beverages can make canines suffer from respiratory depression. Their blood pressure can turn lower too. This way, keep any intoxicating drinks to yourself and your guests during the holiday.

Our furry friends can feel weak, experience imbalance, and collapse from ingesting alcohol. They need only a minute amount to get intoxicated and poisoned. Compared to our bodies as humans, our pets are smaller. Hence, even when serving dogs pieces of cake, give them those without alcohol as an ingredient. It’s risky to have Thanksgiving food for dogs with ethanol.

Conventional Casseroles and Spreads

Because they are fatty, people discourage adding them to Thanksgiving dinner for dogs. They are flavorful to humans and our fur kids but are unsafe for dog consumption. Ingesting large quantities of these can prove lethal to them. Loaded with butter, cream, salt, onion, and garlic, they are risky to eat. Butter and cream have high-fat content. Ingesting them can result in pancreatitis. Excessive salt intake in canines may result in mild to severe dehydration. Garlic and onions belong to alliums, and these can damage and destroy the red blood cells in dogs. So it’s clear that many deep-dish casseroles and sandwich spreads are not ideal for our furry pals.

You can try having a homemade casserole instead of a commercial one. Creating yours from scratch with lean meat and several veggies is safer. It will mean giving your pet ingredients that won’t cause any problems. You can use spreads with meat, peanut butter without xylitol, and sardines. These have enough protein to supplement their dietary requirements. Hence, you don’t have to depend on store-bought food to feed your canines this holiday. You can make Thanksgiving food for dogs.

Gravy and Mashed Potatoes

Raw potatoes have solanine which is toxic to dogs. The compound causes cardiac issues, difficulty breathing, vomiting, and diarrhea. Baked or broiled potatoes have reduced solanine due to cooking. Yet mashed potatoes have plenty of potatoes in one dish. Aside from the compound, it has plenty of carbs and is starchy. Many versions of it have gravy on the side or drizzled on top. This sauce is heavy in fat. So it’s sensible why mashed potatoes and gravy sauces are not great for our canine friends.

As mentioned, excessive fat intake can lead to intense and fatal pancreatitis. Sometimes, manufacturers incorporate onion and garlic extracts for better taste. Our furry pals are innocent about these things and may eat them without hesitation. Thus not including these in your Thanksgiving menu has its benefits. If you must have them, at least find ways to make them inaccessible to your pets. Also, have a fixed set of Thanksgiving food for dogs. Separate them from those consumed by humans.

Grapes and Raisins

Do not ever give these as sweet treats for Thanksgiving dinner for dogs. Even if they are fruits, they come with a crystalline acid that is toxic to our canine friends. Its name is tartaric acid. Our four-legged friends are ignorant of its presence in the said fruits. After ingesting these, canines may experience severe vomiting, diarrhea, and thirst. The acid they have affects the kidneys and causes tissue damage. Hence, these are very dangerous for our four-legged pals to eat.

Our dogs may lose their appetite twelve to twenty-four hours after grape or raisin intake. Some may appear lethargic too. Still, worse symptoms could manifest. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to eat cooked, seedless, peeled, or dried grapes. They are all the same. Even when mixed with other ingredients to form jelly or jam, they are toxic in small amounts. Raspberries and strawberries can be substitutes for these fruits. At least they are not harmful when taken in moderation and are tasty Thanksgiving food for dogs.




Foods Safe For Thanksgiving Dinner For Dogs

Giving our dog Thanksgiving food to enjoy isn’t that hard. With some of those found in grocery stores, they could eat a lot during the festivities. We only need to ensure they are free of things considered toxic to our furry friends. Because of these edibles, we may enjoy having dinner with our canine companions. As long can eat at a specific spot and have portions of food, we can experience the festival of plenty together. Thus we need to prepare their food before the holiday comes.
What follows are some foods canines can gobble up during their feast. Moderation is still necessary when consuming them, but at least they are safe to eat. So our fur kids won’t miss out during the holiday with Thanksgiving food for dogs.

Sweet Potatoes

These are still starchy foods, but at least they don’t have solanine. Unlike regular potatoes, they are excellent for canine digestion. It’s because they are high in dietary fiber. They contain vitamin A, among the various beneficial elements it has. Letting our furry pals eat them means giving them a better coat, eyesight, and muscles. Hence, you can still cook a casserole for your pets and use these as part of your ingredients.
Before feeding your four-legged family members these root veggies, peel them first. After that, try to cook them for them to be ready for consumption. The skin is not only harder to chew but challenging to digest. To avoid causing an intestinal blockage, let your fur kid eat digestible portions. Since it’s starchy, don’t overfeed your buddy with these vegetables. So provide them as your Thanksgiving food for dogs. But at least try to control your dog’s intake.

Pumpkin and Apples

Have these fruits to celebrate a successful harvest or show gratefulness for blessings. Also, due to their safe components, you can have them during Thanksgiving dinner for dogs. Incorporated in pies, adding them to a feast would be beneficial to you and your pets. Pumpkins give earthy sweet tastes, while you get some sweetness and a tart flavor from apples. Eating squash means having fruit with fiber and without salt, cholesterol, and fat. Vitamin A is also high in this one. Apples don’t have fat, have malic acid for cleaning canine teeth, and have A plus C vitamins. So have these to give your buddies nutritious and sugary sweets on Thanksgiving.
To serve pumpkins to our canine friends, we should remove their seeds and make them chunks first. Once that is over, boil them until they are soft or ready to serve as a dog Thanksgiving food menu item. Yet they are already consumable after peeling and dicing. You can mash them to mix with the other things that you feed your pets. Peeling the skin, removing the seeds, and slicing them into cubes make apples ready to eat. It doesn’t mean that pies with both fruits are already safe. You still need to ensure that the dishes with these things are free of fatty or toxic ingredients for pets. Thus you should see what goes in your Thanksgiving food for dogs first.

Turkey Meat

This plentiful bird can be a part of a Thanksgiving dinner for dogs. The turkey bones may get stuck in the mouth, throat, stomach, and intestines. But the meat isn’t risky to eat. As long as no seasonings are present, there should be no issue. It has lower calories and fat compared to chicken. It’s got lower saturated fat than beef. Plus, this bird is rich in protein and other nutrients. But processed turkey tends to have high sodium content and comes with preservatives. So there isn’t a problem when serving as a dog Thanksgiving food.
People recommend removing the skin from turkey meat too. It’s high in fat and also challenging for a dog to digest. Still, it’s crucial to feed small portions to canines at a time. They love the taste and can end up choking from eating so many chunks fast. The meat should be free of certain spices that are toxic. Thus, with the preparation, there should be no issue. Using turkey as thanksgiving food for dogs is even a good thing.



Thanksgiving dinner for dogs


How To Serve Thanksgiving Dinner For Dogs

Our furry companions may love to socialize as well as we do. But not every canine is friendly and disciplined. Some may feel afraid and become uncontrollable when there’s a crowd around. Others are too friendly with visitors. Either way, it matters how you feed a dog Thanksgiving food. So it’s also crucial to know where to put them when it’s the festival of plenty.
They don’t have to be in another room when there are other guests and are very friendly. But you must control them if they jump on people and lick them. Putting them far from the dinner table is crucial for many reasons too. That way, they can’t reach foods they’re not supposed to eat. Guests who love pets can’t feed them without you knowing too. Hence, put them where you can feed and supervise them. Doing that may help you enjoy while you provide Thanksgiving food for dogs.




In Summary

Everyone can have Thanksgiving dinner for dogs. It’s the time of the year when friends and family come together, and we can spend time with our canine pals too. Since they may beg for scraps, we can try to do something about the food we serve or where we put them during the holiday. Give a dog Thanksgiving food that is safe to consume. Such things can make celebrating the holiday meaningful and enjoyable. We also have peace of mind when we feed our canine companions things that won’t make them sick. So we can give turkey and other things for Thanksgiving dinner, but we need to do it right.
We hope you enjoyed reading our post about safe Thanksgiving food for dogs. With our list, you have items to spoil your buddy, yourself, and your guests to make the festivity perfect. Thanks for reading, and Happy Thanksgiving!



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